Hogwarts Class of the Week!

Sorry for not updating in a long time, I've been bogged down with SYOT stuff. Important: If you send it in a PM to me, come up with an idea for the Hogwarts Classes. I may or may not use them. It's a humor story, so those ideas should be taken humorously. Remember, PM. I look forward to these ideas.

"So Harry, have you checked out the class of the week yet?" asked Ron.

"No, I haven't. I have a life outside of those classes," Harry replied dryly.

"Well, you might want to sign up for this one. It's really interesting," Ron explained. "It's about magical creatures."

Harry's hopes went up. He was good at dealing with magical creatures, especially evil ones. "What kind of magical creatures?"

"I actually don't know. Something called a snipe," Ron said. "But Hagrid's teaching the class."

"Actually, I think I won't sign up for this one. Maybe next week," Harry said. He knew what a snipe was. Ron would fall for it just like Procrastination. He has never missed that class.

"Too bad for you. I'm getting my brothers to sign up for it," Ron said, then he turned away from Harry and walked off.

Ron reported outside of Hogwarts ten minutes early before the class, called Snipe Hunting. Hagrid was there, and so was Fred. Well, it could have been George. Ron didn't know, and he freakin' lived with him.

"Wow Ron. You're actually early to class," Fred (or was it George?) said.

"Are you kidding me? I love this class of the week stuff!" Ron replied. "I'm always early to Procrastination class!"

Fred (or was it George?) broke out laughing, saying, "Good job mate, keep it up."

Hagrid, being the kind person he was, walked over to Ron. "I think that was an insult," Hagrid whispered in Ron's ear, bending down as low as he can.

"No, he was congratulating me," Ron said quite loudly.

Once the rest of the class assembled, Hagrid began his lesson.

"Snipes are evil, large birds that like to steal from me. They're extremely hard to catch, so I put together this class so you could help me," Hagrid begun. "Now, to catch a snipe, all you have to do is clap three times and call out its name. I want you all to bring back the snipe, and whoever does will earn house points."

There were cheers from the Gryffindors. They were trailing in house points to everyone else. Then again, they always trailed behind. Usually because of Ron and Harry. If only Harry were here, Ron thought. The snipes are really evil, according to Hagrid.

Hagrid dismissed everyone to go into the Forbidden Forest and around the grounds. Ron was the only one who went out in the grounds. Ron called as loud as he could. "Here snipe!" Ron clapped over and over and over again. His hands were red from all of the clapping. Finally, Hagrid called the rest of the class back. No one had caught the snipe.

"Oh well. We'll try to catch it again some other time," Hagrid sighed.

No, Ron thought. I will catch that snipe. Even if it means missing Procrastination. Maybe it'll be canceled today. But Ron headed back into the castle anyways. Procrastination was always his favorite class.

Later that evening, Ron and Harry were in the Gryffindor commons.

"Hey, can I see your invisibility cloak?" Ron asked Harry.

"Sure." Harry picked something off of the floor and handed it to Ron.

"Where is it?" Ron exclaimed.

"It's in your hands. Remember? It's invisible," Harry said as he rolled his eyes.

"Oh, here it is. I gotta go catch that snipe!" And with that, Ron pulled the invisibility cloak over his head and ran. Harry thought about chasing him. And then Stupifying him. But no, Harry would wait.

"What's all of the commotion?" Hermione walked into the room.

"Ron stole my invisibility cloak to go catch a snipe," Harry explained.

"Doesn't he know that a snipe isn't real?" Hermione said.

"Nope. But at least we got this video of him in the grounds clapping and calling for a snipe. George ( or was it Fred?) snuck a video recorder. Let's watch it. And Hermione and Harry just stayed up watching Ron call for a snipe, laughing over and over again.