"Takeshi-san, are you sure we should have left Sumi back there alone? That wolf looked pretty strong!" Naruto asked looking over his shoulder.

"Normally I wouldn't agree with Naruto, but I'm worried about the princess Lord Takeshi."

Iruka also said. Takeshi snorted and dove down into a clearing right outside the Uchiha compound and threw the two servants not to gently on the ground. He turned his head and glared at them.

"Listen to yourselves! She is one of the strongest members in her clan, not to mention the only one with the last connection with our grand empress, Yuka Ryuu. If she wasn't strong enough, I wouldn't have left her alone, not when she was that precious to the clan." he growled.

Naruto looked down in shame. Takeshi was right, he never would have left her if she wasn't strong enough. He bowed to the dragon.

"Forgive me sir." he said.

Iruka also bowed and apologized then left to go find Katsumi. The dragon snorted again then roared. Red smoke began to surround him and there was the sound of bones cracking. Soon the smoke cleared and revealed a man that looked about twenty with bright red hair. He had a black fishnet shirt and baggy, black pants on that had chains dangling from them. His wrists were covered by what appeared to be broken chain bindings. Naruto also noticed the silver Ryuu clan necklace dangling from his neck was a lot like his master's he had seen her wear only once. His eyes were bright green and were slits and his left brow along with his left ear were pierced. He also had horns and a dragon tail. Naruto realized this was Takeshi in his human form. And to Naruto,he was quite hot. Takeshi laced his fingers together and raised his arms above his head slightly wincing at the sickening crack that came from his back.

"Man. It's been along time since I've been in this form. God my body is so frickin sore." he growled massaging his shoulder.

"I have a way to fix that Takeshi-san." Naruto said. Takeshi looked at Naruto weirdly


"Sumi-chan taught me medical ninjustu for injuries. I also developed my own for healing sore muscles." Naruto said proudly walking behind the older man.

"...All right kit. Show me." he said looking at the sky. Naruto nodded and placed his hand on his shoulder

"You may feel a slight burning sensation."

"Whatever." Naruto's hand then was surrounded by orange chakra. Takeshi hissed at the burning feeling. Just as quickly it had started it was done. Naruto's eyebrow twitched and he smacked the demon's head.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU BRAT?" Takeshi roared holding his head.

"You did even have a strain or anything serious! Just sore muscle ya whining lizard!"

"Why I outta."

"Naruto!" Naruto turned from the scowling dragon to a exhausted, worried dragon.

"Sumi-chan." he said as his master made her way to him.

"Phew. I forgot how big this place is, not to mention those big steps" she said laughing.

"What? Can't handle steps? Wow you must be getting fat-" Naruto was tackled to the ground and flipped on his back. Katsumi gripped his arm and twisted it behind his back and put her foot on the back of his neck and glared.

"I'm what?" she said twisting the arm a little more.

"ITAI! OW! Your skinny! Ow! Lemme go Sumi! OW! ITAI!" he yelled. He was released and got up and cradled his hand. Man, she has a bad grip. he thought.

She smirked at him then turned to Takeshi and frowned.

"Why are you in human form? I didn't give you that order."

"No, but your father-"

"I don't give a damn what he said. I can handle myself."

"He knows that."

"Then why-?"

"He wants me to be here to make sure there will be peace restored."


"Never mind."

She looked at the old dragon and shrugged turning to Naruto.

"Well. I hope this wasn't a bad ride here." she said smiling

"Not at all. All though I could have gone without you pushing me off that one time."

"...That was an accident?" she said sheepishly.

"Accident my ass. You weren't the one who had to flip and save him."

Takeshi said making Katsumi blush. Takeshi laughed at her. She blushed even more, she was a bright red tomato. Naruto started laughing, finally Katsumi laughed too. She stopped laughing when she noticed something.

"Oh. Hey Naruto.." she said walking around him. Naruto turned and saw a man with long black hair tied in a pony tail. He had black eyes too and was pale. He had these weird marks under his eyes and he also noticed the wolf ears and tail. An Uchiha? Is this-?

"Naruto, this is Uchiha Itachi. He's Sasuke's older brother. Itachi, this is my personal servant and close friend Uzamaki Naruto." she said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Uchiha-san." Naruto greeted bowing.

"Same to you Naruto-kun, and please call me Itachi."

"No need for formality now Naruto. His father isn't here." Sumi said. Naruto straightened up and his mind went blank. Itachi was staring blankly at him as for Katsumi, she was just smiling at Naruto not even noticing it. Weird

"Ryuu-sama, Uchiha-san, Naruto-kun we should go inside. It's getting late and it is going to rain." Takeshi said.

Naruto looked up and so did Katsumi and Itachi. The clouds had begun to darken. It was going to storm.

"Good idea. Takeshi, Naruto get the bags for me. Afterwords Naruto, come meet me at the outside gate."

"The gate? But mistress its going to be dark soon. And it's going to rain."

"I know. But," she said smirking,"We never get to play hide and seek in the rain back home."

