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Within a half hour, the stage was set. Professor Oak and Tracey would be watching the competition and making sure that nobody got seriously hurt while Buizel would be making the calls as judge. A large group of Pokemon that resided in the garden had gathered in the large field where the battles would be taking place, including Buizel's family, all of the grass and water types who usually fought in the garden, and all of Ash's Pokemon currently residing in the garden. Kingler awaited the order to release the small hot air balloon from its claw so that the Pokeringer between Swellow and Staraptor could begin. The hat rack was a few feet behind him and would be acting as the ringer post.

"I'm still not so sure about this whole competition thing," said Tracey.

"Come on," said Professor Oak, "It's good for Pokemon to do battle against each other. It wears them down a little."

"But what if they continue to fight after this?" asked Tracey. Professor Oak's smile faded.

"I don't know Tracey," he said, "I really don't know." Buizel gave the signal to release the balloon and Kingler did so. As the balloon got higher and higher, the anticipation between the two bird Pokemon grew.

"Now, begin!" Buizel called suddenly. Staraptor reacted first and shot up into the air after the balloon. Swellow followed quickly behind Staraptor and soon it was a neck and neck race up to the heavens. Staraptor reached the balloon first and grabbed the ring off of it and then broke into an extreme nosedive towards the ground. Unfortunately, Swellow had anticipated this movement and side flew (the air version of sidestepping) while at the same time charging an Air Slash to fire at Staraptor. Swellow launched the attack and it hit Staraptor clean in the back, causing him to cry out and drop the ring.

"Take that loser!" Swellow taunted. He dove down and grabbed the ring in his beak and plummeted towards the ground at high speed. He didn't notice that Staraptor was right behind him, enveloped in the power of an Aerial Ace. Swellow felt a sudden jab of pain in his back and the ring flew from his beak as he began to fall to the ground. Staraptor grabbed it and to everyone's surprise, flew back upwards.

"What is Staraptor doing?" asked Tracey.

"Perhaps trying to get more speed on his dive," said the Professor. And it turned out that Staraptor was doing just that. He quickly turned around at the peak of his flight path and dove down as if shot out of a cannon. Swellow saw him coming.

"Ah, maybe that will work now," Swellow thought to himself. He shot downwards following Staraptor's movements and anticipating where his opponent would try to go next. Wherever he felt Staraptor would go, he got in the way. Then suddenly, he turned and his wings shone with a bright light. Staraptor became shocked for a second and almost slowed down but was too late in doing so; the Steel Wing struck him in the face and he began falling to the ground. Swellow grabbed the ring and flew downwards leisurely. But just as he was about to drop the ring on the post, a gust of wind blew him off course. He managed to grip the ring but he saw Staraptor above him preparing to blow another powerful gust of wind with his wings. He braced himself and the enormous blast hit him, causing him to fall into a tailspin and drop the ring. Staraptor dove down rapidly as Swellow hit the ground and he dropped the ring on the post to win the match.

"Staraptor is the winner of round 1!" Buizel announced. The Sinnoh team cheered at the victory.

"Hey, no fair!" Sceptile protested, "Staraptor can't…"

"Shut it Sceptile!" Buizel yelled, "That was a perfectly fair fight! Round two will be Gible vs. Torkoal!" The two Pokemon stepped forward and glared at each other again. They would be facing off in a simple single battle.

"Let's get this over with nice and quick," said Gible.

"Quick isn't my style," said Torkoal, "But I agree; this battle will be over in just minutes."

"Sounds like Torkoal has a strategy," said Sceptile with a smirk, "Unlike Gible who seems to be charging into this with no plan whatsoever."

"Shut up Sceptile," said Infernape, "Gible knows what he's doing." On the inside he added, "I hope," while watching Gible and Torkoal size each other up, their glares getting sharper and sharper by the second, anticipating Buizel's call for the match to begin.

"Begin!" Buizel cried. Gible immediately charged forward with a Rock Smash and slammed his fist into Torkoal's shell but all he got was pain. Torkoal had used Iron Defense! As Gible was reeling from the attack, Torkoal fired a Flamethrower at him.

"YOWCH!" Gible yelled. Torkoal smirked at his direct hit. Gible turned to him angrily, not realizing that he was still on fire.

