Night of Terror

It was dark, the wind was howling, and the moon gives off its luminous glow as a lone pale blue haired girl run as fast as she can, away from someone or something. She stopped running for a moment and looked back. There was no one there. she sighed of relief, but froze in fear as she heard rustling. Suddenly, a black figure rushed out of the shadows and attacked her, but not before she screamed in terror.


The scream filled the area as dark clouds enshrouded the moon...

It was an ordinary day in Mahora Academy. The class of 3-A were mingling, Asuna and the class representative, Ayaka, were fighting as usual. Setsuna on the other hand, sits in her desk with a worried look on her face. Mana took notice of this and walk up to her.

"Hey, something on your mind, Setsuna? You don't look calm as usual and you've been staring at your desk for a while." She asked her.

Setsuna look at Mana. "Oh, sorry... It's just that, Ojou-sama didn't come to class today, and Asuna said that she's not in her dorm." She replied worriedly.

"Ah, you don't think that her disappearance has something to do with the recent attack in Mahora do you?" Mana said.

"Recent attack?"

"Yeah, every night the students in Mahora either got attacked, or start to disappear mysteriously. Konoka is probably one of the students." Mana explained.

Setsuna instantly shot up. "Ojou-sama got attacked!-?" She shouted in fear.

"Calm down, I said probably." Mana replied.

The classroom door opened as a young, 10-year-old teacher named Negi Springfield walk in. The girls immediately sit down in their seats.

"Good morning, class." He said with a smile.

"Good morning Negi sensei!" The girls replied.

"Class, I have good news for you. Today, we will be having a new student attending Mahora today." He said.

"Please be someone normal...please be someone normal...!" Chisame quietly prayed.

"Everyone, I would like to introduce you, student number 32, Miss Chie Izayoi." He said as a young, teenage girl steps inside the class. She has dark violet, shoulder length hair with a one piece of hair sticking up, and a black lily corsage on it, her skin is pale, eyes that has the color of the blue sky, and half-rimmed glasses. Also, she holds what appears to be guitar case. She gave a bow at the students while her calm face remain intact.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all. I hope we'll get along well." She said calmly.

"Oh great, just my luck. Another weirdo..." Chisame muttered but no one take notice.

"Alright then...where is Nodoka and Konoka?" Negi asked.

"Don't know, I haven't seen them all day." Yue answered.

"Hmm... Miss Izayoi, until we get you an extra desk, why don't you sit next to Setsuna? She's student number 15." Negi asked, showing her an empty seat next to Setsuna.

Chie nods her head and sits next to Setsuna. Evangeline, stare at Chie from afar, giving her a concerned look.

"Master, is there something wrong?" The green haired robot, Chachamaru asked her.

Eva shook her head. "It's nothing, but something's strange about this new student..." Eva replied.

Suddenly, the long raven haired girl, Akira Okochi, runs inside the classroom. "Negi sensei!" She shouted with distress.

"Akira, what's wrong?" Negi asked.

"It's Ako, something happened to her!" She replied in fear.

"What?" Negi was surprised. "I'll go see her right now! I'm sorry girls, but I need to go, please stay in your seats until I get back." He said as he and Akira runs to the infirmary. Asuna, Makie, Yuna, and some of the 3-A classmates followed suit. Eva then goes to the infirmary, saying that she got nothing else to do, so she'll go see what's all the commotion is about, with Chachamaru following her. Chie, feeling curious, gets up from her seat and follows them.

At the infirmary, they see Ako in bed, frozen in shock with utter fear in her eyes as if she has seen a ghost. Negi and the others were shocked about this, Eva and Chachamaru, not so much... Chie then walk in and see their shocked expression, she then look at what they're looking as see's Ako.

"T-this is awful! What happened to her?" Negi asked with worry.

"I don't know, I saw her lying on the ground looking like that!" Akira replied.

"Are you sure about that?" Chie spoke up.

They were surprised at Chie's sudden appearance. "Oh, Miss Izayoi I didn't see you there!" Negi said.

"Sorry, but I got curious so I followed you guys here." Chie replied. She then moves closer to Ako's frozen body and tilted her neck.

"Miss Izayoi, what are you doing?" He asked her.

Chie's expression darkens. "There's no doubt about it, she was attacked by a vampire." She said showing them the bite-mark.

"Oh great, it's déjà vu." Asuna said blankly.

While the others were surprised and astonished by Chie's deduction, Negi, Asuna, and Chachamaru stared at Eva.

