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In desperation to rid herself of her crippling loneliness Isabella swan accepts an offer off of an older equally lonely Edward Cullen. Now when the husband that she barely knows wants to get to know his young wife and start a family, Bella is forced to reassess the decisions that she made in the past and to make decisions that will affect her future.

I looked at the empty room, it's still walls and empty spacious floor were silent in their waiting. My feet protested to go into the room and to stand in the middle and let my mind wonder off and to dream, but I didn t want to be sucked into this hopeful space, I didn't want to feel the pressure of what the room expected and what Edward wanted.

My heart crippled with every heart beat as I descended the stares and walked into the kitchen, I was greeted by the rhythmic ticking of the grandfather clock. The little traitorous hands raced to reach 5 o'clock. My husband will be home soon, I'm going to have to give my answer soon.

With shaking hands I poured some gin into a small crystal glass, I brought it to my lips and drank it with closed eyes. Savouring the taste as if it would give me courage.

I heard the front door open, it clicked as it closed, keys were dropped into a bowl and shoes were shuffled off, but the sound of my beating heart was prominent in my ears.

"Bella?" Edward called from the hall way he sounded anxious.

My fingers started to play with the gold band on my finger twisting this way and that almost painfully. I took a deep breath.

"In the kitchen." I called back my voice betraying the nervousness I felt.

I looked at my wedding photo that stood centre stage on the kitchen table next to the fruit bowl; my eyes took in the two figures in the silver frame. A slightly bewildered looking nineteen year old dressed in a simple white dress looked back at me her white veil almost forming a cage around her, I could see the unwanted jewels twinkle as they lay on her, she stood at least a foot apart from the smartly dressed smiling 37 year old. The picture looked unbearably awkward, staged.

Blood rushed to my head and pounded behind my eyes, I squeezed them tight to rid myself of the feeling but a stronger pain resonated from my chest.

I heard Edward enter the kitchen; he bent down a kissed me on the cheek. The scent of sandalwood and mint washed over me and twisted my stomach.

"Hi." I said weekly, I couldn t look him in the face; I can't be distracted I need to keep it together.

"Bella?" his voice was worried now, I imagined his eyebrows were knitted together in worry.

Wordlessly he sat opposite me at the table, his handsome face rapidly turning pale. He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair. His usually bright emerald eyes dimmed as he looked at me.

"Edward I-"

"You've made your decision then." He stated a hundred different emotions playing with his voice. His hands were in front of him they were clenched tightly in anticipation.

I took a deep breath and gave him my answer and therefore changing my life forever.

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