Child of the Dark Moon

By Spunky0ne

Sequel to The King's Sacrifice

Chapter 1: The Blood Ritual

"You are still awake," Byakuya said softly, stepping in through the open balcony doors and studying King Aizen's glinting eyes in the darkness of their bedroom, "I tried to enter quietly, so I wouldn't wake you."

Aizen's lips curved into a devilish smile.

"You think I wouldn't sense you from miles away? That I wouldn't scent that touch of sakura on the breezes? Byakuya, my love, you insult me."

"My apologies," the noble said, with perfect seriousness, "His majesty will feel free to punish me as he sees fit, then."

Aizen sat up, and Byakuya's eyes strayed to the partially uncovered bare body, the wicked eyes and deadly smile that made his mouth go dry and sent a soft shiver through him, the teasing curves of face, breast and abdomen that threatened to undo his resolve, then and there. He stood, silently facing the bed and waiting. Aizen looked back through predatory eyes for a moment, then disappeared and appeared in front of his noble spouse. Byakuya did not move, but only looked into Aizen's piqued expression and waited.

"So..." Aizen said running his fingers down a porcelain cheek and meeting Byakuya's smoky eyes, "You admit you deserve punishment."

"For carelessly waking my lord," Byakuya agreed.

"For thinking for a moment, that you could slip into my presence unnoticed," Aizen corrected him, "And..."

He leaned close and breathed the next words on the skin of the noble's throat, making Byakuya quiver and inhale sharply.

"For taking a mission that I had already told you was unsuitable for you right now," he finished, sliding a hand beneath his clothes and letting his hand run over the pronounced bump on Byakuya's swollen belly, "One would think that you would employ more caution in these later days of your gestation."

"It was not a combat mission," Byakuya said, catching his breath as Aizen's hand left his belly and crawled downward, "I was only there to ensure that the border was properly defended. You might remember that ensuring your safety is my primary responsibility."

He paused as the king's mouth attacked his, and the monarch's hand found his awakening length and teased it shamelessly. Byakuya's eyes fluttered and he sighed into his husband's devouring mouth, his legs weakening as their kissing deepened.

"You...forgive me, then?" he whispered, keeping his eyes closed as Aizen's fingers left his nether region and dipped into the monarch's mouth, where their tongues did silent battle to share the exotic taste of the noble's essence.

"Did you plead for my forgiveness?" Aizen asked, glaring at him softly, "I don't remember seeing or hearing any penitence on your part."

Byakuya's lips escaped his spouse's and he backed away a step. Aizen stared raptly as the noble's hands released the tie at his waist and his clothing fell away, revealing the lovely, sculpted body beneath.

"Are you trying to distract me?" Aizen asked, remaining that one step away and ravishing Byakuya's exposed flesh with his eyes, "It won't work. You will have to plead for forgiveness and accept your punishment, my love. For, as you are so fond of reminding are we to expect others to follow our rules if we do not honor them, ourselves?"

Byakuya smirked.

"I do remind you of that constantly," he agreed, "Not that you pay it any mind, except when it works to your advantage."

Aizen gave him a disarming smile and shrugged nonchalantly.

"I have never made any secret of who I am," he said, stepping forward, "You have known that since even before that day you came into my cell and sacrificed that lovely body of yours to free me from the hougyoku and set me on the throne."

Byakuya stepped back as Aizen stepped forward again, and they came to a stop at the edge of the bed. The king's hands captured the noble's comely face and he froze Byakuya in place, staring up into his power-laden eyes.

"You sacrificed yourself sexually," he said, kissing the solemn lips again, "Then you bound yourself to me and gave everything to your task. You were a good and loyal servant of the king, even sacrificing your life for me in the end. But...I assure you that none of those sacrifices you made are enough temptation to dissuade me. You deserve to be punished, and you will be."

He sank into the noble's mouth and pressed his hot flesh against Byakuya's cooler body. The noble trembled softly under his hands and moaned lightly into his mouth, setting off a strong reaction in his royal counterpart.

