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Flashes are all Mitchie can see on the semi-risen stage and she has to concentrate really hard on where she is walking. And all she seems to be able to do is smile, smile as she sits down and nervously fidget with the hem of her shirt under the table.

It feels like there are a sea of people looking at them and she tunes out for most of the press conference until a question is directed at her.

"Mitchie, what are you looking forward to most about going on tour?"

"Singing the songs I write for people to hear." She replies almost instantly, honestly she has no idea where it had come from and Nate looks at her encouragingly. .

"And what will you miss the most?"

"My parents." True. "And of course going to school." Lie.

The questions went on, the majority of them directed at the boys. Honestly, as new and exciting as this all was for her, she just wants to leave and be out of the spotlight for the day. She knew this well and truly would be her life now, but after the news she received, she just could not deal with it.

After what seems like a million questions and photos she is able to leave, storming off to Shane's car as soon as possible.

The whole drive back to his apartment is silent minus the noise from the radio, as soon as they get inside she sits down on the couch. They haven't spoken a word to each other since before the press conference and Mitchie refuses to be the one to break the silence because she is beyond mad at him.

She shoots him a look as he sits down besides her and turns the television on, ignoring her completely. It's loud, but she can still hear his breathing and she cannot stand just sitting there in silence.

Getting up in a huff, she marches into Shane's bedroom and she is surprised that Shane actually follows her immediately.

"What's your problem? Seriously, Mitchie."

She turns around in complete disbelief, "Don't you think that you and me not being together won't affect me at all? Especially on my very first tour that we happen to be on together."

"Do you think I like that, do you think I wouldn't change it if I could?"

"You did not say one thing at all though, it's just like we are done as soon as we are on a tour bus!" She exclaims.

"It's not like we are breaking up." He shouts.

"That's not the point, you're acting like this shouldn't bother me at all when it does." She cries, her eyes becoming watery.

He sighs and brings her into a hug, "I'm sorry." He apologises seeing the tears appear, "As someone who has hidden relationships from the media before, I know it will be no problem at all. We have dressing rooms, hotel rooms and of course your tour bus. I'm sure i'll be able to manage that, no one has to know."

Mitchie does feel comforted by his words and she can't help but feel like this life they have now will change, "It's just that I know what it's like to be able to hold your hand whenever I want and now I won't be able to."

"Come on, it's not like we were going to make out on stage or anything." He teases, although it doesn't exactly make the situation better.

Things could be worse. So she smiles, just a small one though, "Shut up." She says, a small amount of humour in her voice.

"No one can change what I feel for you, okay?" He assures her, cradling her face in his hands.

And all she can do is nod and allow him to kiss her. She believes him, but who knows if this whole situation isn't going to tear them apart.

Before she knows it she is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after many tears saying goodbye to her parents. And suddenly, doing her first soundcheck on this huge stage in an enormous arena makes it all the more real. There will be thousands there to watch her in a matter of hours and the mere thought of it made her feel like she would have a nervous breakdown.

Somehow she gets through it, but still could not help but feel how she used to. Scared of crowds, scared of them hearing her music.

Jason is watching and grabs her as soon as she comes off stage, "That's how I felt before our first big show. It will be okay, just have fun." He assures her.

"I know, I just can't help but feel nervous." She sighs and Jason grabs her hand and leads her backstage all the way to the stage door.

"Where are you taking me?"

"Your tour bus, they are all here."

And she is so thankful because this calms her down, even if only temporarily.


She was freaking out again only three hours later and needed to go to the bathroom badly. Her set was compromised of ten songs and then she would go back on to sing 'This Is Me' with Shane. She had never been in front of thousands and thousands of people before, the most people were the few hundred people watching Camp Rock compete against Camp Star in the summer. Although a lot of people were watching live on television.

"You nervous?" Shane appears behind her, wrapping his arms around her.

"A little." She squeaks out over the screaming crowd, "Okay, a lot."

"You will be fine, I'll be watching the whole time."

His voice calms her down slightly and she relaxed a little in his arms, "I'm kind of scared." Mitchie admits.

"Don't be. You were born to perform."

She feels assured yet wants to throw up at the same time, soon enough her own band are on the stage and begin playing a long introduction to her first song.

"I'll be right here."

"What if I forget the lyrics?" She asks worriedly, "They don't know my songs yet, they can't exactly sing it back to me."

"Take it from someone who has forgotten the lyrics multiple times, just have a laugh about it and don't take it too seriously. Fans love to see their favourite singers not take themselves so seriously."

Gripping the microphone harder in her hands she steps away from Shane, ready to go on. She was so scared and was literally shaking.

"Good luck, Mitch."

And it's too late to run anywhere but onto the stage, this was it.

Just her and thousands of people watching her.

It's been what feels like an hour, but in reality it has only been seconds that she has been on the stage and the audience is going crazy. She has never heard so much screaming in her life, it was absolutely mind-blowing hearing people yelling her name. It puts her slightly off-balance for a moment.

Mitchie can't help but think the entire time she is singing that this is what she wanted to do with her life, there was nothing else on the planet that could beat that feeling.

