Okay, lets just say, I'm like so sorry. Like as sorry as sorry can be for not updating.

It's not much of an excuse, but my illness took a bit of a downfall and I've not even touched my poor, neglected laptop. This year will be crazy but I will try to start writing again, I'm off right now to re-read my stories and start on the next chapters.

I feel pretty crappy about writing a A/N but I didn't want you all thinking I'm not ever going to write again, because I have done smaller stories on my mobile and in my note pads. Back to the point before I bore you to death, Any idea's are welcome, and if you would PM me and give me idea's on how you think things should go then by all means please do. Again, I'm sorry and I will get chapters up as quickly as I can, I also had an idea for a different story all together that I might put up:D

Any-who, I'm sorry, and thank you to those who PM'd me and reviewed while I have been away:D