It seems like I am the least trusted person in my own home. The home that was left to me in my mother's death. The home that I have lived in for seven years. Everybody looked down on me because he was still alive. They looked at me funny because I react first to him being injured. My so-called- friends look down upon me for having a place in my heart for a vampire. By all means, it not like I don't care about my friends. Hell, I loved them. But he had been through so much mental torture in the past year, just so I would treat him like a person, so I had to oblige.

It bothers my friends that I go to him for comfort. That is not at all my fault. It was theirs. Not theirs theirs, but the potentials. They were just so annoying and loud, while he just lets me be. It's a comforting fact to have someone who loved me to actually stay with me. After two boyfriends leaving me, the stability was a nice change. Not that he was my boyfriend, that's just—wrong. We're just friends.

It irks my friends that I allow an unstable reformed vampire stay in my house. He's unstable, yes, but it's not his fault. It is the fact that he got his soul back for me, I remind them, and his soul attracts "The First." It will use his trigger, unknown to us, and *poof* he's a different person. But I trust him, and that scares me too.

As a matter of fact, this whole thing scared me. He always got hurt protecting me. That was nice and all, but he himself has hurt me. And if that trigger is 'pressed,' he will again. Sharing my house with a demon is absolutely terrifying, but then again, so is living with a house full of potentials that were always almost dying. I know Giles is right, that I should have killed him six years ago. But I couldn't. Not then. Not now.


Why do I trust him with my life?

Why do I string him along?

Why am I falling….

in love with him?

. . .

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