Pokemon Platinum: Story of Two

A Pokemon Fanfiction



Chapter 1

Welcome to the World of Pokemon

Laura finished watching the television program and shut off the TV.

She was a petite girl who had just turned fourteen about a week ago. She had long navy hair that she kept styled and pinned up just so, and wore a tank top, skirt, and black socks.

She was just about to check her computer for mail before her childhood friend Charles, or "Charlie" as he was affectionately know amongst friends and family, burst into her room, making her jump.

"Laura! There you are!" He sped over to her, hyper as always. "Did you see the TV?"

Without waiting for an answer he finished, "Sure you did! Professor Rowan's that really important guy who studies Pokemon, right? That means he must have lots and LOTS of Pokemon!"

"Uh... Charlie, are you sure you aren't jumping to conclusions?"

He ignored her, full of glee. "So if we ask him, I bet he'd give us some Pokemon!"

He dashed over to her computer. "Oh! Hey! Is this a new PC?"

Laura sighed.

"Oh.. Sorry, where was I..." He put his finger to his chin for a second before remembering. "Oh! Right, right. We're going to see Professor Rowan to get some Pokemon!" He managed. "I'll be waiting outside. If you're late, I'm fining you 10 million P!"

He blazed past her and down the stairs, leaving the door to her room open.

She sighed and grabbed her jacket that covered her skirt and was magenta in color, her white scarf, which she looped around her neck, and her white hat. She slipped on her pink boots and walked down stairs.

Her mother noticed her and called her out. "Laura!"


"Charlie already left! I don't know why, but he was in a hurry."

Laura sighed. OF course he'd just bolt without saying anything. He was always so energetic, like he never qute grew up.

HE lived life with gusto, and made sure he got the most out of life every second, even if that meant talking like his voice box was using quick attack all the time.

Laura walked to the door but was stopped once again by her mother.

"Oh! Don't go into the tall grass! Wild Pokemon might attack you. It would be okay if you had your own, but you don't. Take care, sweetie!"

"I will mom. Bye!"

She opened the door to the house and stepped out into her home town. There were patches of snow on the ground and the cool wind blew into her face.

She headed North, out of town.

She was stopped by another townsman.

"Hey! Charlie was looking for you. He went home, I think."

Laura sighed; her friend had no patience at all. Then again, it was to be expected of someone who could talk that fast.

She walked back to his house after thanking her neighbor; the town was small, so the population was very low.

She walked over to the door and was rudely sent to the ground, as was Charlie, who had sped out the door at the same moment she approached.

They hit the ground with a 'thud'.

"Ow..." Laura groaned.

"What was that about?" the boy asked before coming to his senses. "Oh hey Laura! I'm going to see Professor Rowan! You should come too! And Quickly!" HE sped off... then skidded to a halt. "Oh geez! Forgot something!" He turned around and entered the house again at high speed.

"Geez, couldn't he have at least apologized?" Laura complained before rising and brushing off her clothes.

She followed the boy in, and was kindly greeted by his mother, a friend of Laura's own mother.

She walked up the stairs and opened the door to his room.

"...Better bring my journal and bag too..." He looked over and noticed her standing with her arms crossed and her eyebrow raised, annoyed.

"Oh hey Laura! I'll be waiting on the road! It's a 10 Million P fine if you're late!" He shoved past her and blazed out of the house.

She growled and followed him, finally arriving at their meeting spot.

"Too slow!" He said with a grin, then grabbing her wrist. "Come on! Let's get going to Professor Rowan's lab!"

He headed to the grass and Laura pulled back with all her might.

"No! We can't go in there!"

"Huh? No worries! It doesn't matter if we dont' have any pokemon!"

Laura had an uneasy expression on her face.

"Trust me on this one. You know how Pokemon jump out when you go into tall grass, right?"


"You scoot over to the next patch of grass before the next one can show up! If we just keep dashing, we can get to Sandgem without running into any wild Pokemon!"

Laura yanked her arm out of his grip.

"You've lost it!"
He shurgged and backed up to get a running start.

"On your marks...'


The two turned around and saw none other than Rowan himself.

