Sequel to "Knight in Charred Armor". What is really going through Sir Leon's mind throughout season 4, what with the loss of Morgause with him everywhere?

Polishing Armor

A Merlin Fanfic by Kitty O

Time passed. That was the thing about time. It was both good and bad, Leon figured, that it did. Bad times would go by, but then so would the good ones.

And pain would fade after a while.

That too was both good and bad. Some people could get very attached to their own pain. It could be hard to let go and let oneself be happy again when the thought that someone might come along and care about that anger and hurt, justifying it, was so enticing.

But it had been a year since the Morgause he knew had been defeated and disappeared from his life, almost definitely dead. And the pain and fierce anger had cooled a bit since then. He hadn't been happy, no; he hadn't been happy for a long time. But he hadn't been really miserable either. He'd grown to like the new knights that had come into Camelot. Gwaine was good for a laugh, and Percival and Elyan were civil men. Lancelot was different, a little apart; he had a serious streak, a strong sense of honor

I used to be like that…

He'd satisfied himself with being pleased that Uther was reduced to a sick, staring man (he felt that was fair, after what the king had done to Morgause's kind), and even regained a little lost respect for Arthur. A little. He still felt that stubborn dislike for Merlin, but he tried to hide it… Because the Leon they all knew had no reason to dislike Merlin. No reason at all. Who didn't like Merlin, after all?

As for Agravaine… Leon had an eye on him. He was highly suspicious. He even occasionally smirked. (Like he had been taking lessons from a certain someone that Leon hadn't seen in a year.) But Leon hadn't heard anything from Morgana. He'd thought he would. If she was able, he'd thought that she would send him word at least on how Morgause fared. Surely her silence could only mean that her sister was gone?

Yes, time passed, and some things changed, but overall Leon felt that he was in some sort of limbo of not knowing and not doing anything about it.

When he, with Elyan and two other, older knights behind him, rode up behind the woman in the long, black dress, her hood up, dragging the rickety cart behind her, he didn't know that it was all about to get set back into motion again. He'd heard the rumors that she was active again, so maybe he should have guessed. But he didn't.

"Halt!" he called in a loud voice as he and his fellow knights galloped over the rocky terrain. Sure enough, the figure stopped moving, still turned away, eerily silent and unresponsive. It didn't turn around, as if that wasn't necessary to place Leon's voice.

The knights rode closer.

"Stay where you are!" Leon ordered as he began to dismount, and the figure obligingly put down the handle for the cart and started to turn. The other knights climbed off their horses too, but Leon was first.

"Where are you headed?" he demanded as they came forward.

The figure began to turn. "Seas of Meridor," replied a musical voice that he recognized vaguely.

"What's in the cart?" he asked. He turned to gesture to one of his fellow knights to come forward, and looked back just in time to see the face beneath the hood full on.

His eyes widened as years of memory hit him, years of interaction and friendship and changes. And a sudden, fierce, unquenchable hope.

"Lady Morgana!" he gasped.

Her eyes flashed gold as her hand went up. She didn't even stop for greetings before the man next to him was down. Leon watched him fall with a shocked expression on his face before he turned back… And got a blast of magic himself.

He flew up into the air, his ears full of the wind, and struck the rocks hard. Everything went black.

A/N: So. Here's the short part to get it started off. Now, Leon was being difficult in season 4. He was such a good guy! In episode 5 he ruffled Merlin's hair, I think! THAT'S NOT VERY EVIL! But I've got an idea and I think it should work. But since Leon had so much screen time, it may either be a lot longer or a lot shorter than Knight in Charred Armor. Any votes on which way it should go?