Chapter Four: The Date (Edited)

"So are you excited for tonight?" Mia asked with a smirk on her face.

Emily was getting ready for her date with Zac. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a yellow cami with a black sweater, and black flats.

"As excited as I can be considering my sister just died…" Emily stated sadly as she sat down on her bed, holding her sister's flute in her hands.

"Emy, I know that this may sound harsh, but you knew this was coming. I know it's not a shock. But you need to enjoy life, even without Serena. An attractive power ranger just asked you out to a movie. Do you think you can at least try to have a good time?" Mia asked.

"I guess." Emily said.

"Okay, I know this is more than just Serena's death. You knew this was going to happen and you told me a few days ago you were okay with it. You knew it was going to happen and you wanted to be happy. What's up?" Mia asked as she sat next to Emily on the bed.

"You promise you won't tell anybody if I tell you?" Emily asked nervously.

"Promise." Mia said.

"I was sorta hoping that Mike would have been the one to ask me. Don't get me wrong, Zac certainly isn't ugly, and he seems sweet. It's just that… I don't know…" Emily trailed off.

"I get it." Mia said as she wrapped her arm around her sulking friend.

"You do?" Emily asked as she looked up.

"Of course. You like Zac, just not in the same way that you like Mike." Mia said.

"Exactly.." Emily said.

"Just do me a favor, Zac may not be Mike, but at least try to enjoy yourself? For Serena?" Mia asked.

"I guess I can try…" said Emily, "for Serena."

"Atta girl. Now c'mon. Let's fix up your hair all pretty, kay?" Mia said as she stood up and held out her hand for Emily to take.

"Okay." Emily said with a slight smile on her face.

"Mia!" the girls heard Mike yell from his room.

"Be right back Em. Don't go anywhere." Mia smiled as she left the room in search of Mike.

"What is it Mike?" Mia said as she stepped into his room to see Mike and Antonio sitting on the bed.

"I need to ask you a favor." Mike said nervously.

"What is it? Can you be quick, I promised Emily I'd do her hair for her date tonight." Mia said impatiently.

"About that…" Mike said.

"What?" Mia asked.

"Basically Mike wants you and me to go to the same movie as Emily and Zac and spy on them because he 'wants to keep Emily safe'." Antonio finished for Mike, doing quotes in the air.

"There are so many things I could say right now… Let's start with why on earth do you want to spy?" Mia asked.

"Antonio told you, I wanna keep Em safe. Just because Zac and I used to be close doesn't mean that I trust him with her." Mike said.

"Are you sure you aren't just jealous?" Mia asked with a smirk.

"That's what I said!" Antonio yelled as he threw his arms in the air.

"I'm not jealous!" Mike yelled.

"Whatever Romeo. I'm not spying on Emily." Mia said as she started to make her way out of the room.

"Wait! You can bring Jayden! You always complain about not getting to ever go out." Mike begged.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this, but fine. But you have to promise that you won't interfere with the date." Mia said with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Fine. Whatever, so you'll go?" Mike said happily.

"I guess. Now excuse me while I go help Emily get ready for the date I'm about to spy on." Mia said as she left the room.

"I still don't get why we're doing this." Antonio said.

"Because I care about Em and I don't want him hurting her, especially when she's already vulnerable." Mike said.

"You are so jealous." Antonio smirked as he left Mike alone in his room.

"So what if I am…" Mike grumbled under his breath.

"What was that about Mia?" Emily asked as Mia walked back into their room and turned on the straightening iron.

"Oh, nothing. Mike just needed me to help him with something." Mia said as she sat Emily down on a chair.

"Oh, okay. Mia, can I ask you something?" Emily asked.

"Of course Emy. What is it?" Mia asked as she picked up the straightening iron and began to straighten Emily's hair.

"Do you think Mike will ever like me?" Emily asked, completely serious.

"Yes, I do. But Em, as much as I think you two would be adorable together, you need to either tell Mike how you feel, or forget about him. It isn't fair to yourself, Mike, and especially to Zac." Mia said.

"I guess you're right…" Emily said.

The two girls were quiet until Mia finished Emily's hair.