"You two don't seem to have any Pokemon between you, correct?"

"N-no sir..." Replied Laura.

"Then what were you doing planning on going into the tall grass?"

Charlie was speechless.

For a moment.

Then he turned to Laura.

"Hey, Laura. This guy's professor Rowan! What's he doing here?"

The elder man turned his back to the two young teens and walked a distance away.

"These two went into the tall grass because they wanted Pokemon..." Rowan muttered under his breath. "Hmmm what to do...Their worlds would surely change if they met pokemon...Is it right for me to put them on this path...?"
He turned and walked back over to them.

"You two truly do love Pokemon, don't you?"

Laura was, of course, excited at the prospect of receiving her own Pokemon, but unlike her friend, she knew what being polite meant.

"Yes sir."

"Yeah! We LOVE Pokemon!" She inwardly groaned as her friend began his ecstatics again.

"I will ask again; you two truly love Pokemon?"

Laura didn't even get to answer this time.

"Yes! You can ask one hundred times and we'll say yes! Right, Laura?"

"Yes!" She said, trying to match his glee.

"...Two kids who foolishly try to enter grass alone? IT worries me what people like that would do with their Pokemon." This was obviously meant for Charlie.

"Uh...Well, I uh..." Charlie stammered. "Fine! Forget about me then! Give one to my friend here! It WAS me who tried to go into the grass after all..."

He made exagerrated motions to Laura.

She remembered why she was friends with him; despite his lacking manners and endless energy, he was a good person at heart, and knew he was in the wrong here.


"How mature of you... Very well! I shall entrust both of you with Pokemon!" The professor replied.

The two teens' faces lit up. Well, Laura's lit up. Charlies looked like a fireworks display in a well lit city on new years'.

"I'm sorry I had to put you through those excercises." He raised a finger. "BUT! You must promise me you won't try something that dangerous ever again!"

He felt his person down. "Now.. Where did-!"

A young man about Laura and Charlie's age ran up to the professor.

"Lucas!" the elder man said, surprised.

"Professor Rowan! You left your briefcase behind at the lake!" The boy said panting.

Laura was captivated by the young man.

His accent spoke maturity and wisdom beyond his years.

He was slightly taller than Charlie with solid black hair and a white scarf around his neck, the loose end lay in the position of a necktie. He wore a blue jacket and black cargo pants, under which were snow boots.

HE had on a red cap with a white pokeball logo on the right side and had a white backpack on. He was holding said briefcase out to the Professor.

He looked over his superior and noticed the two behind him. "Is something wrong here?"

"Nice work, Lucas! Thank you for bringing my briefcase in such a timely order. What I was about to do was entrust these two with their own pokemon."
Lucas seemed taken aback by this statement. "What! Those Pokemon are crucial and you're giving them away?"

"Hmph! We exist side by side with Pokemon. There comes a time when people should be introduced to Pokemon and become familiar with them. There is a world that should be explored together. For them, today is that time. The place, right here."
Rowan turned back to the townsfolk.

"Go on, open the briefcase, choose your Pokemon!"

Any self restraint Charlie might have had was gone.

"Really? I'm so happy now I can't keep a straight face!" he was literally jumping for joy.

Laura turned red, embarrassed by her friend's actions.

He calmed a bit, noticing her angered expression.

"Hey you can choose first."

She raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

He put on an expression of false hurt. "Hey! I'm practically a grown-up here! I can show some class."

The truth was he was over two years her senior, his birthday coming up in a few months.

"Alright..." She opened the case and noted the labels on the pokeballs.

She eventually decided on the Tiny Leaf Pokemon, Turtwig.

"Then I choose you, Chimchar!" Exclaimed her friend.

"Very well! The both of you have chosen good Pokemon it seems! Understand, the Pokemon you've been entrusted with are unfamiliar with the world. In that regard they're much like you. If you have any trouble, come see me in my lab in Sandgem Town. And now, we'll be on our way."

Charlie was talking to his Pokemon and the two seemed to mesh well.

"Is your friend... alright?" Lucas asked.

"He's... energetic. But he's a good person. Somewhere beneath the sugar coated caffeine layers."

