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SNF 39

"Wake up, baby." Edward crooned in Bella's ear. "It's time."

The cami that Bella normally slept in hadn't fit her for months but she refused to wear anything else. It was currently bunched up underneath her boobs, leaving her huge belly bare. Edward drew soothing circles with his fingertips across her flesh, feeling his unborn child kick back at him. He smiled, splaying his hand across Bella's stomach.

"I swear this kid is gonna be a killer soccer player." Bella grumbled sleepily, linking her fingers with Edward's on her stomach.

She pressed their hands onto her side, right underneath her ribs and their baby pressed back with its feet. Her belly contorted into a weird oblong shape as if the baby was stretching out. It was an odd thing to witness Edward thought and tried to soothe both the baby and Bella with gentle rubs.

"Why do they schedule shit like this so early? It's one thing if I was actually in labor but making me get my ass out of bed this early to induce is just fucking crazy." Bella complained.

"I don't know, HB." Edward said, kissing his way across her back and trying not to press his massive morning wood into Bella's ass.

Bella hummed and slid their hands up under her cami until they were cupping her breast. She then pressed her ass back into Edward.

"Edward…" Bella whimpered when she felt his cock twitch against her ass cheeks. "Fuck me."

"God, baby, are you sure?" Edward asked, squeezing his wife's plump tit in his hand.

"Yes, please God, yes." She said.

Edward, not wanting to miss out on a rare opportunity, released his grip on her breast and worked on pulling his cotton sleep pants down past his hips. Bella, also not wasting any time, wiggled out of her totally unsexy granny panties.

Edward hooked his arm underneath Bella's leg, effectively spreading her open for him, "Tell me if I need to stop, ok?"

"Hmm… yeah, ok." Bella whispered breathlessly.

Edward pushed slowly into her. When he was as deep as he could go, he stilled and spent a moment savoring the feeling of being connected to his wife this way again.

"I love you, Bella, so fucking much."

"I love you, too." Bella said, reaching behind her and tangling her fingers into Edward's hair.

Edward started thrusting into her with a slow and steady pace. He knows he won't last long, it's been far too long since he's made love to his wife.

"Oh fuck, HB. I'm not gonna last, baby. You feel too good. Unghh…" Edward moaned.

Bella took hold of her leg that was in the crook of Edward's arm, "Touch me, Wardo. God damn I've missed your cock."

Edward laughed as he snaked his hand down and pressed on Bella's clit but then quickly brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them. The extra moisture making it easier to swirl tight circles on his wife's little bundle of nerves. Bella started moaning and groaning, slipping a few oh god's and fucks in there, at the added stimulation. She pinched her nipple with her free hand and could feel her orgasm rapidly approaching, but not as fast as Edwards. Feeling his wife's pussy contracting around his cock was too much for him and he came quickly, but he was determined to get his wife off too.

He sat up and straddled Bella's leg that was lying on the bed and held her other leg against his chest. He slid his still semi-hard cock back into her and started pumping with quick, shallow thrusts. Now that both of Bella's hands were free she pulled and tweaked her extra sensitive nipples. When Edward pinched her clit, she loses herself to the passion that only her husband can give her.

"Good god damn, Wardo." She gasped. "That was spectacular. I'm sorry that I've been such a shitty wife these last nine months."

"Shut up, you've been lovely." Edward said with a cheeky smirk on his face.

Bella snorted and rolled her eyes at the bullshit her husband was spewing, "Fuck off."

"Really though, Bella, you've had a hard time and I love you so much. You're giving me the greatest gift ever, next to yourself of course." Edward said, leaning down to kiss her.

"You're much too good to me, baby." Bella smiled, running her fingers through his chaotic mess of hair. While she loved the shaved head he sported for several months, she liked that he's let it grow back in a bit. It's not as long as it used to be, but it still looks as if he has been freshly fucked all the time.

"You gonna shower, HB?" Edward asked, helping his wife sit up.

"Yeah, will you shave my legs for me?" Bella asked, batting her eyelashes at her husband.

"You're cute. Of course I will." Edward laughed and kissed Bella's forehead.

"I can't reach and I don't wanna be all hairy and shit. It's bad enough that my vagina is gonna be on display for the world to see." Bella explained.