Naruto smiled back at his master. Her parents didn't approve of her choice of activities, and since they weren't here it was going to be a fun trip for them.

"Hai my lady."

"Yosh! Itachi will you show us to our rooms?"

"Right this way."

The rain was coming down heavy. The ground was slippery, which was bad for Naruto. He was falling on his ass the entire game trying to find and hide from his master. Now he was hiding in a garden, a really pretty one at that. There were all sorts of colorful flowers in here, ones that didn't grow back at home. He was hiding in a rose bush, which was painful, but he didn't want to get caught by Sumi again, she was too good of a hider. He shivered as the rain came down harder, but it was a shiver of excitement. He loved rain and hated home because Sumi was right, it never rained there. He closed his eyes to relax for awhile when his master's voice rang though his mind.

Naruto! Come back, you've won this time Naruto grinned as he shot a snarky reply to her and received a growl of irritation. He got up and shook his head of the water collecting in his hair.

"Hey there cutie." Naruto turned his head around and saw a boy standing behind him. He had long brown hair in a ponytail and lavender eyes and he had white wolf ears and tail. Naruto then noticed the boy was dressed in a royal kimono dressings, they looked like the same ones that Itachi-san had been wearing, just different colors. Being the 'slave' he is and being raised properly by the Ryuus, bowed to the man out of respect, following his master's instructions. The wolf seemed to pleased at this.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Uzamaki Naruto, I'm a servant of-"

"Oh so Sasuke has a new toy? Well I don't think he would mind me playing with you for awhile." the wolf smirked as he stepped towards Naruto.

Naruto took a step back for the wolf. This is bad he thought. Then the young kit smelled something in the air, he thought it smelled familiar. Then he understood when he looked at the wolf again. HE'S IN HEAT Naruto thought fearfully as the wolf stalked closer.

"W-wait! I'm not Sasuke's-"

"Oh so your Itachi's? Well he still won't mind." he said as he finally backed Naruto up against a tree successfully trapping him. The wolf licked his lips hungrily. Naruto gulped in terror, his mind was being blocked by something to contact Katsumi for help, so he was left alone with this man. Somebody help me!

Katsumi growled in defeat. Looks like Naruto won for once. she thought. She was about to call for him to come back when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and smiled at the sight.

"Sasuke!" she yipped as she hugged her old friend. Sasuke returned the hug. He had missed his friend a lot, even though he hated when she gave him hugs, this one was worth it.

"I've missed you so much! It's been years!" she said releasing him.

"Yeah. I'm really glad you could make it Katsumi, so is my mother."

"I wouldn't have missed this for the world! It's an honor you wanted me and my servants to be your guests for your ceremony. Oh! Speaking of servants, you have to meet my personal servant!" she said grabbing his shoulders.

"Hn. I guess I have to." Sasuke replied with a bored expression. He really didn't want to meet the help right now.

"Great! Now where could he be?" she said rubbing her head "He's hiding somewhere around here. Oh Sasuke I know you'll just adore him!"

"Hn. How about we send someone to look for you servant while we catch up?"

"Aw, but that would mean I gave up...Oh what the hell. I'll contact him and let him no he's won for once." she smiled as she walked with her friend.

Naruto grabbed one of his attacker's arms trying to keep him from flipping him over. The wolf growled in annoyance and gave Naruto a light slap across his face. The kitsune was stunned momentarily and the wolf took the time to flip him over on his stomach. Naruto gasped as he felt hits kimono being pushed over his tail. He began struggling against the wolf again which caused the demon to shove his head to the ground non too gently. Naruto stiffened as he felt the demon mount him.

"NII-CHAN!" Naruto screamed. Naruto's eyes widened as he realized what he had said.

All of a sudden he felt the wolf's weight had disappeared. Naruto turned around and saw someone dangling the wolf by it's tail. Naruto then saw the red tail with spikes. He knew he was safe, but he went into defense mode and transformed into a small fox with nine tails. He curled into a ball and looked up and Takeshi.

"Naruto. Are you all right?" he asked. Naruto nodded. Takeshi smiled then turned his attention to the struggling wolf in his hand.

"Let me go! I am Neji of the Hyuuga clan. How dare you grab me?"

"Hyuuga? I don't listen to anyone but the royal family of the Ryuu Clan. And I should be asking you that question! How dare you touch that what belongs to the Ryuu clan?" Takeshi roared at the Hyuuga. Neji gasped at the mention of the Ryuu clan. Takeshi dropped him to the ground and he bowed before the dragon.

"G-gomen. I-I had no idea." he said in fear.

Takeshi snarled at the wolf signaling him to leave. Neji ran fast from the angry creature. Takeshi turned to the frightened kit.

"Forgive me for not being here sooner. I was walking and I caught the faint scent of a male in heat. I figured since you were new to this place I should find you." he said bending down to Naruto.

Naruto rubbed his head against the dragon's leg gratefully. Takeshi didn't smile, but his green eyes shined. Takeshi gently picked the young fox up in his arms and walked towards the Uchiha mansion. Naruto shivered from the cold which Takeshi noticed and he quickened his pace until he saw his mistress with the youngest Uchiha.