Lucas chuckled a bit. "I see. Well maybe we can talk again later, if you'd like."

Rowan called for his protege, who tipped his hat. "Later... what was it, Laura?"

"Yeah. Bye, Lucas!"

When they left, her friend got even more excited, were it possible.

"Hey, we both have Pokemon now! There's only one thing to do, you know that right? Are you up for this?"

Laura jumped at his sudden outburst. She know what he meant; a battle.

"Alright, you're on!"

She brandished the pokeball and threw it out. "Go, Turtwig!"

When the light faded, a small turtle with a sprout on its head appeared

"Use tackle!" The turtle rammed into the small primate and knocked it back a ways.

"Chimchar, use leer!"

The monkey made a fearsome expression, which visibly shook Laura's Pokemon.

"Use tackle again!"

The turtle rammed the primate again, with more damage visible.

"Use scratch!" Charlie commanded.

The monkey took aim and scratched the turtle's vulnerable face.

It stumbled backwards.


The claws hit the other side of the face.


The turtle impacted the monkey... and it passed out.

Charlie had a look of sheer disbelief on his face.

After checking to make sure his Pokemon wasn't critically wounded, he returned it to his pokeball.

"Let's go home! I'm beat after that battle. My Pokemon needs some rest too!"

Laura was in disbelief. After all the energy he'd used earlier, battle had tired him out?

She decided to carry her Pokemon back instead of putting it in the ball.

She knew it was a bad habit, but she didn't care.

Upon returning home, she explained how her day had gone.

She decided she'd head to Sandgem town tomorrow;right now she just wanted to relax a bit and wind down.

She set the turtle down next to her in her room and turned on the television.

After a couple of watchable programs, the girl decided to get a better look at her Pokemon.

It was a small, green turtle with a brown shell.

It had yellow rings around its eyes, which were large. It was surprisingly fast in battle, as discovered by the force with which its tackle attack had impacted her opponent's pokemon.

"So..." She wasn't sure what to say. It was a Pokemon, not a person after all.

It looked at her and cocked its head, curious.

"That's right... your name was turtwig." She nervously reached down and petted it, avoiding the small plant on its head.

It curled up and looked like it was going to go to sleep, which Laura herself thought would be a good idea.

She changed into nightwear and got into bed.

To her surprise, Turtwig tried to get up on the bed as well.

However, it couldn't make the jump; it was barely hopping off the ground.

Taking pity on the poor creature, she picked it up and set it down on the foot of her bed.

Content, the creature curled up and the two went to sleep.

"So... you are the one who's fate I am bound to? You? A mere girl? Pathetic. However..." The massive serpent slithered through the distorted air in its dimension, past a waterfall that fell sideways. "You will most definitely serve your purpose well. It is by your hand I shall be freed of this wretched place that Arceus sealed me in so long ago. How many eons have I watched as the world passed by? How many as the land flourished and became populated with human and pokemon alike? How many since humans and pokemon became friends?" Giritina spat the last word (telepathically of course; he was not capable of speech in any true audible way. ). It was beyond his comprehension why Pokemon, one of which he was, would befriend humans. His world much, much different than the one Humans inhabited; everything was skewed, turned and altered. "Once I was revered as a GOD! Now I am forgotten in this wretched place. Mark my words, Arceus! I will have my day of reckoning! When it comes, the world will tremble in fear! Then, I shall use the girl to reach you myself! When that day comes, darkness will engulf the land, and I shall trap YOU how you have done to me for so long!" A horrible screech echoed throughout the pocket dimension. The only one who could hear it... was Giritina himself.

Arceus was well aware of Giritina's old tricks. He had selected the girl for a reason; she seemed to be able to handle chaotic beings rather well; a look at her close friend would attest to that. The God of existance looked down upon his world from his "throne", inaccesable to those but the one who had the flute. The flute that he had assured would make its way into the hands of that girl. He wanted her to free Giritina. Why? That knack for dealing with chaos could be applied to Giritina as well. He didn't wish Giritina, his own creation, death; no, he wished the being peace. However, the strain that his power brought to this world was so great, that he had to be sealed away. Arceus hadn't any other choice short of the world he had created being engulfed into Giritina's dimension, some of which already had. He had one fear however; should Giritina find the weak point between their world and his, the dragon might slip through into the Real World... and who knows what could do. He might have to step in himself to cease the world from being destroyed. But that would be just what Girtina would want, wouldn't it? The god decided he'd leave it up to the girl. After all, he was never wrong.