Edward snorted and pulled his wife up off the bed, "Up you go."


The past few months had been a whirlwind of activity. Bella never really got over the morning sickness. She still could only eat and drink a few things without throwing up. She had also gone through a few weird phases of cravings. She spent a week or so eating nothing but apples and anything apple related. She even bought apple soda and, surprisingly, Edward thought that shit was actually pretty good. She also went through a Mexican food phase but that didn't last long, a few days maybe. She then craved Daiquiri Ice ice cream from Baskin Robbins but ate so much in one night that she made herself sick and swore she'd never eat it again as she hovered over the toilet. Unfortunately for Edward, Bella's sex drive was pretty much non-existent. She was miserable 90% of the time and Edward didn't want to bother her about sex the few times she was feeling good. Bella was upset about this and was afraid that Edward would leave her. Edward did everything he could to reassure her that that would never enter his mind. So in lieu of sex with his wife Edward spent a lot of time watching porn and jacking off in front of her, at her insistence. Bella figured that if she couldn't get her body to respond as it should then she at least wanted to watch Edward take care of himself.

As far as her friend's pregnancies, it was all over the spectrum. Rose was diagnosed with gestational diabetes around her sixth month and has been on partial bed rest since then. Something she was not happy about. And Alice was still Alice. She swore that she had never felt better in her life. Bella had been tempted on thousands of occasions to punch her in the face but she resisted and opted for raining on the little ray of sunshine every chance she got.

In February, Edward and Bella bought a nice little three bedroom house around the corner from Alice and Jasper. Alice immediately wanted to take over the decorating of the nursery and Bella told her in no uncertain terms to fuck the hell off. Edward and Bella had a really wonderful time picking out bedding and furniture and painting the walls. As Rose was not having the best pregnancy either she had no desire to move so she and Emmett decided that they would stay in their apartment for awhile and look for a house after the baby got a little older.


Edward and Bella arrived at the hospital just shy of 4am. Edward was excited and practically bounced into the maternity ward. Bella was not as enthusiastic. She was tired and, as usual, felt nauseous. The staff quickly checked them in and they were soon set up in a labor and delivery room. The nurses poked and prodded at Bella and soon she had an IV set up in her hand with a slow drip of Pitocin being administered. The next several hours were spent with Bella tossing and turning with short naps in between while Edward was snoring away on the padded bench by her bed.




"Oh Bella! Aren't you just so freaking excited?" Alice shrieked as she came barreling through the door, startling Bella from a decent sleep.

"No. Now, shut the fuck up." Bella grumbled as she turned over and snuggled into her body pillow.

"None of that, missy, you're gonna be a mommy today." Alice said with her typical overabundant excitement. "And what the fuck are you wearing?" She asked, scrunching her nose at her friend's choice of attire.

"GOD! Fuck you, Alice. It's fucking comfortable." Bella told her, making excuses for her very grandmotherly cotton nightshirt.

The nurse comes back in and checks Bella's cervix and notes that she hasn't progressed past 3 centimeters so she increases the drip on her Pitocin bag.




Around noon, Emmett and a waddling Rose enter the room with a large paper bag covered with grease stains. Without any sympathy for Bella's misery they all dig into delicious burritos from Los Taquitos. Bella was shooting daggers at Edward as he moaned and groaned with his mouth full of delicious goodness. And just to piss them all off, Bella decided to throw up all over the floor. None of them were very enthusiastic about eating after that.




The day drags. Bella's doctor decided that the Pitocin isn't working effectively and elects to administer a pill to try and kick start her labor. Edward is now reading on his kindle while Rose is sleeping on the bench. Jasper and Emmett are battling each other in Song Pop on their iPhones and Alice is playing with Bella's hair, attempting some ridiculously fancy French braid.

"Oh…" Alice trailed off. "Jizzy Poo, it's time."

"For what?" Jasper said, not looking up from his phone.

"It's time. My water just broke." She said calmly.

"Oh. OH!" He leapt to his feet, his iPhone skidding across the floor.

Jasper leads her from the room and they grab a nurse that's walking by.

"Miss, my wife's water just broke." He said, his voice shaking.