"You little…" he was at a loss for words. He charged up a Draco Meteor in his mouth and fired it into the air. It exploded and meteors went everywhere, though Gible tried to make sure that most of them were aimed at Torkoal. Torkoal once again retreated into his shell and used Iron Defense. The meteors that hit him were almost ineffective. He flew out of his shell and fired another Flamethrower but Gible reacted quickly this time and dug underground. The Flamethrower went right over his head. Torkoal, unaware of where Gible would come out, calmly retreated into his shell yet again and used Iron Defense. Gible came out directly underneath him, only to hit a shell as hard as metal and fall right back in the hole in a daze. Torkoal stood up and looked down the hole.

"Say good night!" he said with a wicked smile. He fired an Overheat down the hole and Gible flew out the other end and fell on the ground unconscious.

"Gible is unable to battle!" Buizel called, "Torkoal is the winner which means Hoenn is the victor of match number 2!" The Hoenn side cheered for Torkoal and Torkoal beamed. Buizel quickly stepped in between the Hoenn and Sinnoh sides before any fighting could occur.

"Round three is Gliscor vs. Corphish in a land and sea race!" Buizel called, "We'll be using the bigger of the two lakes for this race!" The congregation nodded and they headed towards the forest, keeping their distance from each other, so they could get to the lake. Tracey and Professor Oak followed carrying Gible who was still unconscious.

"I don't think this is ever going to end," said Tracey.

"Let's just hope it does," said Professor Oak.

Within another twenty minutes, the group had reached the lake and explained to the water types within it that they would be briefly using it for a race. Then they were ready, all of the lake Pokémon watching intently, especially Bui and his sister Ella.

"I can't wait to see this one go down!" Bui said excitedly.

"Calm down Bui," said Ella, "It's not like it's a race between Zapdos and Raikou or something."

"Yeah, but it's still exciting, legendary Pokémon or not!" Bui exclaimed. Ella rolled her eyes. Her brother overreacted way too much when there was a showdown going on.

"Are both combatants ready?" Buizel asked from the side of the lake. Gliscor nodded from her spot on the ground and Corphish bobbed his head up and down excitedly. Buizel raised his hand in the air, preparing to give the signal to start the race. Whoever hit the shore on the other side first would win the match.

"Ready… set… go!" Buizel said throwing his hand down. Corphish jumped into the water and Gliscor flew into the air. Gliscor got off to an early lead but Corphish gained quickly. Soon Corphish had passed Gliscor and they were both halfway to the finish. Gliscor tried to feel for a gust of wind behind her but she felt nothing. She began to dive down to the water to intimidate her opponent but Corphish pulled ahead so that she couldn't pass him. Gliscor began to get annoyed and then felt her golden opportunity behind her. She spread her wings and caught the wind underneath them shooting forwards to the finish. Corphish however, had another trick up his sleeve. He began to spin through the water, churning it up so that it began to push him forward. Both Pokémon were propelled towards the edge of the lake and they hit the shore in a photo finish, both of them flying forwards and hitting the dirt.

"Who won?" was the question that rang through the lake area, from everybody. Buizel had been watching closely and saw that Gliscor had slammed her claws onto the ground by the lakeshore before Corphish had crashed into the bank.

"Gliscor is the winner of the race!" Buizel announced.

"What!" Corphish yelled, "That can't be right!"

"She hit the shoreline before you did," said Buizel, "I saw it clearly."

"Yes!" Gliscor exclaimed.

"You're just being biased," Corphish pouted as he walked back over to his team.

"What was next?" Tracey asked.

"The staring competition," said Professor Oak, "I don't understand how it could be fair this way…"

"We'll see," said Tracey. In the meantime, Bui and Ella were pelting Gliscor with questions about how she could fly and other stuff like that while Torterra and Glalie washed their eyes out for their competition. They glared at each other for a few seconds and then walked over to where Buizel was, taking position on either side of him.

"Shut your eyes and when I say go, you open them," said Buizel, "First to shut their eyes loses." Torterra and Glalie glared at each other one last time and then shut their eyes.

