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It wasn't the first time the world had been saved by the Dex Holders- in fact, Ruby had almost gotten used it to it, or as used to the title of 'heroes' as he ever could. They'd been congratulated at all levels- in the small town of Littleroot, where his parents and Professor Birch had thrown a party and his mom had tousled his hair and cried over how worried she'd been. Sapphire had gotten bored after a few hours and pulled out to the Secret Base where they spent the rest of the day eating berries and food they'd snatched from the party.

They were forced to attend some fancy party (which Ruby would once have loved) at the Hoenn Pokemon League, sandwiched between gym leaders and even the Elite 4 and Champion. Emerald had been there as well, looking even tinier than usual. Ruby had reluctantly accepted a beautiful medal along with Sapphire, who looked strange and out of place in a dress much too elegant to be comfortable, both wishing they could just relax in their Secret Base and forget the whole matter. It was over- why did the world seem intent on reminding them at every possible moment?

Even worse, there was another celebration- one that would involve most of the worldwide Pokemon League, once again in Hoenn. All of their seniors had come over for it, accepting the shiny plaques and grateful speeches of the Champions, the Elite 4s of each region, the gym leaders, and more. The only plus was that Ruby and Sapphire managed to sneak out after their turn, faking a trip to the bathroom and instead running out into the nearby forest.

They climbed onto a large tree, Ruby struggling behind Sapphire as he attempted to jump the branches as gracefully as she could. It was surprising how agile she was, even a dress that should have kept a person from even walking normally. Several times he felt like he was going to slip and fall, but like always, her hand was there to catch him. It was nice to know she'd always be there for him- he just wanted her to know that next time, he'd be there for her too. It wasn't fair that she was always the one rescuing him.

For a while, they sat in silence, just watching as the bright blue sky of daytime started to shift into the lavender shades of evening, comfortable in each other's presence. Ruby noticed that the lights inside the fancy Pokemon League building were still on, meaning the ceremony and celebration were still ongoing. He wondered if they were still holding speeches or had moved onto the party- yet, he didn't care. He didn't want to go back no matter what they were doing.

"A penny for yer thoughts?" started Sapphire, catching his somewhat depressed expression with anxiety. Ruby hadn't exactly been himself ever after the battle with Rei, as if some piece of him had broken.

"I wish they would just stop with this whole Rei thing," said Ruby, sounding tired, adjusting his hat so it covered part of his face. Ever since that final battle, nobody had bothered to shut up and give him a chance to take a break. Nobody except Sapphire, but since they were both locked up in all the ceremonies and other troublesome events, it wasn't like she was able to help. His original euphoria of having her saved and his victory had worn off, leaving behind a hollow shell. "I just want to forget it all. He's dead, I killed him, that's that. I don't want to remember any of it."

"Ya can't mean that," answered Sapphire, causing Ruby to look up in surprise. He'd kind of expected her to echo his feelings, but of course, she was always his opposite, wasn't she? The surprise was something he loved. "Even though ya hated every second of it, it doesn't mean ya want or should forget it all. Those were important moments, Ruby. Ya changed a lot in the past few weeks. Otherwise, ya wouldn't be out here with me right now."

"I didn't hate every second of it," mumbled Ruby, specifically remembering the moment the control on him had been broken, as if he'd taken a breath of air after being drowned for hours, days, free at last. Seeing Sapphire's beautiful blue eyes staring at him intensely, as if there was nothing else in the world, and he'd just been so happy, so happy, happy enough to lean in and kiss her. If there was one thing he wouldn't give up, ever, it would be that kiss, his first one. The only thing he regretted was that it took Rei to force him to that point. "I… I liked it when we kissed."

"I liked it too," laughed Sapphire, her laughter clear, cutting through some of the utter nothingness in Ruby's head. That's what the feeling was. As if he were empty, unsure of what to do… "Of course, it would be pretty bad if we didn't like it."