Sasuke chuckled as Katsumi finished describing her loyal servant so enthusiastically that she fell off the small chair she was sitting on under the shelter of the entrance to the mansion. Apparently, they were like brother and sister, just like he and Sumi once were. She sighed slightly irritated at his laughing as she got back on the chair. She looked to the pouring rain before taking a rice ball into her hands.

"I forgot how great the rain was, all we get is snow." she muttered taking a bite and humming in approval "These are fantastic!"

"Yes, Kakashi may be a pervert, but he can cook. I'd rather have snow then rain any day. The rain is depressing."

"You wouldn't say that if you had to attend to as many duties pertaining to the snow. I hate being the only Ice user in my village, its too much responsibility to keep the blizzards from reaching a dangerous threat."

"I have to agree with you on responsibility. Ever since the vice captain of the Ambu Squad died, Itachi had to take over and I've been acting representative for our clan. Those arrogant rich people love to cause problem for me." he said.

"Any problem with your friend's families?" she asked taking another bite of her snack.

"The only problem I've had was with Choji eating my food. Do I have to worry about you now too?"

"That's Choji for you, and maybe!" she giggled then looked to the rain once again. "I think I should go find Naruto. It's gotten really cold, and he's probably freezing." she said as she got up.

"He means that much to you?"

"Yeah..." she turned and smiled "I guess you could say I've become a mother or sister figure, whichever seems fit."

Something caught Sasuke's eye and saw a man with red hair and a tail with spikes and dragon like horns. He then noticed the small orange fox the demon was carrying.

"Hey...Isn't that the dragon that brought you here?" he asked standing.

Katsumi turned while her mouth was occupied with her rice ball. She continued munching on it as she spoke "Yeah that's him, but I wonder who is with hi-..." she suddenly dropped the rice ball "NARUTO!" she screamed.

She ran from Sasuke towards Takeshi, Sasuke following behind her. She stopped in front of the dragon and grabbed the small kitsune from him. She held him close to her.

"Naruto!" she yelled then looked angrily into her servant's eyes "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?"

"I found him in the garden. He was about to be forcefully taken as a mate by a Hyuuga."

Sasuke growled. "Did he have long brown hair?"

"Hai, he said his name was Neji."

"That son of a-" he turned to Sumi who's face had been changed to worry.

"Oh Kami he's trembling."

Sasuke put a gentle hand on his friend's shoulder. "I'll see to it that Neji's family learns of this and that he is dealt with. Now come on, let's get him inside."

Katsumi nodded and ran inside ahead of Sasuke.

"This is unforgivable, how dare that Hyuuga try to do that with this adorable creature!" Mikoto yelled patting the little fox on the head.

"Mother-" Itachi tried to intervene but to no avail.

"No! Unforgivable! Lord Hyuuga will hear this for sure!" she muttered turning to leave.

Itachi sighed and looked over at Katsumi and his brother. "I'll go with her to make sure she doesn't kill anyone."

She looked at him with a blank stare while he left, then back to Naruto, who was still shivering. She stroked his head worriedly, trying to calm the frightened fox. She would kill whoever did this to him, her eyes darkened, but that Sasuke didn't see them. Sasuke thought she looked like she was troubled, frightened even, but what he noticed was most of all was how much this fox meant to her. His eyes fell on the kit in her hands. Katsumi always did have different tastes in her servants. the little fox mewled. It's...actually kind of cute. He thought almost smiling. ALMOST.

Katsumi on the other hand was afraid when Naruto mewled like that. She didn't know whether Naruto was scared or if he was freezing when he began to shiver again. She began thinking about him getting hypothermia from how cold it had gotten in such a short amount of time. She shook her head and closed her eyes sending some of her chakra into the younger demon's body trying to warm him. It must have worked because he stopped shivering.

"Thank Kami. He stopped shivering. Iruka take him to my room. He will be staying in there with me for the entire trip." she said, her voice shaking with happiness.

"Yes my lady." Iruka said carefully taking Naruto into his arms and left the room.

Takeshi stepped forward and bowed down to her level and whispered something in her ear. She stiffened for an instant but her head fell down. She whispered something back to him. Takeshi stood up straight.

"Yes Ryuu-sama."

"I told you not to be so formal Takeshi." she yelled as he walked away.

Katsumi sighed, then looked at Sasuke with a troubled face. He began to wonder what Takeshi had said to her to make her even more troubled. She clapped her hands together and sighed again, but louder and more happily. She tilted her head to the side smiling.

"I need to sleep!" she lost her smile "As for the Hyuuga incident today, please inform your family that I will handle that myself. No need for your help Sasuke-kun. After all.." she opened her eyes to reveal an icy blue color "no one messes with what belongs to a Ryuu and gets away with it." she said while grinning a sweet and reassuring smile.

Sasuke sighed as he saw the smile that he knew all to well. Now he was remembering why she was feared in her clan next to her parents and her brother. He silently watched her leave the room with an aura that screamed 'KILL'. Yep. This is definitely going to be a long week

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