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It was yet another peaceful day in Prof. Oak's garden. The many Pokémon in the garden were relaxing on this beautiful day. Even the grass and water types, who normally fought each other, were tranquil. On this particular day, Ash's Buizel was relaxing in a tree that it had climbed but his day was about to get very interesting.

Note: From here on out, all Pokémon talk will be in italics.

"Hey Buizel!" Gliscor called from the sky. Buizel looked up to see that Gliscor was descending onto the limb that he was lying on.

"Hi Gliscor," said Buizel, "What's up?"

"Nothing," said Gliscor, "I just wanted to tell you that there's a new water type around that you might want to meet; two actually."

"Oh please," said Buizel, "There are new water types coming in here every other Arceus forsaken second."

"I thought you might be interested in her and her… guard I guess you could call him," said Gliscor.

"Fine," said Buizel, "Take me to them." Gliscor slipped out of the tree and Buizel jumped onto her back (I'm making Gliscor female in this story because of how it reacts towards Ash). She flew off with Buizel on her back, heading towards the lake by the wind's will.

Gliscor landed on the bank of the lake where most of the water types hung out. Buizel climbed off of her back.

"So where is this person you want me to meet?" asked Buizel.

"She shouldn't be too hard to find," said Gliscor, "She's your same species and she always has that Floatzel tailing her everywhere." That cleared things up right away and Buizel was able to spot another Buizel across the lake. He immediately felt dizzy at the sight.

"Well?" said Gliscor. Buizel didn't answer. He was too stunned by her beauty. As if in a trance, he began walking towards where she was… and fell into the lake! Unfortunately for him, he landed on a Seaking's horn and flew out of the lake and landed on the opposite shore where she was standing. Like Gliscor had said, a Floatzel was nearby, seemingly trying to argue something with her. She looked at him like he was a weirdo and turned back to Floatzel.

"Look Floatzel," she said as she continued the conversation, "Why can't you just go away? Why do you think I fled the old pond?"

"I thought that was because you didn't like everyone else who was chasing you," said Floatzel. He looked down on Buizel like he was pond scum. "Fools like this are people who you need to avoid," he said slyly, "I'm not like these idiots. I can take care of a girl." He tried to put his arm around her but she swatted him away.

"Well excuse me!" Buizel said scrambling to his feet, "I actually am quite a good battler, not a fool!"

"Why did you even show up here?" asked Floatzel indignantly.

"I live here," said Buizel. Floatzel began laughing.

"You live in this Arceus forsaken place?" he said stupidly, "What a dump!" Buizel suddenly couldn't control his anger. He charged an Ice Punch and socked Floatzel in the stomach while he was still laughing, knocking him back into a tree.

"If you really think this place is 'Arceus Forsaken', then why don't you fight someone from it like me and see how wrong you are!" Buizel yelled, "I bet this place is ten times better than where you come from!"

"You'd better believe it," the female Buizel muttered under her breath. Floatzel got up and walked over to Buizel.

"Fine then you little butthead," said Floatzel angrily holding his stomach, "We battle this afternoon at twelve o' clock sharp!" Buizel suddenly realized his chance.

"How about we make a little bet on this battle," he said slyly.

"What is it?" asked Floatzel impatiently.

"If I win, the girl stays here with me and you go back to where you came from," said Buizel. The female Buizel almost lost her breath in amazement.

"And if I win?" Floatzel asked in annoyance.

"I leave the garden and you take my place," said Buizel. Gliscor, who had been listening from the side, gasped. Some of the water Pokémon who had popped out of the water to listen gasped as well as Buizel was a popular Pokémon among the water Pokémon in the garden.

"You'd give up your whole life here if you lost?" Gliscor asked in astonishment.

"It's a risk I'm willing to take," said Buizel. He subtly winked at the female Buizel.

"Deal," said Floatzel holding out his hand. Buizel did likewise and they shook on it.

That very afternoon, Buizel met Floatzel out on the main part of the garden just outside of Professor Oak's laboratory. Among the spectators were some of the water types from the lake, the female Buizel (who had revealed her actual name to be Belle), Gliscor, and Ash's Sceptile who had suggested a moving battle like the one it had had against Spencer at the Battle Palace which the two combatants had agreed to do. Tracey happened to be looking out the window at the small spectacle before it began.

