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When Lisbon woke again, the sun had long since set. She pushed her chair back from the table and sat up, stretching the cramped muscles in her back. She waited for the room to spin, but was pleasantly surprised to find that everything remained in place. Judging from the darkness that seemed to permeate every room, Jane was long gone. She let out a sigh of relief.

Not having her thermometer near her, she brought her hand to her forehead and felt for a fever. Her skin was clammy and covered in sweat, but mercifully cool. She felt like her body temperature actually resembled that of a normal human being for the first time in days.

As she stood, her hand brushed against a piece of paper on the table. She picked it up and then fumbled for the kitchen light switch. Light flooded the room, and she shielded her eyes from the sudden brightness. When she recovered, she read, in Jane's neat and precise handwriting:

Thought I'd let you sleep. See you later.

She exhaled deeply, glad that he had finally left. His unrelenting attention had been grating on her nerves, and now that she didn't have a pounding headache, she could fully appreciate just how intimate the attention had been. Even thinking about it made her uncomfortable, and she resolved to make him pay for it later.

Lisbon crumpled the note in her hand and threw it in the garbage can on her way out of the kitchen. As she padded into the living room, she noticed that the lights were off. She couldn't remember if they had been turned on, and wondered if this meant Jane had been considerate enough to shut them off when he left. She pondered this as she walked over to turn the light back on.

"Miss me?"

Lisbon jumped. The light had suddenly snapped on, seemingly of its own accord, although now she could see that Jane was standing next to the light switch, a wicked grin plastered on his face.

"What – you – but – you-"

"Whenever you feel like speaking English," Jane said as he nonchalantly settled himself onto the couch.

Lisbon swallowed and managed, "What are you doing here?"


"Waiting for what?"

"Feeling better yet?"

"I thought I was," Lisbon muttered as she moved toward the table where the thermometer had been. Jane handed it to her as she approached. "Thanks," she said grudgingly.

"Can I guess?" Jane asked with entirely too much excitement in his voice.

She threw him the sharpest look she could manage. "I'd rather you didn't." She brought the thermometer to her lips, but before she put it under her tongue, she turned to Jane and said, "I thought you were leaving."

Jane shrugged. "Did I say that?"

"Well, your note seemed to imply-"

"It implied nothing."

Lisbon sighed. "Do I even want to know what you did while I was asleep this time?"

"I organized your sock drawer."

Lisbon's mouth dropped open in horror. "You did what?"

"Organized your sock drawer," he repeated, smirking.

"But my – there are things other than socks in there!"

"Not anymore," Jane said happily. "I moved them one drawer to the left. That way all your lingerie can be in one place."

"Jane," she groaned, sinking down onto the couch, her face in her hands. She could feel the blush creeping up her neck, making her feel almost feverish again. She sincerely hoped Jane hadn't found her spare gun in the – she shuddered – lingerie drawer and removed the bullets from that one, too.

She jumped at the touch of his cool hand on her neck. "Sorry," Jane apologized insincerely. "You're feeling warm again. Did that fever not break after all?"

"No, I think it did," Lisbon muttered. "But I'm suffering from a terrible case of Jane-itis."

"Yes, that does sound bad," Jane conceded. He considered her for a moment and then said, "I'll make us some tea. That way you can have some, ah, privacy."

"How considerate of you," Lisbon grumbled. She swung her legs over the couch and rearranged the blankets across her lap. She picked up her cell phone and read through the text messages while she waited for the thermometer to beep. There was another message from Cho, informing her there had been, once again, no breaks in the case, but that the team was going home for the night. The message also wondered where Jane was.

Right here, Lisbon thought, annoyed. If Jane had figured out this case so easily, couldn't he at least have told the team who the murderer was before taking the day off to play nurse?

The thermometer beeped and Lisbon extracted it from her mouth for what she sincerely hoped was the last time. 99.4. "At least that's better," she mumbled as she reached for the bottle of aspirin that was still on the table. She opened the bottle and dumped several pills into her hand.

"Now, now," Jane admonished from somewhere behind her. "You're not thinking of offing yourself, are you?"

"I was going to pour them back," Lisbon defended. "I was only trying to get two or three. You know how these bottles work. You want two, you either get one or seven. You can never get the right number when you want it."

Jane stared, and Lisbon realized she was rambling. "Never mind," she muttered. She sat back up and accepted the mug of tea from him. Then she noticed that he had only made one cup. "Are you not staying?" she asked.

"Oh, no," Jane said, with a wave of his hand. "I think I've caused you enough trouble today. Just wanted to make sure you'd be all settled for the night."


"Why, Lisbon," Jane said, "you sound disappointed!"

"Not disappointed," she replied. "Just shocked that you finally got the hint."

"Oh, no, I got the hint," Jane assured her. "I just didn't have anything better to do today."

"Didn't you?" Lisbon asked. "Cho said the team never did solve the case."

Jane shrugged. "I'll be there tomorrow."

"You better be."

Jane smiled and then said, "You better be there, too."

"Come on," Lisbon said, standing. "I'll walk you out."

She watched as Jane gathered his things and put on his coat. She did not want to give him any excuse to come back to her apartment tonight. "Keys?" she asked, when Jane looked about ready to leave.

He pulled them out of his pocket and shook them. "Right here. Come on, Lisbon, you know me better than that. Besides, I don't need a silly lie about forgotten keys to get into your apartment."

"Don't remind me," she warned him.

He grinned and then suddenly pulled her into a hug. Lisbon squirmed, but quickly realized that he had pinned her arms to her sides. "Jane!" she protested, her face pressing into the thick wool of his jacket. "Let me go!"

"Just some extra body heat for the road," he said.

"I don't need any," Lisbon said.

"I just want to be sure."

Lisbon sighed. "My fever's gone, okay? The thermometer said so."

"I'll just check for myself if you don't mind."

"How do you-" Lisbon gasped as she felt Jane's lips on her forehead. She understood now why he had deliberately pinned down her arms. She could feel her body temperature rising and hoped it burned his lips right off her face.

Jane pulled back, a self-satisfied smirk lingering on his face. "99.4. Am I right?"

"How did you-"

Jane only grinned. "Good night, Lisbon."

She made sure to dead-bolt the door as soon as he was out of sight.

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