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Chapter Five: Plans

Jayden sped down the highway to get to the Shiba house before Zac and Emily returned home. They weren't supposed to know they had been spying, that Mike had been spying. Thankfully, they returned home a good five minutes before Emily and Zac.

When Mike got home he locked himself into his room. He had tried to trick Zac into taking Emily to a movie she would hate, but his plan backfired. Emily had spent half of the movie cuddled into Zac while he held her close. Mike was even more upset than he had been before.

Mike's thoughts were interrupted when Zac walked into the room. He had a huge smile on his face and he was babbling about the date.

"It was so awesome. I was holding her for like half of it. Who knew someone could be so scared of a silly piranha?" Zac babbled to Mike.

Mike was fuming, "Wait, so you're happy she was scared? She just lost her sister and you scared her just so you could hold her? What is wrong with you!"

"No, that's not what I meant!" Zac said once he realized what he must have sounded like.

Mike shook his head in disgust and stormed out of the room. He made his way to the common room and took a seat beside Antonio. Emily and Mia weren't in the room. They were probably discussing the date in their room.

"Can I stay in your room tonight? I think if I stay in mine I may lose it and kill him." Mike grumbled.

Antonio chuckled, "Sure dude. You can stay with me and Jay tonight."

"Thanks." Mike said.

"Mike! I need to talk to you!" Zac said as he entered the room.

"Not now Zac, maybe later." Mike said, leaving the room to go in the dojo.

Mia and Emily were sitting on Emily's bed. Emily seemed happier then when she had left, which was a good sign to Mia.

"So? What happened?" Mia asked, she had been there, but unlike Mike she hadn't watched the two. She was too busy with Jayden, and didn't want to invade her best friend's privacy.

"Well he took me to this horror movie. It was about this really weird fish that ate everyone. It was disgusting and terrifying." Emily said.

"I don't care about the movie! How was the actual date?" Mia asked excitedly.

"Better than I thought it would be. Zac is actually really sweet. He always opened the door for me and he was never rude or anything. He put his arm around me, and when I got really scared he held me." Emily said smiling.

"Awh! That is too cute! See, I told you that it'd be fun!" Mia nudged her friend.

"I guess you were right." Emily said.

"You guess?" Mia said, mock offended.

"Well, it would have been better with Mike instead of Zac." Emily admitted.

"You really like Mike don't you?" Mia asked.

Emily immediately responded, "Of course."

Mia had a small smile on her face, "It's late. Get to bed. I'll be right back. I just have to talk to someone."

Mia walked out of the room towards Jayden and Antonio's room. She knew Mike would be staying with them tonight. There was no way he could be in the same room as Zac without choking him to death.

She walked into the room and saw the three boys were still awake. She let out a sigh of relief and dragged Mike out of the room.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Mike asked.

"I need to talk to you." Mia answered.

Mike rubbed his arm where she had grabbed him, "We could have talked without you ripping my arm off." he grumbled.

Mia smacked him upside the head, "Focus! You like Emily right?"

"Well yeah, but Zac.." he started.

"Right now he doesn't matter. Here's the deal, Emily really likes you, like a lot. So you have two choices, you can ask the girl out or you can let her get away and be with Zac. But you need to choose. If you wait any longer, it would be cruel." Mia said.

"But her and Zac are.." Mike said before he was again interrupted by the pink ranger.

"They are nothing right now. They went on one date. That's not considered dating. Hell, they haven't even kissed yet. But as soon as he calls her his girlfriend, you're chance is over. Right now I don't think that Emily is ready to call him her boyfriend. Until then, you can win her over. But if you hurt Zac or Emily I will kill you. So you have this one chance, don't screw it up." Mia said before walking back to her room.

"Wait! How can I win her over without hurting Zac too?" Mike asked.

"Figure it out Mike!" Mia called before slamming her door shut.

Mike leaned against the wall and slid down so he was sitting against it. He let out a sigh. He still had a chance. And he planned to take it, and make the best of it. Mike got up from the floor with a smile. He needed to do this right. Even though he didn't like Zac at the moment, he didn't want to hurt him. He was still his friend, and he would never want to hurt his friend.

"Okay," Mike said when he was back in Jayden and Antonio's room, "I need your help guys. I have a plan."