The next day, Laura had eaten breakfast, bid her mother farewell and started out of town.

She groaned when she was Charlie standing impatiently.

"Too slow! Laura, I'm sick of waiting!"

"What do you-!"

"I'm going to see Prof. Rowan so I can thank him properly."

"I was-!"

Again, she was cut off.

"So, I had the GREAT idea! You know that lake we used to play at?"


"You know how they say a legendary Pokemon lives there?"

"I've heard the stories, yeah. What about it?" She paused. "Oh no. You can't be thinking what I think you are."

"You guessed it! Let's catch that Pokemon!"

"You're kidding, right?"

"It'll make Prof. Rowan happy, I'm sure of it!"

He walked over and slapped her on the back forcefully, causing her to stumble a little.

"You and me! Let's do this! We've got nothing to fear!"

She sighed, deciding to humor him. "Alright, let's go."

The two walked west until they reached the entrance to the lakeside.

"Alright! We're at the lake!"

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." Responded Laura sarcastically.

He ignored her negativity and grinned. "Get ready! We're gonna catch that Pokemon!"

"You sure it's here?"

"Trust me on this one! It even says so on the sign!" He eccentrically motioned to the sign next to him.

Laura sighed and followed him in.

They stopped when they saw a man in a white coat with blue hair by the lakeside.

"What's goin' on?" Charlie asked, although to whom he was speaking Laura didn't know.

"The flowing time...the expanding space..." the man said. "Someday I will make it all mine. Cryus is my name. Remember it. Until then, sleep while you can legendary pokemon of the lake bed."

He turned from his postion and swiftly walked over to the two youth.

"Step aside. Let me pass."

Charlie jumped out of the way, the man's intimidating glare spooking him.

When he was gone, Charlie looked to Laura. "What was that about? Weird guy."

His expression changed back to his usual grin. "Come on, Laura! Let's go catch that pokemon!"

Laura nodded, but was mulling the words that Cyrus had spoken over in her head.

Then there was a strange cry.

Charlie jumped in surprise. "Did you hear that Laura? That had to have been the legendary Pokemon! Alright this is it! Let's catch it!"

His expression changed to one of panic. "Wait! We don't have anything on us!"

Laura slapped him across the face.

"Keep your fantasies to yourself!"

"No, no! I mean Pokeballs! P-O-K-Accent-E-Balls! If we don't have those, we can't catch pokemon or take them with us!"

For once the gears in his brain kicked into gear.

"Do you think Prof. Rowan would give us some if we asked?"

"But he already gave us Pokemon. We shouldn't impose on him."

"But he said to visit him at his lab if we needed anything!"

He turned to the exit. "Okay Laura! I'll race you!"

"Wait, what-!"

He was already gone.

She sighed and started walking.

Soon she met her first wild Pokemon, a Starly.

She called upon her Turtwig to battle the bird-like creature.

In no time the creature had been beaten and the pair continued on their merry way.

She encountered a young man who handed her a Potion; he apparently worked at the nearby Pokemart, and decided to give her a free sample.

She kindly thanked him and continued on.

A few more of the bird Pokemon later, they arrived at Sandgem town.

Upon arrival she spotted Lucas, who in turn noticed her.

He ran over to her.
"Hi! I've been waiting for you. Please come with me. The Professor's waiting to see you."

She nodded followed the young man.

He stopped in front of a nearby building.

"See? This is our Pokemon Research Lab. We'll just go ahead and..."

The door few open and Charlie ran into Laura...again.

"Are you both alright?" asked Lucas with concern. His gaze was more specifically aimed at the victim, Laura.

"What the...Oh it's you Laura! That old guy.. he's not so much scary as totally out there!"

"I beg your pardon-!" Lucas's distaste at Charlie's opinion was cut short.