"I guess," answered Ruby, trying his best to smile back. It was weird- it was almost as if when Rei died, somehow, he had taken a piece of Ruby with him. Ruby just couldn't bring himself to be the way he was before. He didn't feel as if he had the energy to shout "Beautiful!" at the sight of gorgeous, shining fur, didn't feel as if he had the energy to sew pretty accessories and groom his Pokemon while crooning compliments. It just didn't feel… right.

"Ruby, what's wrong? Ya can tell me ya know," said Sapphire, sounding irritated and yet gentle at the same time. Ruby didn't really feel like answering her, didn't want to share the strange emptiness that seemed to seep into his being, but he did anyways.

"Things just aren't the same. I feel like there's nothing, like I'm nothing," admitted Ruby, only feeling the slightest bit of embarrassment. He knew Sapphire wouldn't judge him, or at least, not too harshly. So why wasn't he surprised when she, once again, defied his expectations?

"Don't be ridiculous, Ruby!" yelled Sapphire, and Ruby's hair stood on end at the sheer volume. He heard flocks of Swellow and Taillow fly away from tree branches in shock. He didn't blame them- Sapphire was quite a loud girl. "Nothing? Yer far from nothing! Don't even dare ta try ta think like that! Nothing? You'll never be that!"

"Then what am I?" asked Ruby, feeling the urge to stand on his tree branch. However, he still maintained his common sense and simply straightened up, not wanting to fall over fifty feet to the ground. Why did he follow Sapphire up here again?

"Arceus, this is like when I was helping ya regain yer memories!" said Sapphire haughtily, fidgeting uncomfortably in her strange dress. Ruby tried to remember back to when he would have felt tempted to fix it for her, to make it better, and then force her into it despite her shouts of "No!" For some reason, the memory was a bit blurred, a bit far away. He felt as if he reached for it, he could reach it, but when he tried, it only pulled farther away. "What are ya? Yer my best friend, yer a contest lover, a prissy, girly boy, a battle hater-"

"I don't hate battles that much anymore," said Ruby, interrupting her tirade. Sapphire looked over, somewhat shocked. Ruby could surprise her too. "Even though I should hate them even more now, for some reason, I think I like them. I- I still remember the high of battle when I was fighting against you guys, and then with, and I think I liked it. It was… exhilarating. I was able to push myself to my limits and farther."

"Well…" started Sapphire, not really sure what to say to that. Ruby actually liking battles now? That was going to be something to get used to. "At least I've got a more reliable battle buddy now. I hope you don't mind me getting your Pokemon dirty."

"I was coated in blood and dirt for over a day, Sapphire," replied Ruby, a small smile tugging at the edge of his mouth. "So were my Pokemon. As long as you let me take a bath afterwards and let my Pokemon wash up too, it shouldn't be too big a problem."

"Ruby, there's somethin' more," accused Sapphire, looking at him skeptically. "I think there's more behind this- your emptiness. Just tell me what- I'll help you, I promise."

"I feel like there's something missing. You might have brought my memories back, Sapphire, but they don't feel the way they did. It's like they're chipped, broken, blurry, and I don't remember them right. I can remember the things you gave me, the Salamence, all those days in the Secret Base, but all the things that belonged to me and me alone? I can see them, and yet I can't. It's like I'm trying to touch them, but there's a glass wall keeping me from reaching," explained Ruby, trying to pry into his head once again, feeling that strange unfamiliarity with his own mind.

It was like looking into the mind of a stranger, as if all the memories and thoughts belonged to someone else. The only real things, the things that stood out in perfect clarity, were the past few weeks, days, the training with Rei, the battles, the horrible feeling of being possessed, like being locked up in chains and strangely euphoric about it, and these parties, these annoying celebrations, one after another after another, driving these terrible memories up into his head and making sure they'd never leave him.

"I'm not sure what ta do about that," admitted Sapphire sadly, smiling softly at her now vulnerable friend. Ruby's frown was so much more broken than he knew, and the pain in his eyes was deeper than he'd let on. "But we can make new memories, right? Better ones, happier ones."