"Hey Professor," he said, "Come look at this!" Professor Oak ran over to see what Tracey was talking about.

"Isn't that Ash's Buizel?" asked Tracey.

"It sure is," said Professor Oak, "I wonder what's going on."

"Let's find out!" said Tracey, grabbing his sketchbook and dashing to the back door.

"Wait for me!" Professor Oak called after him as he also dashed to the door.

Professor Oak caught Tracey before he ran out.

"This could be important research," said Professor Oak, "We'd better lie low just in case even though the Pokémon know us."

"Right," said Tracey. They tiptoed out the door and around the side of the building where they began to spy on the match that was about to take place.

In the meantime, the match was about to begin. Buizel and Floatzel stared each other down as if trying to figure each other out. Buizel knew that it had faced up against and beaten its own evolved form before but that one was different. This opponent wasn't going to be any harder if not easier than the one it had faced at the Pastoria Gym.

"Are we ready?" Gliscor, who had volunteered to be the judge, asked the two battlers. Both of them nodded and glared each other down once again.

"Okay," said Gliscor, "Battle begin!" Floatzel immediately struck Buizel with a Quick Attack, knocking him backwards. Buizel back flipped away from Floatzel as quickly as possible after the strike.

"Backing out already, eh?" taunted Floatzel. Belle watched the battle nervously. Sceptile stayed calm as he watched his comrade fight. He knew that Buizel would win this somehow; that is he hoped he would win somehow. He knew what it felt like to lose a crush.

"I'm just getting started," said Buizel as he continued to retreat from the starting battlefield. Floatzel began to follow Buizel after a few seconds and dove into another Quick Attack. Buizel was ready this time and fired off a Sonicboom at Floatzel who was knocked backwards by the blow. By now the crowd had begun to follow as Buizel ran off towards the woods where he had first met his opponent. Floatzel followed in hot pursuit as did the crowd. After all of the Pokémon had gotten a considerable distance away, Professor Oak and Tracey had begun to follow.

"What do you think is going on?" asked Tracey as they ran.

"I think this is a match to see who gets the girl," said Professor Oak, "There is a female Buizel among that crowd."

"That's funny," said Tracey, "Buizel's the last Pokémon I'd expect to fall in love."

"No kidding," said Professor Oak, "They sure are making it hard on us. Sceptile must have suggested a battle like Spencer does at the Battle Palace. Only he has seen this battle style before."

"Let's focus on running Professor," said Tracey as they entered the forest.

"Right," said the Professor.

In the meantime, the battle had gotten physical between the two Pokémon. Buizel was trying to hammer away at Floatzel with Ice Punches while Floatzel tried to strike with Iron Tail. The two attacks cancelled each other out continuously. Then Floatzel faked Buizel out and as Buizel was striking, it jumped forward as if it would attack but then rolled around Buizel and struck him with Iron Tail from behind!

Buizel yelped in pain and fell to the ground. "Ha!" Floatzel said, "Loser!" That was a big mistake on Floatzel's part as Buizel's anger kicked in again and he jumped to his feet and slammed Floatzel in the stomach with Ice Punch again. Floatzel doubled over and fell backwards at the strike.

"Who's the loser now?" Buizel taunted. Floatzel also got back up on his feet and held his stomach before running off further into the forest at top speed. Buizel followed as did the crowd as well as our two human friends who were getting quite tired from all of this running.

Buizel found himself back at the lake where he had met the two newcomers but Floatzel was nowhere to be found.

"When in doubt, look underwater," he said to himself. He ran over to dive into the lake but suddenly, Floatzel burst out in a flurry of water, knocking Buizel backwards. Floatzel landed on the shore and stomped over to Buizel.

"You are a real pain," said Floatzel, "But now you're about to feel a lot of what you are!" Floatzel began charging up the unmistakable Ice Beam which woke Buizel's mind up to the possibilities of what he could do with his opponent's attack. Before Floatzel could fire, Buizel slammed his tail against the ground and flew into the air. Floatzel froze the ground in front of him and Buizel landed on his feet nearby.

