Hi! Welcome to Code Geass: The black steel prince of Britannia, my first FanFic!

The basic premise of this story is as follow: What if, instead of going into hiding after the conquest of Japan, Lelouch and his siblings went back to Britannia? What path will Lelouch take? Will he try to change Britannia from the inside, making it into a better nation, or will he undermine it from the inside, eventually toppling it and bringing it crashing down?

A few notes. There will be more changes to the CG canon than the basic premise I just laid out. For starters, you might have noticed the use of Siblings. Yeah, Rollo will be Lelouch and Nunnally's brother, and her twin. Of course, he'll be flamin' OOC. Also, there will be a "Zero" in the story, and he will lead a rebellion against Britannia, but he will not be the same character as in cannon. There will be a lot of other changes along the way.

If I can get this right, it should be awesome!

Hope you enjoy!

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It had been a day since they had been separated from Suzaku. It was midday and it had been hot, so th three siblings had been taking a short rest. It was Rollo who said it!

"Brother? ….Can we go back home?"

"….and where would that be, Rollo?" Lelouch answered in an indifferent tone, without looking at the boy. He was merely playing dumb of course. He knew what his brother was saying; He wanted to go back to Britannia!

"Where Euphie is. Where Nelly and everybody else is…"

Although it shouldn't really have, that answer surprised Lelouch. Taking a look at Rollo, he saw the pleading look in his brother's eyes.

"Rollo…" Lelouch said, but didn't say more. How could he explain to his brother, that they couldn't possibly return to Brit-... Wait! Why couldn't they return to Britannia again?

"Because of my own god damned pride and stubbornness, that's why!" Thinking about it logically, the chances of them surviving on their own, in a country full of people that pretty much hated the gut out of everything Britannian right now, was so minuscule it wouldn't even show under a microscope! Sure, he had vowed to destroy Britannia not a day ago, but what good would that do if he died here? Also, there was more than just him involved in this!

Taking a good look at his brother, Lelouch noticed that Rollo was looking pretty worn out and tired. Not very surprising, since the younger boy had trouble sleeping these days, and when he did sleep, he usually had nightmares. And for good reasons. Lelouch could shield Nunnally from the ruins and ravages of war as they went through the war-torn country-side by staying quiet or prettying things up a bit for her, but Rollo saw the whole of it. And Rollo, while not being injured by the attack that took their mother's life, had been shaken pretty deeply by the event. Of the three of them, he had been the one that was closest to Marianne.

Rollo had always been shy, quiet and calm, the very opposite of what Nunnally had been before. But ever since the attack and ensuing exile, Lelouch rarely heard him utter even a single word. It was becoming clear that the younger boy was on the verge of both physical and mental exhaustion. And Lelouch wasn't faring much better, at least for the physical part.

If he swallowed his pride (and tuned down his paranoia), there wasn't really any reason why they couldn't go back. There wasn't any need for them to act as hostages anymore, with Japan having been conquered and all.

"What about you, Nuanally?" Lelouch said as he sat down next to her. "Do you want to go back?"

"As long as him with you and Rollo, I know I'll be fine Brother. " The blind girl said with a small smile. Then her expression changed to a sad one. "But…"


"But I do miss them. Euphie and Nelly, and Schneizel and Clovis…"

"It's alright." Lelouch interrupted her softly, before she could go on and name every name she could remember on the long list of their half-siblings. "I understand. Rollo, grab the bag." He said as he picked up Nunnally on his back. "We have to travel quite a bit before sundown."

"Where are we going?" Rollo asked as he picked up their bag.

"We're going to try and find someone that can get us back home." He said simply, and stared walking. Rollo stayed in place for a moment, blinking. "Are you coming?"

Rollo's features brightened noticeably. "Yes, Brother!" he exclaimed as he ran to catch up to his siblings.

Lelouch's brain was working full throttle. Their best bet would be to continue north, either until they found a Britannian military unit that didn't look too trigger happy, or they reached the Britannian settlement in Tokyo. Then they'll have to contact either one of their siblings or the mainland.

"With a little bit of luck, this won't turn out to be a complete disaster."

As Lelouch would latter find out, he had a lot of luck.