"What? It wasn't me this time! Besides, I won't do the same tricks all over again!" She argued.

"Oh really? How can we trust you since you're the only vampire in this campus?" Asuna said.

"Look if I did, I would've remembered attacking my victims!" Eva said irritably.

"Well, Master is speaking the truth." Negi said.

"It's true, I've been with Master the entire time." Chachamaru said monotonously.

Chie stared at them while they're arguing. She then take a good look at Eva.

"(That girl...)" Chie wondered.

Eva quickly took notice Chie looking at her. "What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?"

Chie shook her head. "Sorry, I thought I saw something." She replied.

Eva gave her a concerned look. "You said that she got attacked by a vampire right?" She asked her.

Chie nodded her head.

"You seem to know them that much, considering that you made a quick deduction of her attack." Eva said.

Negi nodded his head. "She's right, your deduction of a vampire attack seems a bit suspicious."

"Well, all I did is watch some vampire movies, as well as reading some novels about them." Chie said.

Eva stared at her and raised an eyebrow, knowing that she's lying.

"I'll head back to class, sorry for bothering you." Chie said as she take a bow and leave the infirmary.

"Well, I guess we should be going to class now, I'm sure Ako will be alright." Negi said.

Negi, Asuna, and the rest of 3-A returned to class while Eva remained in the infirmary looking at Ako and her bite mark. "So...there's another vampire other than me lurking around here..." Eva said to herself. "And the new student here is coincidental enough, with her knowledge of vampires and all..." She took one last glimpse of it before returning to class, Chachamaru followed suit.

Over time, class is over and everyone leave the classroom. Chie was the last one in the classroom, she packed her things and ready to leave the classroom.

"Miss Izayoi?" Negi said, catching her attention. "Please, call me Chie. You don't have to be so formal around me." Chie replied.

"Oh, right erm...Chie, this is your first day yes?" He asked. Chie nodded her head. "Right, then you need a place to stay in Mahora, so I'm assigning you to live with Setsuna for the time being. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes, I don't mind really." Chie said.

Negi nodded his head and leads Chie to Setsuna dorm. Meanwhile, Yue walks to her dorm after her trip to Library Island. The evening is near as the sunset has the orange color.

"Man, school's over and still no sign of Nodoka..." she said.


"Hey Paru, did Nodoka came yet?" Yue asked Haruna as she sort the books on Library Island.

"No, I haven't seen her all day." Haruna said.

"This is weird, this isn't like her to not show up. I mean look at me, I'm doing her work sorting the books." Yue said.

"Maybe it has to do something about the rumors. Everyone was talking about it." Haruna said.

"Oh please, that's just to scare people. Even Kazumi spread that news." Yue replied.

"I dunno, maybe Nodoka is one of the disappeared students." Haruna said.

"Don't be ridiculous, Paru." Yue said as she puts a book to a shelf.

-Flashback end-

"Still...what if the rumors are true...?" She wondered. She kept walking until she noticed a lone girl with short violet hair and bangs that conceal her eyes. But unaware of her is that her skin is deathly pale. "Nodoka!" Yue said in surprise as she run up to her. "Oh, hello Yue." Nodoka said.

"Where were you, you weren't in class or Library Island today!" Yue said.

"Oh don't worry about me, I was running some errands." Nodoka replied.

"Errands?" Yue asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry for worrying you." Nodoka said smiling. "We should head back, it's getting dark."

"Oh, right..." Yue replied as she and Nodoka walk back to her dorm.

Meanwhile back to Negi and Chie, Negi led her to Setsuna's dorm. "Here we are, this is where you'll be staying for the rest of your school days." Negi said.

Chie bowed to him. "Thank you, sensei."

Negi smiled nervously. "Please, no need to do that really."

"Oh, sorry." Chie said.

"No need to apologize either." Negi said.

"Sorry, this is my first time here." Chie said, unknowingly apologized again.

"It's alright, I hope you and Setsuna will get along well if you're gonna live here." Negi said as he opened the door. "Huh, that's strange... Setsuna's not here." He said, noticing Setsuna's absence.

Setsuna walked around the campus after her daily scouting with Mana, staring at the ground worrying about Konoka's absence. "Ojou-sama, where did you go...?" Setsuna said sadly. Suddenly she bumped into someone without looking. "Oh, sorry...I wasn't look..." To her surprise, Konoka Konoe, who appeared to be absent, is in front of her. Also like Nodoka, her skin is unusually pale but unnoticeable to Setsuna. "Hello, Set-chan." Konoka said.