"3… 2… 1… Go!" Buizel cried. Torterra and Glalie's eyes flew open and stayed open as they stared at each other. All of the Pokémon watched intently and Professor Oak and Tracey were still talking about how stupid the idea of a staring contest was. The competition went for another half hour and Glalie and Torterra's eyes were beginning to get bloodshot. Bui had come over to his father now and was begging him to get some Sitrus Berries down from a nearby tree. Most of the Pokémon had left out of pure boredom now and the audience consisted of just Tracey, Professor Oak, the rest of the Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokémon, Buizel's family, a few of the water and grass types, and the rest of Ash's Pokémon. Professor Oak was lying down on the grass and snoozing while Tracey was busy drawing a nearby Electabuzz that had randomly shown up. Then it happened… Torterra and Glalie both blinked at the exact same time!

"Oh my gosh," said Torterra, "My brain hurts now…"

"My eyes hurt…" Glalie complained, "And I can barely see…"

"Well, who won?" Sceptile asked impatiently. Buizel blinked and then blinked again.

"It's a tie," he said, "I'm sure of it."

"Whoa, a tie?" Bui said in amazement, "I didn't even think that was possible!"

"Probably because you never have seen one," said Ella in a bored tone from the lake. Belle, their mother and Buizel's wife, was floating next to her.

"This is why I don't like you having staring competitions Bui," she said, "It hurts your eyes and ruins your vision." Bui rolled his eyes and jumped back into the lake. Belle sighed and swam after him to give him a good beating to knock some sense into him. Ella jumped out of the lake so as to follow her father to the final match so she could tell Bui about it since he would obviously not get to go. She couldn't leave her brother hanging like that.

"Alright, let's move onto the final match!" Buizel announced, "A moving single battle between Sceptile and Infernape!" Infernape socked a fist into his palm and Sceptile calmly glared him down and put a twig in his mouth.

"I have the advantage this time," said Infernape, "Prepare to be burnt to crisp!"

"We shall see," said Sceptile, "If I had to say anything, it would be that we Hoenn Pokémon are smarter than you Sinnoh Pokémon." Infernape narrowed his eyes at Sceptile in anger, wanting the battle to start already so he could beat the crap out of his rival. The tension once again rose in the area. Many Pokémon had returned and were now watching the battle from all around. Ash's Johto Pokémon, Heracross, Bayleef, Quilava, Totodile, Noctowl, and Donphan were all hanging around one tree near the edge of the lake clearing.

"Who do you think will win you guys?" Heracross asked excitedly.

"Probably Sceptile, despite the type disadvantage," said Noctowl, "He's a smarter battler than Infernape. Infernape just goes for raw power." She preened her feathers on her shining wings and then looked at the other Johto Pokémon as though daring them to say otherwise.

"Nah," Totodile said, "I think Infernape will win. He does have the type advantage after all."

"Me too," said Quilava, "Grass types can be so flimsy."

"I take that as an offense," Bayleef said with a frown.

"I don't care who wins," said Donphan, "I just want to see a battle!" And a battle they would see. Buizel was prepared to start the match, his daughter at his side to watch the combatants every move. Everyone watched closely as Buizel held his arm up into the air.

"And… begin!" he called. Infernape charged forwards immediately with Mach Punch, but Sceptile dodged every single punch that was thrown with relative ease. Then Infernape continued his onslaught with a few Flamethrowers, which Sceptile dodged gracefully before landing on the ground on his feet. Sceptile charged forwards now, the leaves on his wrists charged with Leaf Blade. Infernape responded in the same way Sceptile had to his attack, and when Sceptile stopped to catch his breath, he bounded into the woods. Sceptile quickly recovered and chased after him, as did the rest of the viewing audience.

Infernape hid in a tree waiting for Sceptile's arrival in the deep woods. Sceptile had slowed to a walking pace as he looked for his opponent, who seemed to have vanished in the shadows, as he passed under the tree that hid Infernape. Infernape ambushed Sceptile right there, jumping out of the tree in a full on Flare Blitz. Sceptile was too shocked to move and was struck by the powerful fire attack. Sceptile was knocked backwards and landed on his back. Infernape felt the small brunt of the attack's recoil on his body but it passed. Sceptile jumped to his feet. The battle was far from over.