"Replacements?" asked Ruby wryly, starting to feel uncomfortable with that hat upon his head. He knew he'd always worn it, for years and years and years, but he couldn't remember the times he did wear it clearly. He knew he hadn't been wearing it for the past few weeks, the ones he remembered well, and it felt foreign as well. Why had he been forced to change so much? "I'm not sure if that'll make me feel any less empty."

"Well, ya don't know until ya try, right?" Sapphire stood up, causing the branch to shake. Ruby grabbed onto it tightly, feeling slightly dizzy as he looked down.

"Sapph, you might want to sit back down-"

"Don't worry, I'm not going ta fall." She waved him off, grabbing for his hand and pulling him up as well. Ruby felt as if he were on a tightrope- and it wasn't a nice feeling. "And you're not going ta fall either."

"I'd feel better if I could sit-" started Ruby, knowing by the look in Sapphire's eyes that she was about to-

Sapphire jumped, pulling Ruby with her. Ruby, with his other hand, started reaching frantically for a Pokemon. Someone had to remind him why he had never caught a flying-type for emergencies like this-

They landed with a thud, Ruby feeling shaky as he slowly rose up again. Sapphire looked as if she had only stepped down from a single stair. "Wasn't that fun?"

"Fun?" he repeated, dazed. He looked up to where they had been, not even able to see the branch with all the leaves in the way. But the night sky was beautiful as the backdrop, a lovely indigo that glowed lilac at the edges, burning with red and orange as well, fading into a darker blue at the top. Stars painted it like shining snowflakes. He smiled. Was this the first memory? "Yeah, I guess so. Though, never do that with me again please."

"Ya sure?" asked Sapphire mischievously, giving him a hinting wink. "Caus' it won't be too much trouble ta climb up and jump down again-"

"No, just- no," answered Ruby, shuddering at the thought. Once was enough for him- he didn't want to chance it. He might not have felt the same utter adoration for all things beautiful and keeping himself handsome as well, but he still wasn't willing to have his face turned into a pancake. "Please don't."

"If ya say so. By the way, yer hat fell off," noticed Sapphire, pointing at Ruby's bare head. "Are ya goin' ta get it?"

"Nah," he answered. Somehow, the feeling of the light evening breeze in his hair felt familiar, and he no longer felt self conscious about the ugly scar that marred his forehead. Lightly, he reached up to touch the slashes, no longer feeling that others would judge him for it. It was simply a part of him. "I think I like it better this way."

"If ya say so!" said Sapphire, pulling at her dress irritatedly. "This thing is gettin' kind of uncomfortable- I'm gonna go into the forest ta change real quick. Promise not ta look!"

"C-change?!" Ruby felt a blush spread all over his cheeks. He knew that this probably wasn't the first time Sapphire had ever said that to him, but it still made him feel embarrassed, and in a secret dark corner of his mind, he did want to look. But he wouldn't, because he was a gentleman, and if Sapphire caught him, despite her wanting to make 'new, better memories', she would most definitely kill him. "I- I'm closing my eyes!"

"Good boy," she said, and Ruby heard the leaves on the ground rustle as Sapphire threw her dress off. There was a sound of breaking branches and leaves being torn ruthlessly from trees as Sapphire constructed her makeshift, completely nature-made outfit. "I'm done. You can look now."

He turned around, and- had that skirt really shown that much skin before? It was hard to keep himself from staring at Sapphire's body instead of her face, and even then, she was still staring at him with slight irritation.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked, giving him a good up and down glare.

"N-nothing-" started Ruby, and then he heard Sapphire gasp in surprise as someone barreled him in the shoulder.

"Are we interrupting something?" asked Blue in a sing-song voice, a teasing smile on her face. "I knew I'd find you two out here! We were the only ones who really noticed you were missing, don't worry. Everyone, over here!"

"B-Blue," said Sapphire, surprised at seeing her senior out in the forest.

