A young blonde ran through the woods hiding from his pursuer. He dove into the lake to erase any scent he had and ran into the woods. He didn't wanna be found by his master, not now. His ears however told him that his master was not far behind and closing in fast. He hid behind a bush and hoped he wouldn't be found, his tail twitching with nervousness. A shadow ran by his hiding place making him sigh in relief, he was safe. He turned to get around and was met with a pair of dark eyes and a wicked smile. He screamed as he was attacked by that something, or should we say someone.


"OW! OW! OK GET OFF ME!" he screeched.

"Aw, but your so comfy Naruto!"

Sometimes, Naruto hated his master got off him then turned to helped him up. He took her hand pulled her back down and she came screaming next to him. She looked over to him and they began laughing. Most youkais have horrible masters that rape them or a abuse them, but he had lucked out. He was bought by Katsumi Ryuu, a dragon youkai and heir to one of the most noble clans in the fire nation. She was a year older than him, he was seventeen and she eighteen. She had black hair and midnight blue eyes. In her hair were two horns that kinda look like antlers and had a little black dragon tail that had a icy blue feather tip. Of course she had claws and fangs, also part of her hair was longer than the rest so they looked like the whiskers of a japanese dragon. As for him, he had five orange black tipped tails. Apparently he was a rare breed of fox youkai, a Kyuubi. He would have nine tails by the age of 21.

"I found you now you have to find me."

Naruto snorted, "No way. You find me cause you need your exercise. I think you got fatter over the summer."


She smacked him over the head.


"Serves you right!"

Naruto attacked Katsumi and started to fight her. They were playful bites and punches, but they could go at it for hours.


Katsumi looked up from biting Naruto's ear and Naruto looked up from biting her arm to see Iruka Umino, Katsumi's personal advisor and Naruto's adopted father. Iruka was a halfbreed of a human and a dog, not very popular creatures, but Ryuu-sama (Katsumi's father) took him in cause the familiy needed a advisor to attend to their overactive heiress. He became her family, and she treated him like a niece would to an uncle.

"Iruka-sensei!" Naruto shouted hugging his guardian.

Katsumi brushed herself of dirt and smiled at her advisor.

"Hello Iruk-what is that in your hand?" Katsumi said pointing to a scroll in his left hand.

"A nogotiation for business." he replied handing the scroll out to her

"Shouldn't my father worry about that stuff?" she scoffed

"Well normally he would...if this wasn't from the Uchiha clan and if it wasn't adressed to you."

The forest went quiet, with only a few birds chirpping. Katsumi stared at the scroll with firm eyes, showing both anger and shock. Naruto remembered from his studies with Iruka about the Uchihas. They were once the allies of the Ryuus, but during a traditional visit to the village his master had been attacked and was both physically and emotionally scared. A week after the attack had happened, infromation had appeared that revealed the Uchiha's had been behind the attack. Furious with their betrayal and the acusations, the heads of the clan began a fued. If anyone from either clan saw someone from the opsoing clan, they were to kill each other on the spot. Naruto looked from his mentor to his master with worry.

"Sumi?" Naruto asked, he never used the nickname unless he was troubled.

"Adressed to me huh? If its a peace treaty from that man he can forget it!"she said snatching the scroll.

She opened it and began reading. Naruto walked over to her side waiting for the news of the letter. Her stern gaze began to fade and she began to slightly smile. She sighed and rolled the scroll up and handed it back to Iruka.

"Well?" Naruto asked.

"Sasuke...his birthday is coming up. He's going to be 18, of age. He wants me to come!" she said smiling happily.

"Really? Sasuke wrote to you personally?" Naruto exclaimed.

Katsumi had told Naruto about this Sasuke person, she said he was an ice prince. He was cold and rude to everyone, but she had miracuously befriended him. They would often get in trouble together, but that's what they enjoyed the most. They were together as friends, which is why it pained Katsumi to be separated from her best friend for so many years.

Iruka took a step forward and placed his hands on his master's shoulders.

"Ryuu-san, you can't possibly be thinking about going!" he exclaimed.

"Iruka-" Naruto began but was interrupted.

"I know Sasuke had nothing to do with the attack on you eleven years ago but your family would never allow it, even for something as such a high honor as this. " Iruka advised trying to change her mind.

Katsumi's eyes became stern and she shrugged off her advisor.

"You are forgetting I myself am eighteen Iruka, my family has no say in what I wish to do. I am becoming the head of my family in a few months afterall. " she stated.

"..Yes m'lady. Oh how I dread the day you become head of the clan." Iruka said putting his hand on his forhead in defeat.

"Everyone does Iruka-sensei!" Naruto said laughing.

"Oh shut up, otherwise you won't come with me." Katsumi yelled suddenly back to her childish ways.

"Come with me?" he repeated.

"Yes you idiot, I am allowed to bring an advisor and my own personal guest. However, I think he assumed I'd have had a mate by now." she said head hanging in defeat "Damn. He actually beat me at something."

Naruto rested his hand on her shoulders.

"Don't worry Katsumi, that person will come along someday."

She looked up at him smiled.

"Yeah, I guess your right. Well, get a good sleep you two, we leave tomorrow morning at eight."

"Yes ma'am!"