"Aww it doesn't matter. See you later Laura! I'm outta here!"

The young man sped off again.

Lucas frowned and crossed his arms.

"What was that! Your friend has no manners, and he's always in such a rush. "Out there", "Old Man"... the Professor is a wise man who is extremely skilled in his field!"

"Sorry about his behavior. It's hard to believe sometimes he's two years older than me. He doesn't mean to be rude, really. IT just happens." Laura tried to reason.

"...Alright, if you say so. Let's go in"

Lucas held the door for Laura, who thanked him.

He brushed it off a common curtsey.

They walked over to Rowan.

"Well, well look who's here!" the man said with a lighthearted smile. "Laura was it? Let's have a look at your Pokemon?"

Laura nodded and called out her Turtwig.

It walked over and nuzzled her leg.

"I see... this Pokemon seems to be rather happy."

She called the Pokemon back into its ball.

"Entrusting you with that Turtwig was no mistake it seems! Well, would you like to give it a nickname?"

Laura thought long and hard, then decided on a name.

"Sprout." She declared.

The Professor sighed. "When I first saw you two about to step into the tall grass without Pokemon, I was shocked. I was astounded by these foolhardy children. But now, you've astounded me in an entirely different way; already there is a bond growing between you and that Pokemon. I feel privileged to have met you. I'm sure that Pokemon feels the same about you. That's why I'll ask you to cherish that Turtwig of yours."

Lucas turned to her. "I'm glad you're king towards Pokemon. If you weren't well... I don't want to think about it."

They locked eyes for a moment before the professor coughed, causing them both to blush a bit before they turned back to the white haired man.

"Let's move on to the main topic. There's something I want you to do for me."

"What is it?"

"Allow me to properly introduce myself first," the man started. "My name, as you know, is Rowan; I study Pokemon. First off, I want to know exactly what kind of pokemon live in Sinnoh. To do so, it is neccisary to gather data with the Pokedex. That is what I wish to ask of you."

He pulled a device from his pocket. "I want to entrust you with this pokedex. Will you use it to record data on all the Pokemon in Sinnoh for me?"

"Of course! It's the least I can do to repay you for letting me have Sprout."

"Hm! Good answer!" The man handed her the device. "The Pokedex is a very high-tech device; it will automatically record data on any pokemon you encounter. Laura, I ask you go everywhere and record data on every kind of pokemon."

"I've got the same kind of Pokedex as you," mentioned Lucas.

"When you walked up route 201 with your Pokemon, what did you feel? I've lived for 60 long years, and even I still get a thrill when I'm with a Pokemon. Now, you should know there are countless pokemon in this world. That means there are just as many thrills out there for you. Now go! Your own adventure awaits you."

Lucas turned to Laura. "I'm also filling the pokedex. That makes us commrades working towards the same goal! I'll teach you more about the device later though, okay?"

Laura nodded. "Alright."

He began to walk off, but the Professor spoke up.

"Lucas, why don't you accompany this young lady? It would be quite rude to send a young lady such as herself out alone, would it not?"

"What? Professor, that severely limits-!"

"I understand your concerns, Lucas, but you should learn there's more to life than just research. You can't spend all your time wandering around by yourself, even with your pokemon by your side, it isn't healthy! Just because you value your companionship with your pokemon does not mean you should abandon the opportunity at companionship with other humans as well."

"I understand, Professor." Lucas wasn't quite disheartened, but rather nervous; he wasn't used to much social contact, let alone with a cute girl.

Laura caught up with Lucas and they exited the building.

However, Rowan ran behind them.

"Laura! Wait! Take this," he handed her a case with a CD inside of it.

"This is TM 27, Return. The move is more powerful the more a Pokemon likes its trainer. It's single use though, so use it wisely. I'll leave you with a wish for you to enjoy your journey."
The professor walked back into the building.

"Well I'll be... the professor had a TM lying around?" Lucas laughed lightly. "Next thing he'll be telling me he battled when he was young!"

He looked to his new traveling partner. "Hey, mind if I show you a few things?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Follow me!"

He lead the girl on a tour of the town, explaining various buildings.