"Perfect." Mia said with a smile on her face.

The two girls then heard a knock on the door and Mia went over to let whoever it was in.

"Hey, is Emily ready? The movie starts soon." Zac asked as he peeked inside.

"Let me just get her for you." Mia said as she went to drag Emily out of the bathroom she had locked herself in to avoid the date.

"Em, you need to get going. The movie starts soon, you don't want to be late!" Mia said.

Emily reluctantly unlocked the bathroom door. As she met Zac at the front door she turned back and gave Mia a glare.

"Have fun you two!" Mia yelled as she heard the front door slam shut.

"Mia, you and Jayden ready to go?" Mike asked as he walked into Mia's room with Antonio.

"I guess so. What movie is it anyways?" Mia asked as she grabbed her purse and headed to get Jayden.

"Some action-horror movie." Mike said as he followed Mia to Jayden's room.

"I thought Emily hated those kinds of movies?" Antonio asked confused.

"She does." Mike smirked.

"Really Mike? You told him she liked those kinds of movies didn't you?" Mia asked as Jayden wrapped his arm around her and they all headed to Jayden's car.

"Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't." Mike said as he hopped into the back seat with Antonio.

"Mike, you know if he finds out he'll hate you right?" Jayden said.

"He won't find out. Trust me." Mike smirked.


"Do you want popcorn or anything?" Zac asked Emily as they stood in front of the concessions.

"Oh, I don't mind." Emily said as she tried to force a smile. She had told Mia she would try to enjoy herself, and she had to keep her promise.

"One large popcorn please." Zac said as he handed the cashier the money.

Emily and Zac walked towards the theater after they got their tickets and found two seats and sat down. They sat down just in time for the lights to dim and the previews started showing.


"Look! There they are!" Mike pointed at Zac and Emily as he, Antonio, Jayden, and Mia walked into the theater.

Mike received a groan from the other three as they began making their way up to the four seats a few rows up from Emily and Zac. They all had to be very careful to not make any noise in order to stay hidden from Zac and Emily.

Mike sat down in the best seat to see the two, with Antonio on his left. Next to Antonio was Jayden, then Mia. As the movie started Jayden put his arm around Mia, and Mike's eyes were glued on Zac and Emily instead of the movie.

Half way through the movie Mike was about to sit back in his seat and watch the movie, when he saw Zac fake a yawn in order to put his arm around Emily. Anger boiled inside of Mike as he saw Emily did nothing but flinch as Zac scooted closer to her.

Mike quickly went to an usher standing by the entrance and informed the man that Zac had snuck into the movie. The man walked over to Zac and Emily and gestured for Zac to follow him. Zac looked confused down at Emily as Emily shrugged her shoulders.

Mike was back in his seat watching the scene unfold. He felt bad for ruining Emily's date, but he felt even worse watching Zac be with Emily the way he only wished he could.


Emily looked up as Zac returned into the theater. He sat down next to her and put his arm back around her shoulder.

"What happened?" Emily whispered.

"Some idiot told them I snuck into the movie. I showed him my ticket and he let me back in." Zac whispered back.

"That's weird." Emily said as she turned her attention back to the movie. She felt Zac's arm around her and wanted more then anything to move it away. As she thought about this a piranha jumped out of the water and Emily screamed. She instinctively tried to shield her eyes by burying her face in Zac.

Mike wanted to run up and rip Zac away from Emily. He was starting to regret telling Zac to take her to an action filled horror movie. He wanted to be the one to comfort Emily. He wanted to put his arm around her and keep her safe. But instead Zac was doing that.

The movie ended, with Zac holding onto Emily for almost the rest of the movie. Mike was fuming by the time it was over. He waited for Emily and Zac to leave before he felt it safe to go.

"So was Emily 'safe'?" Mia jokingly asked as they exited the theater.

"No… Just shut up. Let's go home before they get back." Mike said as he sulked and walked out to the car.

"He is so jealous." Jayden joked to Mia as they hopped in the car.

"Hopefully he doesn't lose control and kill Zac in his sleep." Mia joked back.

"I say we let them train together tomorrow. That will make my day." Antonio smirked as they drove back to the Shiba house.