Sceptile jumped from tree to tree as he approached Infernape, charging his next attack, though it was unpredictable which attack that was.

"Hit me with your best shot lizard face!" Infernape taunted loudly.

"I could say the same to you monkey brain!" Sceptile replied. He jumped high into the air from the next tree and blasted downwards with Leaf Storm, a risky move to use early in a battle since it lowered special attack power. Infernape managed to dodge the three Leaf Storms fired at him, knowing that he was now safe from damage from just about every attack Sceptile could use. He began to run off to the east, the crowd following him from the low bushes nearby. Sceptile quickly pursued him, apparently unfazed by the directional change. The eastern route led out of the woods and towards the eastern end of the garden, which overlooked a prairie below, though it wouldn't be fun falling off of the cliff that overlooked it.

As they were reaching the edge of the forest, Sceptile began to fire Bullet Seeds at Infernape. Infernape only felt the tickle of weakened seeds on his back. He burst from the forest and skidded to a halt, blasting Sceptile with a Flamethrower. Sceptile took the attack, and when the flames cleared, he was gone.

"What the…" Infernape didn't get to finish his thought because someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around in surprise to see Sceptile standing right behind him. Sceptile jumped back and fired yet another Leaf Storm at him, this one much weaker than the first three he had fired before. The leaves all fell to the ground before they reached Infernape.

"Ha! What in the world was that?" Infernape asked tauntingly. Sceptile had only one more use of the move and then Leaf Storm was out. Thankfully, going east had been part of Sceptile's plan. He had traversed this area of the garden before, and on the cliff that overlooked the prairie, there was a particular plant that grew that he could use. He quickly ran towards the edge of the garden and was soon overlooking the cliff that overlooked the prairie. Infernape was hot on his heels. Sceptile quickly plucked four of the plant off of the edge of the cliff where it grew and stuck all four of them in his mouth.

Infernape caught up to him breathing hard. He took a deep breath to charge another Flamethrower, but Sceptile turned with a Solarbeam already charging in his mouth. Sceptile fired first, but Infernape didn't worry, because he thought that Sceptile's special attack was still down, but that changed when the Solarbeam knocked him ten feet in the air and he landed on his back.

"Ouch…" he said in pain. Sceptile continued his attack with a series of Leaf Blades. Infernape struggled to get up as Sceptile stepped back.

"This is it," said Sceptile. He jumped into the air and fired his last Leaf Storm down on Infernape. Infernape was engulfed in a flurry of leaves and when they all cleared, he was lying on the ground, fainted.

"Infernape is unable to battle!" Buizel called from the side, "Sceptile is the victor!" The Hoenn team cheered wildly. Ella quickly ran off back to the woods so she could tell her brother about the battle.

"I told you Hoenn was better," Sceptile gloated. Infernape jumped to his feet in anger.

"Well excuse me, but that was all luck on your part!" Infernape yelled, "L-U-C-K!"

"Actually guys, you guys tied," said Buizel, stepping in between them. Sceptile and Infernape, along with their allies looked confused.

"The victories went: Sinnoh, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Tie, Hoenn," said Buizel, "Two victories for each team and one tie. Therefore, you tied in the competition. So neither of you is better than the other." Both teams had blank stares and then looked completely embarrassed.

"Well then… I guess it was a tie," said Sceptile.

"How about that?" said Infernape.

"Now why don't you two shake on this and say you're all evenly matched," said Buizel, bringing their hands together, "After all, we were all raised by the same trainer." Infernape and Sceptile nodded as did everyone else. And each and every combatant of the competition shook on it, agreeing that they were all even, and that they would be peaceful from then on.

"Thank goodness that turned out all right," said Professor Oak as the Pokemon headed happily back to the forest.

"Thank goodness indeed," said Tracey, "Let's just hope there's peace in the garden from now on."

"In this garden?" asked Professor Oak, "I don't think we'll ever have peace here!" They laughed as they continued their conversation all the way back to the laboratory.

A/N: I figured this would go well with The Buizel Love Triangle, and then I decided that I would make a series of one, two, and maybe three shots featuring Ash's Pokémon's lives in Professor Oak's Garden, especially Buizel since he's my favorite. Please tell me if you like!