James and Liz: The Adventures

Written by VivianShadowGirl

Thomas and Friends is owned by Rev. W Audrey and Britt Allcroft (also HIT)

Summary: What if I was in most of the episodes starring James the Red Engine? Note that I will only do my favorite ones.

James and the Coaches

A young teen was playing with her cell phone while watching the trains go or stop by. She then looked up and saw that there were coaches, Ah, someone's pulling coaches today…

It turns out not one, but two engines were pulling them. One of the engines was blue while the other was red.

The girl went to see what was going on.

"Be careful with the coaches James," said the blue engine, "they don't like being bumped." The girl hid behind a bench (the one she was on two seconds ago) and watched everything.

The red engine, James, was being admired by some boys and Sir Topham Hatt. "I'm a really splendid red engine." The girl heard him say and suddenly James let off steam.

The girl saw that the steam fell onto Sir Topham's hat. Then the guard's whistle blew and James and Edward had better go.

The next the girl was taking a walk down the jagged path toward the sheds, she was thinking about that red engine. And, she wants to see him again.

But when she got there Sir Topham Hatt was talking to James, and he wasn't too happy. Must have been the hat… she thought.

"If you can't behave, I will take away your red coat and have you painted blue!" Both James and the teen didn't like that at all.

Back at the station the girl was watching James shunt his own coaches; she was upset on what she heard. Suddenly she noticed that James was looking at her. She nearly jumped but then smiled weakly. James then begins to smile as well, however it was a little smile.

Then the girl started walking towards him, she didn't know what to say when she got there. However she wanted to say something, anything to cheer him up or something.

When she got next to James she still had her small smile. "I think you are a splendid red engine too." She said quietly.