"Great, let's go get you checked in." The nurse said, walking towards the front desk.

"No time. This is happening now." Alice replied, bouncing on her toes with excitement.

And sure enough, 3 minutes after they laid her in bed, out slides baby Masen number one.

Tanner Joseph Masen was born at 8:13pm on July 24th, weighing in at a healthy 6 pounds, 8 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. He is perfect and according to Alice is a beautiful mix of them both. Jasper isn't sure how she can tell that because to him, his son, while beautiful, looked like a wrinkly old man. He laughed at himself as he kissed his wife and then his son. Meanwhile across the hall, Bella was getting pissed. Nothing was happening. She was hungry, her back hurt and she just wanted this to be over already.




Bella's night didn't get any better when the doctor came back in and told her that he was going to send her home. Bella grabbed him by his lab coat and pulled him close to her.

"I will not be leaving this hospital until this baby is out of me, so do whatever you need to do, doc." Bella seethed.

"There is one more thing we can try, but you can't force it, Mrs. Masen." Doctor Villa explained, straightening his coat.

A few minutes later a nurse comes in and explained that she would be inserting a gel into Bella's cervix. The gel is cold and uncomfortable but Bella is used to uncomfortable at this point. Edward was rubbing her feet when Alice glided back into the room, holding a small bundle in her arms. Jasper has his arm around her waist, with a huge grin on his face as he looked at his wife.

"Everyone, meet your nephew, Tanner Joseph." Alice sings.

"What the fuck!" Bella screeched and pounded her fists on the bed.

"Bella, watch your mouth in front of the baby." Alice admonished.

"Really, Alice? Really? Come the fuck on. You stroll in here looking all perfect and shit, without a hair out of place as if you haven't just pushed a fucking baby out of your vagina. I hate you." Bella said, crying and a few moments later added, "Let me see him."

Alice placed the baby in Bella's arms. Bella thought to herself that he was the perfect mix of both Alice and Jasper but Edward, much like his brother, thought he looked like a wrinkly old man.

"He's beautiful, Alice. I'm sorry I'm being such a raging bitch. I just hate being pregnant and I'm ready to have my own baby in my arms." Bella said, resting her head on Alice's shoulder.

"I know, HB. I know." Alice climbed into bed with her best friend and kissed her head, praying that Bella's labor would start moving along.




Riley and Alec showed up around 10pm and both were drunk as shit. At least they were entertaining. Riley plopped himself into Edwards lap and kissed his cheek. Alec curled himself around Alice and Bella in bed and cooed over the baby. Things were comfortably silent for a short while until a frazzled looking nurse enters the room and practically screams at Alice.

"Mrs. Masen, I have been looking everywhere for you. You can't just leave your room without telling someone. You shouldn't be up and about anyway. You need to rest and recover. I have your recovery suite ready and waiting so let's go get you set up in there."

"Nope, I'm staying right here." Alice told the nurse, who huffed and stomped out of the room.

The nurse then rolled a bed into the room and placed it alongside Bella's. "At least get in your own bed."

After Alice is situated in her own bed, the nurse checked on Bella's progress and noted that she was now 5 centimeters dilated, "Moving along, Mrs. Masen. Hopefully not too much longer now."




Around midnight, Alice and Jasper were sleeping and Rose was wide awake after sleeping most of the day away. She's rocking baby Tanner with Emmett's arm around her. Riley and Alec were spooning on the bench and Edward was in bed with his wife. Bella was starting to feel uncomfortable and couldn't find any position to ease the discomfort.

Shit happens rather fast after that. Bella goes from being able to ignore the pain for the most part to crying because the pain has become so intense within minutes. And it's consistent. Edward called the nurse in when his wife was nearly inconsolable. The nurse checks Bella and tells her that she is 7 centimeters and if she wants an epidural, that now was the time. Bella quickly agreed.

Less than 5 minutes later, the anesthesiologist entered the room and explained to Bella what needed to happen. Bella curled over and the dude stuck a huge needle into Bella's exposed back. At this, Edward becomes a bit nauseous and had to turn away. Almost immediately, Bella was resting comfortably but it didn't last long.