And as soon as she is finished and off that stage, she wants nothing more to run back on but knows she must wait to sing 'This Is Me'. Plus, she'd have plenty more shows to sing.

Shane is there to hug her as soon as she is side-stage and she practically squeals as she pulls her red cropped jacket off.

"You were flawless." He comments and she beams.

"That was amazing." She says in disbelief, unsure if this was all some big dream that she'd soon wake up from.

She is ushered back to her dressing room and knows she has less than twenty minutes with Shane before he has to be on stage.

"Don't you want to spend this time with your brothers?" She asks, collapsing on the couch.

"Not your first night. Plus, they won't miss me."

By this stage, the adrenaline has still not worn off and she is absolutely mystified. And the feeling has still not left her by the time she is in position to be risen up on the stage for 'This Is Me' a little over an hour later.

She can hear Shane singing 'Gotta Find You' and she feels as if she could throw up, not from nerves but from excitement. This song had not been performed live sing Camp Rock, the summer they first met. The microphone is clutched firmly in her hand she hears the music she wrote begin to play.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Mitchie Torres!" Shane announces as she is risen up to that sea of flashes.

The audience is so deafening as she begins to sing that she is scared she is going to trip over as she walks down the stairs.

And as soon as she is on the main part of the stage, she knows better than to go straight over to Shane. No matter how badly she wants to. So she heads over to Nate on his guitar and just sings her heart out.

Shane looks at her from the other side of the stage as hundreds of flashes are going off. He simply nods and she feels their connection, words weren't needed and this surprises her as they really know each other so well. All she wants to do is run into his arms and kiss him senseless, but she doesn't.

She walks over to Jason by the time she sings the chorus a second time and he is twirling around as he plays his own guitar. By the time it's Shane's turn to sing, she meets him centre stage and he sings to her as if she is the only one listening.

She wants to be able to hold his hand during the song, just like at Final Jam. But Mitchie knows she can't, no matter how much she wants to.

He places his hand on the small of her back, leading her down the catwalk for the end of the song and she knows he will probably get called up on it. But it doesn't matter right now.

Nate and Jason were close behind them and all she could do was reach out for the audience's hands, the ones who were singing her song at the top of their lungs.

By the time the song is over all she can do is smile widely and wave at the crowd, "Mitchie Torres everyone!" Shane says as the crowd roars.

And the four of them head back down the catwalk together, she was finished for the night and the boys had to rush off for an outfit change, his hand is on the small of her back again leading her off. And only when the lights are completely out does she kiss him on the cheek before he is rushed into a tiny dressing room directly behind the stage with Nate and Jason where they have a minute to get changed and be back on the stage.

She watches the rest of the show side stage and is absolutely captivated by these three brothers who she used to idolise. In a way she still does, but in a different way. She remembers seeing them in concert when she was fourteen with Sierra and how she thought she would one day marry Shane and Sierra thought she would marry Nate.

It was odd to think how different she was from back then, how much she had grown and changed. Yet she didn't really regret anything, because she most likely wouldn't be in this position right now otherwise.

By the time Shane is off stage, he is sweaty, his 'Burnin Up' tour shirt clinging to his chest slightly. All she can do is tell him how well he did as his manager arrived to see the second half of the show.

It doesn't take Mitchie anytime at all to get everything onto her bus and to slip into the warmth of what will be her bed for the next couple of months or so.

She doesn't have to wait too long for Shane to sneak onto her tour bus and slip into bed with her just before the bus starts to move. It feels like a lifetime since she's been able to have his skin against hers, to just be alone together.

"You did good tonight, baby."

She opens her eyes to see him laying right there beside her, looking into her own eyes now.

"You didn't do so bad yourself."

He reaches across for her face, and Mitchie gets goosebumps at the contact as he caresses her cheek with his thumb.

"How did you shower?" She asks, noticing he smells good.

"Showered in my dressing room." He replies. There wasn't one in hers.

"I honestly loved it out there tonight, I really cannot imagine doing anything else in my life."

Suddenly his hand is on her back, under her shirt, stroking it slightly and only now is she fully aware that they are actually been driven along some road on there way to Oklahoma City in Michigan. She feels the bumps in the road and cannot help but smile at the little smirk Shane is giving her.

"What?" She asks quizzically and for some reason she thinks that just maybe something could happen between them this summer. This was night one on the tour bus and she could only hope they'd do something that would totally go against the purity ring that laid on his finger. And she doesn't know how she feels about that exactly.

His hands move up higher, making her feel excited yet completely confused and nervous at the same time. "Nothing."

"Why is it that even though I just performed in front of thousands and loved it so much...I much prefer to be just like this with you?"

And he kisses her, just because. His lips warm on hers as his hand comes to her bra clasp.

"Why are you wearing a bra to bed?" He pulls away.

And she doesn't answer, just lets him unclasp it so she can throw it aside onto the floor.

"You don't need to wear it, i'm not going to try anything," He breathes out, "Especially if you don't want me to."

She curls up into him, placing her lips to his chest, "I love you."

"I love you too, beautiful."

What do you predict to happen on tour?

Will they make it? Will they go against Shane's ring?

Only time will tell. ;)