She went rushing into her room, looking frantically for something. "Ah, there you are," she said with a smile. "I think I'll write with you today." Hannah smiled before she sat down on her bed with her black diary. She started writing in it when there was a soft knock on her bedroom door. "Who is it?"

"It's me!" It was her little sister Vanessa who was only twelve.

"Come on in, me." Hannah said before the door opened.

"Can I borrow your old ipod?" Hannah looked up at her.

"Yeah, sure. It's in my baby box." Hannah went back to writing. Vanessa went to the box and slowly grabbed the teddy bear that sat on top of the dark brown box.

"Are you going to write in your diary now?" She asked while looking at the bear.

"I might."

Vanessa made her way to her sister's side. "What are you going to write in it? Lies?" Hannah pushed the bear away.

"Nessa, stop."

"Why are you so skinny? You used to be fat a couple months ago." Why did she always say things like that?

"I'm not skinny and I was never fat." Hannah said before going back to her diary.

"Are you trying to get a boyfriend?" A scoff came out of Hannah's mouth before she could stop it. She pushed some of her black hair behind her ear before answering.

"I don't like boys right now."

"I don't either." Hannah slightly rolled her eyes.

"Nessa, I know you're not a brat sister, so, stop trying to act like one."

"Tim says that you're trying to get a boyfriend. Tim says that boys are like flies and you're turning yourself into a honey pot. Tim says-"

"Maybe you should listen to what Timothy is saying. Now, just grab the ipod and go."