"Oh! You should let your family know you're helping professor Rowan! Go heal up at the Pokemon center first though. I'll wait here."

The young lady nodded and did just that, healing the minor damage Sprout had taken.

She swiftly returned home and greeted her mother.

"What is it dear?"

Laura explained her decision to aid Rowan in his research.

"Okay, dear! Go for it! Your mother has your back! Oh, this might come in handy! It's a journal!"

"Thanks, Mom."

Then the door burst open, surprising both of them.

"Excuse me, is my little Charlie here?" IT was Charlie's mother.

"Oh? No, he's not..." replied Laura's mother.

"Oh...Then he must have left already..."

She explained the delima; she had something she wanted to give to Charlie, but he had rushed off.

"I can take that to him," Laura offered.

"Really? You'd do that?"

"Sure. IT's not a problem."

"Thank you so much!" The woman handed Laura a box, which she placed in her backpack.

"Knowing Charlie he'd probably head for Jubilife City..."

Laura hugged her mother before bidding her farewell.

After a few more battles and a trip to the Pokemon center, the girl met back up with Lucas.

"Do you know how to get to Jubilife from here?" she asked.

"Yeah, head north.. Why?"

"Charlie ran off without something, and I've got to deliver it to him"

"Ah, I see. It would figure given his... energetic... personality." Lucas said.

She headed off, but Lucas stopped her.

"Hey, why don't you go to the mart and buy a few pokeballs? I'm sure they'll sell you at least that much."

"Good idea! Thanks for reminding me."

"No problem."

After a quick trip, she returned with six empty pokeballs and a few potions.

"Alright, let's go!" She headed north at a brisk pace, Lucas not having a difficult time keeping up.

"Hey, do you know how to catch a Pokemon?"

Laura blushed. "Not...really..."

"I'll show you then!" He lead them into the tall grass, and soon they encountered a wild Bidoof.

Lucas called out his Piplup and battled the Pokemon, weakening it. Then he threw a pokeball. It rattled twice before making a 'ping' noise, confirming the catch.

"See? That easy. However, some Pokemon are tougher to catch than others. I probably should have weakened it a bit more, but for the sake of demonstration it worked out. Status ailments also aid in catching pokemon."

Laura nodded.

"Now you try."

Eventually they ran into a Shynx.

"Alright, you know what to do!"

She called out Sprout and weakened the cat like Pokemon, before throwing a pokeball.

It shook once... twice...thrice... and clicked with the same 'ping' as before.

Yay! I caught one!" Celebrated Laura. "I'll name him... Sparky."

"Great job! We should backtrack and get it healed up before we continue though." Lucas suggested.


After a quick trip to the Pokemon center, they began their travel anew.

Suddenly, Laura was stopped by a boy with a ball cap. "You're a new trainer huh? I am too! Let's battle!"

"Alright, if you say so!"

Laura grabbed a pokeball from her belt and called out Sparky.

The other trainer called out a Starly.

After a brief battle, Sparky won out and Laura was the victor.

The defeated kid handed over 80 P as prize money.

The next trainer was taken by Lucas, who easily won against the girl's Bidoof.

The third trainer in their way was taken by Laura, who won with her now-stronger Sparky.

The trainer had used a new Pokemon, Burmy. Laura was glad; it meant another Pokemon in her pokedex.

Soon they reached the city of Jubilife.

"Oh! There's somewhere I want you to see. Come on let's-!"

There was a man in a trench coat behind a lamp post.

"...What is that guy doing?" Lucas asked, dumbfounded. Still, he motioned Laura get behind him, which she did, trying not to swoon over how he was protecting her.

Lucas walked over and grabbed the man's jacket as he walked across the street. "Hey, what are you doing?"

"WHAAAT? How did you know? How did you unmask me as a member of the International Police?"

Lucas had a deadpan expression on his face. "What? Are you kidding? I never said anything about that. I was only making small talk!"

"Heh, you claim you were making small talk...But I know better not to believe that... NO, no, no...You recognised right away I was someone extrodinary. That is why you spoke to me, what it not? You power of observation is fearsome!"

"What? I don't know what you-!"