She'd thought they would be inside enjoying the party, after all, they had all seemed happy. Green had been chatting with Red about battle strategy while Yellow slept on Red's shoulder, looking perfectly at ease. Gold had been teasing Crystal, and she looked ready to slap him for it while Emerald laughed next to her, and Blue and Silver were just, well, talking happily, completely relaxed and comfortable in each other's presence. Why did they come out to follow them?

"Didn't expect to see us? Did you really not expect your big sister Blue to come make sure something naughty wasn't going on? Two teenagers sneaking out in the middle of a party, alone, in a forest… Come on, don't tell me nothing was going on!" Blue laughed, and Ruby felt the urge to hit his senpai. Though, he had to admit, it did sound a little…. suspicious.

"Don't want our innocent little juniors have their minds spoiled yet, do you?" said Gold, laughing. "How nice."

"I'm sure you were never as innocent- you were worse at ten, let alone now," muttered Crystal under her breath, though good naturedly. "I'm sure you two just wanted to have some alone time. But we were getting kind of worried- you were gone for a long time."

"How long has it been?" asked Ruby curiously. He hadn't really noticed the passing time- he knew that the day had turned to night, but he wasn't sure how many hours had flown by.

"At least four hours," answered Silver, looking up at the sky. "I was surprised- when I saw you two missing, I thought you would have snuck back in by now. Was it that bad?"

"I wasn't really up to a party today," answered Ruby somewhat haughtily. "Besides, Sapph didn't really care about being trapped inside either…"

"It was a boring ceremony," added Sapphire, defending herself. "It's a lot nicer out here- fresh air, a pretty view and all that. A lot better than listenin' ta all those champions congratulate us- we get the gist by now."

"I'm one of those champions," pointed out Red, faking sounding hurt. He was still technically champion even though he didn't fulfill many of the roles. He'd never actually given up the position, and he'd participated in many tournaments to stay on top. Besides, Lance had opted not to come, forcing Red to make a speech instead. "Are you saying my speech was boring?"

"I think we left before yers," answered Sapphire, laughing. "Everyone else's was borin' then."

"I didn't hear them," said Yellow, yawning, rubbing at her big brown eyes. "I kind of fell asleep."

"Doesn't that mean they were boring?" asked Emerald, looking over with skeptical green eyes.

"Yellow falls asleep during anything and everything," explained Green in a matter-of-fact manner. "She even fell asleep during a battle once, but that's not exactly her fault."

"She's been worn out ever since healing Sapphire," added on Red. "Apparently Pokemon don't take nearly as much energy as humans do."

"I'm not worn out," said Yellow, but she didn't sound very convincing, yawning at the end of her statement. "I'm just… tired."

There's a difference? thought Ruby. Well, it's a good thing she was able to heal Sapphire, otherwise… He looked over at Sapphire, who happened to be looking at him. Once upon a time, he knew he would have looked away and denied ever even having cast a glance in her direction, but this time, he did not break their stare.

She smiled, and he smiled too. If they had been alone, like they had been only a couple minutes before, he probably would have kissed her shamelessly. He still felt the desire, but he was able to hold back.

"Lovebirds much?" teased Blue, somehow seeming to be able to read Ruby's thoughts. Ruby turned his head to glare at his senpai instead. Sapphire seemed to blush beside him.

Then a Pokegear rung, and Ruby turned to look at Silver, who seemed to be having an urgent conversation with someone.

"No ashes… no remains… no evidence… Should there have been… Attack from legendaries…" Silver was talking low and fast and quiet, making very few of his words audible. Ruby looked at Sapphire in confusion, but she only shrugged, just as puzzled as he was. A few seconds later, Silver turned off his Pokegear and looked at them with apprehension, as if he wasn't sure how what he said was going to be received.

"That was Lance," he started, looking around cautiously, as if the woods surrounding them had suddenly been filled with dangerous Pokemon eager to attack them. "I had him go look at the forest near Lilycove, where we supposedly kill Rei. I wanted to make sure he was dead for sure. I just wanted to be sure," repeated Silver almost just himself. "After all, it'd be terrible if he ever comes back, but it seems..." Silver paused, trying to proccess Lance's words.

