Dan Vs My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Part 2: "I've got to stop Dan but how will I do that? I've got to think," Chris says to himself. (np) Meanwhile,
Dan is driving to his car on his way to the Hub station. (np) Dan laughs to himself and says, "I'm finally going to take revenge on the creators of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!" (np) Dan reaches the Hub building and finds a place to park his car. (np) "I guess this must be the Hub station. I'm finally here and they'll finally pay for making my car pink " Dan says to himself while entering the Hub building. (np) Dan heads for the door that says employies only and the receptionist seeing what he is doing says, "Um sir? You can't go through that door." (np) "Flick off!" Dan yells at the receptionist.
(np) "Oh dear, what an angry little man!" The receptionist exclaims. (np) "I'm not little! I don't get calcium because I am lactose intorlerant! All right who's in charge of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?" Dan shouts. (np) A women comes out and says, "That is me Lauren Faust and who are you?" (np)
"I'm Dan and I'm here to stop your show!" (np) "Hmmm Dan... oh you're that sad angry patetique little man who likes to take vengence on anything or anyone that comes in his way. Isn't that right?" (np) "Grrr, I'm going to kill you!"
(np) "I don't think so, girrrrrlllls!" (np) The ponies from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic come. (np) "Yes Ms. Faust?" Pinkie Pie asks. (np) "I want you and all the other ponies to kill this idiot!" Ms. Faust replies. (np)
"Hey, I'm not an idiot!" Dan protests. (np) "You are not, really? This guy is really worth destroying because he is obviously a loser." Twilight Sparkle states. (np) "Hey, you know I can hear you from way back here!" Dan complains angrily. (np) "Oh he is so cute! Can't we all just be friends?" Fluttershy asks. (np) "No Fluttershy, he is threntening to get rid of . Do you want that to happen, huh?" Rainbow Dash replies. (np) "No, but I don't want anybody to get hurt." (np) Oh for Pete's sake, let's just attack him!" (np) "Chhhhhaaarrgge!
I always wanted to say that." Pinkie Pie says. (np) The ponies charge towards Dan. (np) "You think I won't hurt a horse? Well you're wrong!" Dan says while he charges but it turns out that the ponies easily beat him and tie him up.
(np) Chris arrives at the Hub building breathing heavily, observes the scene,
and begins to laugh. (np) "You got beat up by ponies! Hahahahahahaha! Elise get in here!" Chris exclaims. (np)"Yes?," Elise asks and then sees Dan, "oh gee what happened to Dan?" (np) Chris whispers what had happened into Elise's ear. (np) Chris and Elise start cracking up at Dan. (np) "I hate everything and everyone," Dan says while making an ugly face of resentment. THE END!