Lieutnant-Commander Robert Sprangler was in a sour mood. His undermanned unit had been assigned to patrol an area 50 miles south of the newly established Tokyo Settlement. Newly established as in "existing only on paper". The top brass might consider the country conquered, having it renamed and all that bull, but here on the terrain, it looked as if the war was still going on. It seems the lost of most of their resources and their main cities (including their capital) wasn't having quite the effect every sane person thought it would have on the Japanese Forces.

So far, they encountered half a dozen of their convoys. He had to let most of them go, for he lacked the firepower to take them on. With only 250-something infantry, a couple of thanks and a few artillery guns, he wasn't going to push his luck. All ha could do was to report it in. But, since all of them where heading down south, moving away from the Britannian forces, and away from anything strategically important, HQ didn't even bother to deal with them. "Take them on or let them go, who cares, we won!"

What was he, a fucking traffic controller? Might as well set up a toll both!

"Commander! Commander!" That was his second-in-command, rushing into his tent to report to him, Sprangler was sure by the expression on his face, something he thought to be ho-so-important.

"Yeeeees?" He said slowly and dully to the saluting officer. "What is it, lieutenant?

"One of our units picked up three children, sir!"

That actually got Sprangler's attention. If nothing else, it would provide a change of pace.

"By children, I assume you mean Britannian children?"

"Yes sir!"

"Hum, I'll be there in a second." He said, doing a dismissing gesture.

Sprangler got up, and tidied up his uniform a little. There wasn't no reason he shouldn't make a good impression, even if it was just children.

Getting out of his tent, he quickly located the children. They were sitting at portable table, with a few soldiers sround them. One was a young boy of about 8 years of age, with short sandy blond hair and light purple eyes, who was downing a canteen of water like his life depended on it. Next, in front of him was sitting a small girl that looked as if she might be the twin of the aforementioned boy. She had the same colored hair, although longer although her ayes were closes, and she was eating a ration bar. The last one, sitting next to the girl, was an older boy, of probably around 13, who had almost-shoulder-length jet-black hair, and eyes a deeper shade of purple. He was talking to his second-in-command, while glancing suspiciously at anything and everything it seemed.

Sprangler took a step towards them, then stopped, his boot hanging in the air for a moment before he set it down and stood still.

He blinked once. He blinked twice. He looked at the three children again, very hard, looking at every details.

He then turned right around, and dashed into his tent. He opened up a box filled with papers, and like a mad man, looked through it until he found the piece of paper he was looking for.

It was a missing person poster, that had been handed out to him along to other commanders by a man big scar-face of a man named Dalton or something.

It reads: Missing princes and princess! Under which was three colored photos. Under that, was written in big bold black letter: Reward of 1,000,000 pounds each! (if alive).

He looked carefully at the pictures. Yes it was them! Ok, the little girl had her eyes open in her, and the older boy lacked his perma-frown, but fuck-him sideways it had to be them! Even after the split with the men who found them, he may just be able to put his daughter into a good college and have some leftover for himself to booth!

Recomposing himself and tucking the poster in his jacket, Sprangler made his way back outside his tent. His second looked at him.

"Is there something wrong?"

"On the contrary James, something good had just happened for the first time in days!"

Ignoring his second that was taken-aback by the use of his first name by his commander, Sprangler, all smilling, turned towards the very possibly royal children.

"Hi, I'm Lieutenant commander Robert Sprangler, the commander of this unit. Could you tell me your names?"

The black haired boy looked at him suspiciously from head to toe for a moment, before answering, in perfect and well-educated English "My Name is Lelouch. These two are my brother Rollo and my sister Nunnally. I wish to thank you and your men for your help. If possible, could you help us get to the Britannian embassy in Tokyo settlement?"

Sprangler smile widened. "Jackpot!"

"Of course! I'll start arranging a safe transport for all of you right way!"

"Thank you! And sorry for any inconvenience we may cause you. I'll arrange something with my family so that you might be compensated for your troubles!"

"I don't think that will be necessary, they already went through the trouble to put out a reward for you, your highnesses!"

Lelouch froze. His familly did? And how did this man…?

Sprangler took out the missing person poster, and gave it to Lelouch before bowing, and mentioning to his men to do the same.

"Please be assured that we'll do our best to get you back to Britannia as soon as possible. I'd also like to apologise for anything rude me and my men might have done or said."

Lelouch was flabbergasted. Somebody had actually put up a reward for them!

"T-thank you, Commander."

End of chapter 1

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