"Are you absolutely sure he was ever even there...? There's nothing but scorched grass and a crater. No evidence that anyone and their Pokemon were burnt to a crisp..."

Ruby felt his stomach drop, and he felt Sapphire take his hand and squeeze it tight. He squeezed it back, knowing what they were about to hear next with a sickening anticipation, the kind where you know exactly what's going to be said, and you know it's the truth, but you're in denial anyways.

"It's not a confirmation by any means, but Lance says there was nothing left behind. Nothing but burnt ground. He's an expert in powerful attacks, being a dragon-type master, and he says there should have been something left. Burnt clothing, melted Pokeballs, maybe even… bones, but there's nothing to be seen." Silver looked... shocked if nothing else. He had only asked Lance because he wanted someone capable to say "He's dead" instead of just using his own judgment but of course that wouldn't happen. The Dex Holders could all seem to hear the words Rei would have said, his evil, cackling laugh, inside their heads.

"Of course I'm not dead! My game is not over yet!"

"That can't be true. Nobody could have survived that attack," said Ruby, voice climbing high and fast, cracking at the end. Rei, not dead? Then he hadn't been imagining that voice in his head as he held the Amethyst Orb, hadn't been imagining those nightmarish words that shook him to the core, that he hadn't shared with even Sapphire, that he'd shrugged off in the hopes that it was just his overactive fear. "Nobody, not even him."

"Just know, that maybe, he's not dead. That maybe, he'll come back again," answered Silver, looking angry and sorry, wearing off the shock quickly. He was just as upset though- Rei had almost caused him and Blue to be killed. "You did say his Gengar could teleport, didn't you? It had that type of Psychic ability."

"Yeah…" answered Ruby and Sapphire simultaneously, both having seen, or in Ruby's case, experienced it firsthand. "But… That doesn't mean..."

The smile of the Gengar. Ruby had seen that too, right before the attack would have hit Rei. Rei's shadow fading along with that bright white smile; he'd hoped it was just the two smoldering into ashes. It was a terrible, terrible thought, but Ruby had wanted it nonetheless, as revenge for what Rei had done to him. But now… That revenge hadn't even worked.

"Ruby, it's not for certain," said Silver, looking over at his junior worriedly. The whole group was staring at Ruby anxiously. "Lance could be wrong. Maybe he's underestimating the power of those two legendaries."

Ruby hadn't noticed he'd been holding in his breath, kneading through his hair with his hands. He must have looked like a wreck, breaking as he heard the news, like a glass hitting the ground, shattering and exposing the broken mess within. But the worst wasn't over yet.

"Yes, yes it is for certain," said Ruby wretchedly, fully surprised at how quickly he was able to accept the fact that Rei was indeed not dead. "I heard him, right before I was about to smash the Amethyst Orb. I thought I was hallucinating- I wasn't. Now I know I wasn't. Oh Arceus, no-"

"Ruby, what did he say?" asked Sapphire, filling dread crawl into every fiber of her being. "What did you hear?"

"It's not over. I'll be back," repeated Ruby, remembering how he had shook it off, trying to tell himself if wasn't real, that it wasn't actually Rei's voice, that he was just imagining things. He wasn't imagining. Why couldn't he have been? "That's what he said."

"Why didn't you tell us?" demanded Gold, rashly yelling in Ruby's face, causing the younger boy to flinch. "You don't just pretend something like that never happened! That guy nearly killed us all and destroyed a good part of Hoenn! Now we find out that he'll be able to do it all over again. We would have gone searching for him right after if you said something! I bet he couldn't have gone that far, we could have captured him- we weakened his Pokemon enough-"

"I wanted to, okay? I wanted to hope, to think, that he was finally gone," snarled Ruby in reply, a lot more viciously than he'd intended to. "You think you had it bad? I might remember what I was, but I'm not the same person- he changed me, and I'm not going to forgive him for that. He almost made me kill all of you, would have made me kill Sapphire- of course I wanted him dead! And now, he's back, and he'll find a way back to me." Ruby laughed coldly, a laugh thay sent chills down their spines, a laugh filled with despair and bitterness. "I'm the one who almost stopped him, almost killed him with his own weapons. I'm sure he'll take his revenge out on me."

