Hi guys and gals! I have a pretty big announcement concerning this story. In short, I decided to do a total rewrite.

I understand if this would vex some of you. It's already been a year since I started after all. But please, bear with me. When I started this story, I wasn't too sure where I was going. Now, it's crystal clear to me how this story is going to roll down to the end. Also, there is a lot of new Ideas I would like to retcon into the story. Unless I'm terribly wrong, It should help make the story more awesome, more enjoyable, and more coherent.

I decided to keep the old story posted for now, at least until I reach the same spot in time in the new one. I'll probably take it down past that.

Now, if any of you readers have suggestions, now is the perfect time to chip in.

Yours truly,