E/O Challenge Word:

box /bäks/ n. – A container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid; the contents of such a container.

Spoilers/Warnings: maybe 7x13 (that's what I had in mind when I wrote this), but then again...not really; it could be any season

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 349...because apparently I really suck at playing by the rules today

Just give you a song and a one night stand, you'll be looking at a happy man... ~ Alison Krauss

The early morning February sun filtered through the motel window, soft and pleasant at first...and then overly-bright and malicious as it stabbed his eyes.

"Jesus..." Dean growled, squinting in the assaulting glare as he rolled over and pushed himself up, sitting on the side of his bed and staring at the empty bed across from him.

Momentary panic was quickly soothed with a glance at the closed bathroom door and the realization that the shower was running.

Dean sighed his relief and then smiled when he saw two steaming cups sitting on the small table across the room.

"Atta boy, Sammy," Dean praised, rising and crossing to the table, thankful for the small things; like his brother being an early riser and still – after all these years – fulfilling his role of errand boy in the mornings.

Lifting his cup, Dean smirked at the phrase errand boy and decided to call Sam that as soon as the kid made an appearance, already anticipating the bitchface he would have flung his way.

Dean chuckled, took a sip of coffee, and then tilted his head at what also sat on the table with a folded note on top of it; his name on the front scrawled in Sam's writing.

"Huh," Dean mused and reached for the paper.

Blood is red.

Smurfs are blue.

Here's brotherly advice

From me to you...

Dean narrowed his eyes, glancing at the bathroom as the water continued to run and then redirecting his attention to the table.

Setting down his coffee cup, Dean reached for the newspaper-covered package; his eyes widening as he peeled away the newsprint and realized what he held, what Sam had gotten him – a box...a big-ass box...of colorful condoms.

Dean stared at it – not sure whether to laugh or be pissed – and then noticed another note stuck on the box.

Wrap it BEFORE you tap it, bro.


Dean chuckled – unable to stop himself – and then shook his head, glancing at the bathroom as the shower turned off.

"Smartass bitch..." he commented, once again lifting his coffee cup and already making plans for payback.