It was Gold who flinched this time, taken aback by Ruby's explosion. Sapphire cringed- she had known Ruby was on a short fuse since the incident, but she hadn't expected such a loud, angry outburst. It was like a time bomb had been set off in him. She didn't realize exactly how much the battles had torn him apart- the damage was much worse than she had thought. She remembered having used the Blue Orb for just a second- it had threatened to shatter her mind, and only sheer willpower had kept it from doing so. Ruby had suffered from constant control from an orb just as powerful, if not more- it was foolish to think he would have escaped that unscathed.

"Ruby-" said Sapphire, reaching for him. While yelling, he had shaken off her hand, and now, he only waved if off again, though he looked slightly apologetic as their eyes met.

"I'm not finished yet," he said angrily, still staring at Gold. "Do you still think I really would have told all of you? Really? I didn't want to believe it myself. All I want to do is forget all of it, forget what it was like to be possessed, forget facing him. And here you are, making it sound as if I should have been able to believe something that I would have sworn impossible. That everything would be magically fixed if I did instead of saying it now. I'm as happy as you are right now- I want him back as much as you. I don't want to believe it. But I guess I have to, don't I?"

Gold backed away slowly, holding up his hands in the universal 'I surrender' pose, not wanting to incur anymore of Ruby's rage. Ruby looked almost as he had when possessed, the only true expression anger, and it took him over completely.

Sapphire couldn't have ever imagined Ruby like this just a few weeks before- but he was right. Rei had changed him, left a piece of his cruelty, taste for violence embedded in Ruby's mind. This Ruby was broken, and all Sapphire knew was that she had to fix him, somehow, someway.

"And when he shows his face again," continued Ruby, sounding cold and deadly. "I will definitely destroy him next time. I won't let him escape, and I will make him scared. He will fear the same fear as me before I kill him."

Sapphire cringed- this was unfamiliar too, but she couldn't blame him. The word 'kill' was harsh falling from Ruby's lips, but it didn't strike her as a surprise at all. He had all the reason in the world to want Rei dead, and she empathized with him. While she had had it hard, suffering physically and mentally, Ruby had had it worse. She was basically recovered. He was still this broken.

"Rei had better be scared of me the next time I see a hair of his blond head. I will take down all of his Pokemon, and I will take down him personally. Don't even try and stop me." Everyone was silent, waiting for Ruby to continue, but Ruby simply started to walk away, disregarding them all. The moment Sapphire was about to feel hurt, he looked back, straight at her. "Come on, Sapphire. If we start flying on Pilo now, we'll be able to make it back to the Secret Base before morning."

Strangely reluctantly, she followed him, feeling almost as if she were betraying her fellow Dex Holders by following Ruby. They were all standing, stunned, almost unable to believe that Ruby had said such things to them. She was shocked as well, but she still followed. As she stepped in stride with him, he smiled. She felt a bit of hope bloom in her chest as she smiled back- he was still savable, the recognizable parts of him salvageable enough. He was still her friend, still the boy she loved. And he always would be, no matter what happened next.

"Sapphire," he whispered, leaning into her, smelling the surprisingly sweet scent of her hair. Once, he would have imagined it to smell like dirt and sweat, but it smelled like the flowers of the forest, fresh and filled with the perfume of spring. "Just promise me that you won't let me go overboard. I don't want to lose all of who I was. I'm scaring myself as much as I'm scaring you," he admitted shakily. She could feel his hand trembling in hers, unsteady as her heartbeat. "Please."

She leaned into him as well, taking in his surprising scent. Once, he smelled like a freshly cleaned room, neat and tidy, nothing out of place, with the cool scent of faint mint. Now she could make out hints of blood and dirt and sweat, tokens from the recent weeks. Even that had changed. But he was still Ruby, still himself, right? "I promise."

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