"O-Ojou-sama!" Setsuna said with surprise. "Where did you go? Me, your grandfather, and everyone was worried about you!"

"You don't need to worry, Set-chan. I was at the city." Konoka replied happily.

"All by yourself? Without anyone knowing? And without protection?" Setsuna asked.

"Don't be a worrywart, Set-chan! I'm fine, see?" Konoka said. "Anyways, I'll be heading to my dorm now, see ya!" She then walks back to her dorm.

"Ojou-sama..." Setsuna said with a hint of worry.

Meanwhile back to Chie, she unpack her things when her cellphone starts to ring. She grabs her phone and answer it. "This is Chie."

"Are you in school?" A voice in the phone asked. It appears to be a male.

"Yeah, I'm in." Chie replied.

"Alright then. When night falls, your mission will begin. I'll be at the school as well, you know what to do." The voice said.

"Yes, my mission is very clear." Chie said as she nodded her head.

"Very well, I'll meet you there." The voice said as he hang up the phone.

Chie closed her phone and starts taking off her uniform. Beneath her uniform is bandages that is wrapped around her chest. She unwrap her bandages and bat like wings appear in her back. She then wear a black long-sleeved blazer with a blue tie, put on a pair of pants with cross print sewn on the knee area, geta sandals with black knee-high stockings, and a black mini length jacket. As she opened her case, what appears to be inside is a katana with a skull chain on its scabbard. She straps the katana on her back and she leaves the dorm via window, which she closed as she climbed out. As she watched the sun sets and the sky darken, she runs to her designated area where she will meet the one who called her. Setsuna returns to her dorm and opens the door. She turns on the light. To her surprise she see's a Mahora uniform and bandages laying on the floor and a guitar case leaning on the wall.

"Strange...someone left their uniform on the floor and bandages..." She then take a glimpse at the case, which she remembers that it's the exact same case that Chie was holding. "Wait...her?"

Meanwhile, Chie arrives at Sakura Lane and see's a man standing alone, awaiting for her arrival. He appears to wear a black suit that's untucked with a black belt cloak and an armband with a cross insignia and red borders, and cross print pants similar to Chie's. His hair is blue and tied into a single short tail while he wears a Taisho era hat. He appears to be smiling and his eyes closed.

"'ve arrived." He said while adjusting his rimless metallic glasses.

"Yes. They sent you didn't they, Vincent?" Chie asked.

"Yes, you could say that. Hmhmhm..." Vincent replied, chuckling a bit sinisterly. "Anyways, your mission is clear correct?"

Chie nodded her head. "Yes, search and defeat a vampire named Evangeline." She answered.

"Very good. Now as for me, I think I'll have some fun here." Vincent said, smiling wryly. "Good luck on your mission, Miss Izayoi." He vanished in a flash.

"So, my suspicions are correct." A female voice said.

Chie quickly turned around and see's Eva in her usual vampire outfit which she wore in Negi's fight with her. "You are..."

"That's right, I'm the vampire you're looking for. The Dark Evangel, Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell, a Shinso vampire." Eva introduced formally. "You are Chie Izayoi correct?"

"Yes." Chie replied.

Eva smiled sinisterly. "You are without a doubt a vampire yourself."

Chie was surprised at this. "How did you...?"

"I had my suspicions on you. Your knowledge of vampires, your quick deduction to a vampire attack, and your pale skin makes it a dead giveaway to me!" Eva said with sheer pride. "Plus your wings makes it obvious."

"Then you know who I am." Chie said as she glares at her.

Eva smiled, her fangs gleamed. "Yeah, you and your accomplice at that organization are here for me." She replied.

Chie then draw the katana from her back. "So you know... Evangeline McDowell by the order of Nocturne, you are wanted dead or alive!"

"I'd like to see you try and defeat me, girl!" Eva said with pride as she forms a sword out of ice out of thin air and starts charging towards her.

Chie gripped her sword tightly and did the same, resulting their blades to lock and them glaring at each other.

Elsewhere in a dark office, a lone man with long white hair sit quietly with his hands together and covering his mouth. Next to him, is a young raven haired man with side swept hair and red eyes looking at him with concern. "Hey, You really sure about this? I know that it's her mission but, do you really have to send him?" He asked.

The man opened his eye slowly revealing his crimson red eyes. "Do not worry, when the time comes she will know her true objective." He replied. "Besides, he knows her very well."

"Ah, I see. Shall I go in case she doesn't know?" The other man said.

The white haired man closed his eyes. "Do it if necessary."

To Be Continued...