Our school had a contest a while ago. What were they supposed to do? Well, the students who participated had to write a script for a play. The grand prize winner would have their play featured for our school play we do every year. The winner was Kasane Teto. Today is the auditions for the roles.

I decided to go for the lead role, Hasegawa Airi. Now, I know what you're thinking. Why would an outcast go for a role where she'd be noticed? To be honest, I DON'T KNOW MYSELF. The role just seemed so . . . tempting to play. And here I am, my heart thumping, next in line for auditioning.

The door opened. The girl that came out looked at me. She had two teal pigtails, and wore the school uniform which was the winter sailor uniform, a white long sleeved buttoned shirt with blue cuffs and back-flap and a red scarf, a blue pleated skirt with a white accent, and black shoes.

"You're next, um, Kagiri-san," she said getting my last name wrong, as usual.

I sighed, pushing my glasses up. "It's Kagamine, Hatsune-senpai."

"Eh heh~ Sorry!" she said as she skipped away.

I walked into the classroom, since it was after school hours now. There was one person in there. And that was Kasane Teto. She sat at the desk in front happily.

"Um, Kagamine Rin-chan, right?" she asked politely.

"Y-yes," I said slightly nervous now. The girl had her magenta hair in corkscrew pigtails.

"Alrighty, then, here's the excerpt that I chose for all of you guys to act out. I'll play the part of Amari Touma. You've read through this, right?" She showed me her copy of the script, which had many notations.

"Yes, I have." I noted where the excerpt was on my own copy of the script.

"Tell me when you're ready, Rin-chan, since I start the excerpt."

I took a second to calm down, and then said, "I'm ready."

She knocked on the desk as if it was the door, since the scene took place in the Hasegawa apartment. Teto waited a second and then said, "O-oh . . . Ai-chan."

"What's with that tone? Anyway, come in. And don't call me Ai-chan!" I acted in an annoyed tone.

"Um . . . Ai-chan . . . I've, uh, heard about your famil—"

"I don't want to hear about that, Touma. Okay?"

"B-but you must feel lonely! I can't help but to feel bad for you. With them out so much, you probably . . . ."

"I don't feel lonely, got it? There's nothing to worry about."

"I can't help it! I'd feel sad if I was in your place. If I could help, in any way . . ."

"If you want to help me, then don't talk about that ever again. It's bad enough that I'm talking to some popular kid like you."

"Then I want a deal!" Teto blurted.

"W-what did you say?" I asked, still looking down to the script.

"Promise me . . . that if I don't talk about it, then you'll say whatever is on your mind and you won't hide anything when I ask for the truth. Got it?"

I waited a second before my next line. " . . . I guess we have a deal."

The excerpt ended and I pushed my glasses up. It was finally over. I looked up from my script, and looked at Teto. And when I saw her, she looked like she was about to cry.

"E-excuse me, Kasane-san, but did I do something wrong?" I asked politely.

"DO SOMETHING WRONG?" she cried with her eyes tearing up. "Far from it, Rin-chan! That was so emotional! I could feel the Airi in you! You do such a beautiful job in acting! You leave me speechless! You're definitely going to be on the top of the list!"

I felt a bubbly feeling inside me. "R-really? Thank you so much, Kasane-san!"

"No, no! Call me Teto-chan! Or maybe even Onee-chan!"

Um . . . this turning into my awkward moment. "W-will Teto-san be okay?"

"It's a start, but it will be Teto-oneechan one day!"

I stood from my chair, thanked her for her time and bowed. And after that I felt pretty confident.

When I got to the front door of my house, I unlocked the door with my key and noticed the teal haired boy at my age at the stairs of the two story house. He wore a gray button up shirt with short sleeves and teal accents, black pants, and his pair of indoor slippers.

"Oh, hey, Rin," he greeted. "Welcome back."

"Hey, Mikuo," I said back.

Oh, and if you don't know who he is, he's Hatsune Mikuo, and he's my step-brother. Yes, I'm in a blended family. We've been step siblings for . . . I think five years. And I'm currently a second year in middle school at 13 years old. I will be turning 14 in about a month. We've been getting along well.

"Ah, Rin-chan!" I heard from the kitchen. And I knew exactly who it was.

I turned around to my left and saw Kagamine Len. He had that blonde hair of his in that small ponytail. He was still as dumb looking the last time I saw him. He was wearing a normal t-shirt, since his jacket was over at the jacket hanger. He also had a pair of jeans and our guest slippers.

Oh, yeah, my mom and dad are out on a business right now. I completely forgot about that. Just a random thing that popped into my head right now.

"I invited Len over for dinner since his parents are out right now," Mikuo explained. "He's just helping me make dinner. Is that alright?"

I heaved a sigh, and then replied, "That's fine. I'm not in charge of that. I'll be in my room if you need me." And I walked up the stairs, wearing my indoor slippers.

I'm not going to say I hate Len, but I don't like him either. I met Len when Mikuo invited him over to the Kagamine-Hatsune house for the first time. Ever since then, about three or four times a week, Len comes over for things like homework, studying, or just videogames.

~Len POV~

Looking back to the meat in the wok, I asked, "Hey, Mikuo, where was Rin-chan this whole time? School ended about one or two hours ago."

"She was auditioning for that play Teto made."

"Eh, weird coincidence, 'cause I auditioned too. But I was on a different day."

"What part?" he asked.

"Lead guy, Amari Touma."

And just so you know, Rin and I are NOT related. Just because we have the same last name doesn't mean we're related. And we weren't related in any style. We just have the same last name. There's no problem having the same last name, right? I do think of her as my little sister since she's younger than me by a day and I do often hang around the Kagamine-Hatsune residence.

Alright, I'm getting off topic.

Soon enough, Mikuo and I finished making the dinner of rice, meat and other stuff like veggies.

"Hey, Rin, dinner's ready!" Mikuo shouted.

"I'm coming!" She came down the stairs wearing a white blouse and a blue skirt. She also took down her ponytail and had her shoulder length hair down with four barrettes. Geez, she looks so cute~!

Alright, to make sure you understand, Rin is only LIKE a sister to me. WE AREN'T RELATED. It's normal to think of someone like a sibling, right? You guys got it?

Ta da~!

It's a random thing I brought up in my head. SO, just something random: I'M ADDICTED TO HETALIA.

I hope you enjoyed this and take a look at my poll!