"Quite admirable you are!" The man composed himself. "Now that I'm known, let me introduce myself. I am a globe-trotting elite of the International Police. My name...no I shall only inform you of my code name...Looker. That is what they call me."

"Alright, Officer Looker...What are you doing here?"

"Incidentally, does the phrase 'Don't be a thief' Ring a bell?"

"OF course," answered Laura.
"Yes, that is correct. Taking what belongs to others is wrong."

"I think he's off his nut," Lucas whispered to Laura.

"You think?"

"Unfortunately, there are those who do not heed those words," Looker continued. "In Sinnoh, in fact, there are those stealing pokemon! I have therefore been looking out for characters who arouse my suspicion! Incidentally, you are trainers, yes? Perhaps you can make use of this?"

The man handed them both a strange device.

"This is the 'Vs. Recorder', a nifty device for recording a match. I obtained them because they are quite popular these days! But myself, I do not battle very often. They will be in better hands with you two."

Looker peeked left and right quickly, before lowering his voice. "Also, I have a request; if you see me again, do not talk to me, for I am on duty."

"Okay-!" Lucas was getting sick of being cut off.

"Actually, yes, yes you must speak to me."

"Alright..." Laura replied.

"Not because I am lonely, no, NO! You must inform me of bad guys! You must inform me of any happenings!"

Both teens were now sure the man was insane.

Looker then sped off, almost putting Charlie to shame.


"...Working for the International Police sounds... challenging." said Lucas.

"...Yeah... not what I'd use for it, but okay..." Laura replied.

Lucas waved her over to a nearby building.

"Here we are. This is the Trainer's school." He explained. "The name says it all! Come on, let's go inside."

The two entered...

And saw none other than Charlie, at the blackboard.

Lucas groaned and Charlie turned around.

"Laura! Lucas! Did you come to study too? I went ahead and memorized EVERYTHING that was on the blackboard! After all, it's a trainer's job to avoid having their precious pokemon hurt in battle, right?"

"Actually... yeah." Lucas replied, surprised at his statement.

"So what brings you here?"

"The Professor requested I accompany Laura on her journey, so I figured I'd show her this place while we were here."

"I see!"

Laura then remembered the package. "Oh yeah, your mom wanted me to bring this to you!"

She retrieved the box.

"Oh! Thanks Laura!"

He tore into the box.

"Score! It's a town map!"

He looked in the box and frowned, confused.

"Why are there two? I like it a lot, but I don't need two! Here, Laura, you can have the other one!" He handed her the spare map.


"No problem!" He looked at the map, his face full of concentration. "Hmm.. Oreburgh is the next city I need to visit it seems. There's a gym, so it'd be perfect for raising the pokemon I just caught! Well I'm on the road to becoming the greatest trainer of all time! See you around!"

He shoved past Lucas and ran out the door.

"Hey!" Lucas growled. That guy was grinding his nerves.

"I'm sorry! He's like a kid, I know."

"Yeah and he's getting an ego too." Lucas added grumpily.

"Oh lighten up! Come on, " She said, grabbing his right arm, "Let's go to the Pokemon Center for the night."

Lucas blushed lightly but nodded as he was dragged to the building.


Alrighty, you all know I usually don't hop on the lazy boat, but if you couldn't tell I'm trying something new.

This story will have quite a few changes that differ from the original game, Platinum.

Foremost, Lucas travels with Laura, the name I've given our heroine.

I'm playing through the game as I write, so anything you read, I did in game as well... well aside from the obvious edits.

However, Laura's team will be a replica of the one I form in-game for the most part.

Also, giving Giritina and Arceus sentience and voices was something I felt helped the story, like the movies.

I might have gone overboard with the rival, Charlie, but I don't care; he's a laugh riot in game and I just wanted to exaggerate his personality some more.

I also wanted to establish Lucas as his counterpart; serious, polite, dedicated to his work, and a bit less warm and friendly than Charlie.

The ages? Well it would be awkward writing about 10 year olds with romance, although I'm rather sure kids these days are probably already getting the talk at that age...

Anyways, I play the game from a tactical perspective; that is, I use what pokemon cover the bases.

Apologies for the lengthy end note.

See you next time!