"Go ahead and hit me," Buizel taunted with smirk.

"Why you little…" Floatzel said in anger. He fired another Ice Beam at Buizel which Buizel sidestepped to dodge. The attack created a small pillar of ice. Floatzel continued to fire at Buizel but he dodged every single attack. Soon, Floatzel had frozen practically the whole lake and half of the current battlefield. Buizel jumped atop the highest ice pillar.

"Hit me with your best shot!" Buizel yelled. Floatzel was completely outraged. He had forgotten what he was fighting for and could only think about destroying his opponent. He fired another Ice Beam at Buizel which was exactly what he wanted. Buizel dove off of the pillar and into an Aqua Jet, directly into the Ice Beam!

"What is he doing?" Belle cried.

"You'll see," said Sceptile still cool and confident.

Within less than a second, Buizel was completely encased in ice and was headed directly at Floatzel at top speed. Floatzel couldn't react because he was so angry and took the full brunt of the Ice Aqua Jet. Buizel smashed out of the ice and looked over at his opponent. Floatzel had fallen.

"Floatzel is unable to battle!" Gliscor cried with glee, "Buizel is the winner!" Belle breathed a sigh of relief as did most of the other water Pokémon.

"I knew he could do it," said Sceptile. Belle ran up to Buizel excitedly and embraced him.

"That was amazing!" she cried, "And so are you!" Buizel blushed terribly but returned the hug. Everyone cheered for the happy couple.

"You were right Professor," said Tracey, "It was to get the girl." Professor Oak had a stern look on his face.

"What's wrong Professor?" asked Tracey.

"Floatzel's down but it isn't," said Professor Oak.

"What does that mean?" asked Tracey. He looked down and immediately saw what Professor Oak meant. Floatzel was getting up and it looked mad; as in only whites of the eyes are showing mad.

"You… little… *word that cannot be expressed*..." he said in rage.

"You lost," said Buizel, looking over at him, "Now take your part of the bet and get out of here."

"You… will… all… DIE!" he screamed. He charged up an even more terrifying attack that everyone recognized; Hyper Beam. He fired the yellow beam at Buizel and Belle, who were terrified, but Buizel knew he had to protect her and himself. He pulled away from her and just as the Hyper Beam was reaching them, he crossed his arms in front of him and took the full blow. But it didn't explode.

"Buizel, what are you doing!" Belle cried in panic.

"Belle, run!" Buizel yelled as he held off the overly powerful attack. Belle was too scared to do so and Buizel began to lose his footing. Now even Sceptile was panicking. Buizel couldn't hold off the attack much longer. Suddenly, he felt something that motivated him. That something was the love he had for Belle, who he had realized was still standing behind him. He felt power surging through his arms and he charged up an attack that he knew he had to use.

"GET YOUR FREAKING BUTT OFF OF THIS PROPERTY!" Buizel screamed. He fired the Razor Wind and to everyone's shock, it slashed through the Hyper Beam and back fired the attack. To make a long story short, Floatzel got blown away by an enormous explosion like they have in the anime.

When the dust cleared, Floatzel was nowhere to be found and everyone had been blown back a good mile and a half (and no I am not exaggerating). Another hour later, everyone was back at the lake which had been melted by the explosion. Buizel took Belle's hand and kissed it.

"I love you Belle," he said affectionately.

"I love you too Buizel," she said likewise. They hugged again and everybody cheered.

"Well it looks like everything turned out alright after all," said Professor Oak.

"You've got that right," said Tracey, "This will really help out with our research!" Professor Oak went pale suddenly.

"Oh no!" he cried, "I didn't record anything!"

"And that's why you have me," said Tracey. He showed his notebook. He had drawn over twenty sketches of the whole battle with the last one being the embrace that Buizel and Belle were in right now.

"Well done," said Professor Oak, "Do you think we should tell Ash what has happened?"

"I think we should let him figure this one out," said Tracey. They continued to overlook the happy Pokémon who were still celebrating Buizel's victory.

A/N: I wrote this story after realizing that none of the main characters' Pokémon had ever won a love triangle. Tell me what you think!