" Natasha….Natasha…NATASHA!"

An ear piercing, horror film like scream came from the mouth of ( a now awake ) Natasha. Natasha put her hand on her chest and looked at Marty.

" Jesus Marty! You scared me!"

" You scared me! You were dead-like since the moment I drove the car!"

Natasha shook her head and looked outside of the car, unsure of where she was or what even happened when she was asleep.

" Where are we?" she asked.

" That's the problem, I have no idea," Marty replied leaning back in his seat.

" Well….let's drive around then," Natasha said.

" Can't. Car broke down."

Natasha leaned her head back and groaned. This couldn't be happening.

" You're kidding me! Well, let's get out and go find help."

Natasha and Marty got out of the car and looked around. Everything was now strange. It was sunny and daylight - not nighttime.

" Wasn't it dark outside before?" Natsha asked. Marty nodded and suggested," Maybe we overslept." Natasha shrugged and the two looked around. They were on an open area with a street and fields.

" Oh my god…." Natasha breathed out. Marty shook his head.

" I guess…we walk along the road," Marty said. Natasha and Marty walked along the road and they were both silent.

" Hey Tasha….can I ask you something?"

" Yea."

" Do you hate Jennifer?"

I do for taking away my opportunity to have you, she thought to herself. She sighed.

" Hate is a very, very strong word Marty," she began," I don't hate Jennifer nor do I not NOT like her. I guess I don't think too much of her."

Marty nods and Natasha looks at him, crossing her arms to her chest. This was unusual for Marty to ask her.

" Why do you ask?"

" Well….that comment."

Natasha nods and turns to Marty.

" I'm really sorry," She said apologetically," I just…it…..it hasn't been a great time since my brother is engaged to that little twit Jane and my grades aren't all that good and just…"

She couldn't tell him the real truth. Even lying to Marty was hard enough to do, but she still had to regardless.

" I just have been out of it and I took it out on you. I'm sorry."

" It's fine. And hey- you know you can talk to me. You and Doc are my best friends."

Oh gee….BEST friends….definitely an upgrade from " The Friend Zone", she thought to herself.

" Hey look!" Marty pointed out.

Natasha looked. There was a huge sign.


" Hey! We're getting close to home!" Natasha exclaimed happily as she took Marty's hand. She looked down as did he.

" I know," Marty responded smiling back at her.

They kept walking when they reached town and…

" Marty…this can't be Hill Valley," Natasha said.

" It looks…strange," Marty said. Natasha gasped as she picked up a paper from the street. Her face went blank and her eyes popped.

Marty looked.

NOVEMBER 5th 1955.

" Oh my-."

Natasha grabbed Marty's arm incase she was about to faint or lose control and truth be told, either way one was about to happen.

" Marty…we're NOT HOME!" She exclaimed. Her eyes and her own self went ballistic.

" What are we gonna do Marty? Oh my god, oh my god! MARTY THIS ISN'T OUR TOWN!"

" Natasha people are staring at us," Marty said looking around at everyone. People looked at the crazy girl on the street, whispering to one another, and Natasha cleared her throat.

" Oh take a picture, it lasts longer!" Natasha snapped. Everyone went back to being busy again and Natasha sighed.

" I need water," she said putting her hand on her forehead. Marty immediately noticed how startled and parched she look. She was about to fall back when Marty caught her just in enough time before she cracked her head on the sidewalk.

" Ok Tasha…easy there," Marty comforted his dear friend. He looked up and saw a diner, Holt's Diner, across the street. He picked up Natasha bridal style and rushed across the street. He put her down on het two feet and instructed," Walk with me."

As the two walked in, Marty yelled," She needs water! She almost fainted!"

" Right away!" one of the waitresses yelled running off. Everyone in the restaurant stared at Marty and Natasha. Natasha whispered in Marty's ear," Is fifties' fashion back in style?"

Marty just smiled awkwardly and the two sat down at the bar area. Natasha's water came and Natsha gulped it down pretty fast. She looked at Marty, and half smiled.

"Thanks," she said softly. Marty smiled back at her and her heart was racing yet again. She loved when he smiled at her.

An older looking waiter came up to Marty, giving him a cold stare.

" Uh…give me uh tab," Marty said trembling a bit.

" Tab? I can't give you a tab unless you or your girlfriend here order something!" the waiter snapped. Natasha stepped back but smirked to herself at the remark of the waiter referring to her as Marty's girlfriend.

" Uh…then a Pepsi Free?" Marty asked.

" You want a Pepsi pal you're gonna pay for it!"

" Just give him some coffee," Natasha suggested as the waiter was getting on her last nerve. The waiter muttered something then gave Marty a cup of coffee. Natasha went to turn to Marty when she noticed something peculiar.

Both Marty and the guy sitting next to him with jet black hair both had their left hand on top of their head.

" Hey McFly!" a voice boomed. Both men turned at the same time and Natasha's eyes widened. She turned herself and saw a hugely built guy with three greasers behind him. The built guy looked familiar to Natasha.

" Biff," Marty muttered to Natasha. Natasha's eyes went wide yet again as she remembered Biff the old creep who used to hit on her mother.

" Egh," Natsha said. One of the greaser guys winked at her so she flippers the bird and he looked away, embarrassed.

" What do you think you're doing?" Biff boomed.

" Hey I'm talking to you McFly you Irish bug!" Biff exclaimed at the dark haired guy. Marty and Natasha looked at each other then back at the guy Biff was yelling at. Natasha's hand held on to Marty's arm.

" Hey Biff, hi guys, how are you doing?" the dark haired guy greeted nervously. Natasha and Marty stared in awe and Natasha whispered," Marty, that's your dad?"

" Hey you got my homework finished McFly?" Biff asked viciously.

" Well uh….I actually uh figured since it wasn't do til' Monday-."

Biff then grabbed Marty's father's head and knocked on it yelling," Hello….hello anybody home?"

Biff's buddies laughed as did Marty's father nervously and Biff lifted his head and yelled," THINK MCFLY! I don't have time to recopy. You realize what would happen if I hand my homework with you handwriting? I'll get kicked out of school! And you wouldn't want that to happen would you?"

" Like anyone would care," Natasha muttered. Marty put his hand on her mouth and they watched.


" Well no of course not….I wouldn't-."

" No-." Biff turned to Marty and asked," What are you looking at butt head?" Natasha removed Marty's hand and snapped,'' What's it to you jackass?"

The guys "oo"ed and a guy with a yellow cut off shirt grabbed Natasha's arm and sneered," Look at this one Biff! She's a real diamond this one!"

Natasha slapped him across the face and he fell back. Marty grabbed her by the waist and watched the guy as his cheek turned bright red.

" Well how about my homework McFly?" Biff asked turning back to Marty's father.

" Uh….ok Biff, well I'll uh finish it tonight and give it to you first thing in the morning," Marty's father answered as he put some oatmeal in his mouth.

" Ok I don't wake up til' two- hey McFly you're shoes untied!" Marty's father looked down and Biff slapped his chin, causing Natasha and Marty to jump. The other guys laughed, including Marty's father.

" You're so gullible McFly! I never wanna see you in here again, ok?" Biff asked. Marty's father nodded and Biff looked at Natasha. She glared and Biff smirked. He and his buddies left and Natasha and Marty looked at Marty's father so calm after everything.

Turns out there were more problems then just two kids from the 80's in the 50's.

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