"Edward, I think I just peed the bed." Bella said, looking horrified.

Edward lifted up the blanket and saw that the bed was indeed wet but he just smiled at his wife, "I think your water just broke, babe."

"I need to push, or something." Bella said, shifting around on the bed.

"Let me call the nurse." Edward said as he pushed the call button.

"I need to push." Bella said more urgently as the nurse walked into the room.

"I'm sure it's not time yet, Isabella." The nurse dismissed Bella and checks the monitors.

"No, really. I need to fucking push!" Bella said with a panicked tone to her voice.

"Calm down, hon. Let's have a look then." The nurse dug around in Bella's privates and her eyes widen. "Well that was quick. Get ready to have a baby, dear, you're ready."

Bella pushed and pushed and pushed some more and just when Edward thought she might break his fingers, the nurse told her to stop pushing.

"I can't! I can't, oh God, I can't!" Bella screamed.

"We need to get the doctor in here, Isabella." The nurse explained to her.

Bella held her breath and Edward has to remind her to breathe. The doctor entered the rooms and takes over. Two pushes later, Bella breathes a sigh of relief and smiled at the gurgling cry of her baby. And Masen baby number two enters the world.

"Damn, he has a big head." The doctor said with a chuckle.

"No shit." Bella snorted and then cried as she looked at Edward. "It's a boy?"

Edward has tears running down his face as well and nodded at his beautifully disheveled wife.

Noah Samuel Masen was born at 1:27am on July 25th, weighing in at a hefty 8 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 21.5 inches long. He was completely bald and according to Bella, looked exactly like his father.

"Umm… I have hair though." Edward said, gently running his hand over his sons head while Bella just laughed.




The next 24 hours are spent recovering and visiting. Alice insisted that her and Bella share a recovery suite so everyone could be together. Bella tried but had problems breastfeeding. Her heart wasn't in it and she didn't think she produced enough milk anyway since she had none of the symptoms she had read about in her books, like leakage and hard breasts that hurt. After what felt like the millionth time of having her tits yanked and squeezed none too gently by the nurses, she snapped and asked them to just bring her some fucking bottles. Alice had no problems breastfeeding. What else is new, Bella thought to herself. Both babies were circumcised. Birth certificates were signed. And a shit ton of pictures were taken. Both Bella and Alice were anxious to get home but Jasper and Edward were nervous wrecks. They enjoyed the security of having nurses and doctors at their disposal.




Both families were just getting into a routine after three days at home when Emmett called to tell them that Rose was being taken into surgery for an emergency C-section. Apparently Rose had Placenta Previa and this started causing distress to the baby. Since she was considered full-term, the doctors decided to just take the baby out via C-section versus risking a vaginal delivery. Edward and Jasper were encouraged by their wives to go join their best friend at the hospital. Edward dropped Bella and baby Noah off at Jasper's house before the brothers made the trek back to the hospital.

By the time they had arrived, Emmett and Rose had already welcomed their daughter into the world. Hailey Marie Cullen was born at 10:07am on July 30th, weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds, 1 ounce and measuring 20 inches. Unlike the Masen babies who, according to their fathers, resembled little old men, this little girl was the spitting image of her beautiful mother.

"I'm so fucked." Emmett laughed as he cradled his daughter in his huge arms. Edward and Jasper just nod in agreement.

"So much for Alice's visions about the sex of the babies." Edward snorted. "She got them all wrong."

"Yeah, I'll let you tell her that." Jasper laughed at the thought.

"Fuck no, I'd like to keep my balls thank you very much." Edward said, slinging his arm around his brother.




As the weeks passed, the new parents all realized that a part they didn't know was missing from their lives had been filled with the birth of their children. They all felt blessed with their lives, having met their other halves, the loves of their lives, and having all been given the gift of healthy children. Being new parents was tough, as they have all figured out in their own ways, but due to some crazy circumstances they were going through this wonderful and miraculous journey together. Their tight knit group had grown from two brothers, their best friend and his sister to include two more amazing women, two more amazing men and now three children. For Edward and Bella, Jasper and Alice, Emmett and Rose, Riley and Alec, a group who had already been through so much together, the story of their lives was just getting started.

~The End~

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