E/O Challenge Word:

box /bäks/ n. – A container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.

Spoilers/Warnings: 7x10 and following

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 301...so I guess it's a triple drabble

What am I supposed to do with these clothes? It's my twisted way of keeping you close. ~ Maroon 5

The box had seen better days - both literally and figuratively.

It was beaten and battered; barely still together.

The once sturdy cardboard now limp with fatigue and age; sagging in on itself as it sat tucked in the dark back corner of the Impala's trunk; guardian of the sacred, harboring articles of remembrance.

One of Sam's worn out hoodies when he had left, California bound.

John's brown canvas coat when he had left, Hell bound.

Dean's familiar leather jacket when he had left, also Hell bound.

Sam's stupid, ugly red flower shirt when he had left again, Cage bound.

Cas's stained, tan trench coat when he had left, destination unknown.

One of Bobby's grungy hats when he had left...

Dean paused in his musings as he stood at the rear of his car, remembering the disappearing beer and the miraculously appearing Greek paper and other such happenings over the past few weeks; happenings Dean took as signs – despite Sam's insistence to the contrary – that even in death, Bobby Singer was still one stubborn sonuvabitch, was not leaving until he was ready...and was thus still around.

Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?

Dean snorted and chuckled to himself at the memory of that question; of Bobby's expression when he had said it.

Dean's smile lingered – he had gotten better at that trick these days – because although he was still saddened by Bobby's absence – and always would be – he was also strangely comforted and encouraged by the older hunter's undeniable continued presence.

Dean snorted again.

"Idjit," he commented softly, feeling better just saying the word, and shook his head affectionately as he closed the Impala's trunk and waited for Sam; eager to leave this motel, this town, and hit the road.

After all...they had work to do.