" case you are hoping that my love for you will cause me to go easier on you, you may abandon those hopes. As much as I love you, this is not the first time you have gone against my wishes. You are a terribly stubborn and willful person...constantly challenging me. I simply cannot allow this to continue without taking appropriate action."

Byakuya gazed steadily into his eyes, his own unrepentant.

"I see you show no remorse."

"I will not apologize," Byakuya said calmly, "Where his majesty's safety is concerned, I will take no chances. And if that vexes you, then feel free to punish me. But just as you will not change who you are, neither will I."

Aizen gave him a sly smile.

"As expected...a shockingly defiant answer. choose to stand your ground, but," he said, raising his reaitsu, "so do I."

Aizen let his hands slide down the noble's shapely torso, teasing his nipples and catching lightly in his navel as he moved lower. Golden light glowed softly on one extended fingertip that set in place a restraint to keep him from achieving climax, tightening until the noble flinched and made a sound of discomfort. Aizen's hands returned to his face.

"Are you prepared to receive your punishment?" he asked, licking Byakuya's soft lips and dipping into his mouth again.

"Hai, your majesty," the noble answered solemnly, beginning to lower himself onto his knees in front of Aizen.

"Did I tell you to kneel?" the king asked, his glare darkening dangerously.

"No, my lord," Byakuya answered.

"So...again, you display far too much willfulness," Aizen said, sternly, lowering him onto his back on the bed, then straightening.

Byakuya rested quietly on his back, looking up into Aizen's eyes.

"Pleasure yourself," the king hissed softly.

A small smile found its way onto Byakuya's face.

"I thought you wished to punish me," he said, blinking slowly.

"Oh," said Aizen, crossing his arms, "I do. Go ahead. Do it. Pleasure yourself."

Byakuya thought for a moment, then closed his eyes. A moment later, the king's smile widened as a swirl of sakura petals drifted down out of the air, sweeping across Byakuya's naked skin and coaxing a pleased sigh from his lips. Then, long, slender limbs snaked out of thin air and slid along his flesh, meandering provocatively along the gentle curves of his body, tormenting the noble's white throat, the curves of his breasts and abdomen, lingering shamelessly on his nipples. Aizen watched as they slid across the sensitive wrists and inner thighs, then moved forward, taking control of the wandering tendrils and wrapping them around his wrists, binding them together in front of him, then curling around his body and bringing him up onto his knees on the bed. Aizen climbed onto the bed in front of him and knelt, then reached down and teased himself as well. Byakuya remained on his knees, with his bound hands rested over his aroused genitals, teasing them lightly as he watched his lover closely. Aizen's hand reached out and his dampened fingers touched the noble's lips. Byakuya sucked the wet digits into his mouth and fed on them hungrily. The king watched for a several moments, then sank his fingers into the noble's hair and applied pressure.

"You have a lovely, but defiant mouth," he said, reprovingly, "Now, instead of using it to defy me, you will use it to please me. Put your mouth on me, Byakuya."

He leaned back slightly, so that he could better see as Byakuya's head lowered more, and the noble's pristine lips as they proceeded to provide he ordered pleasure. Aizen's eyes softened and hazed over with desire as Byakuya stroked his sensitive places with a wonderfully lusty tongue, then teased him relentlessly. The monarch let out a soft moan and moved his hips, thrusting carefully as Byakuya continued his amorous efforts. The king's eyes feasted on the noble's lovely, pale features, the porcelain skin, long, fluttering eyelashes, pretty, half-closed eyes and the pretty, perfect mouth. Byakuya's bound hands rose and his fingers explored the monarch's nether areas as more glowing, pink sakura ropes formed and wrapped themselves around Aizen's bare body. And between Byakuya's hot, willing mouth, the invading hands and slithering sakura ropes, the king felt his considerable control slipping.

But then...he is always a source of intense pleasure.

Pleasure and frustration...

Under just enough control to excel.

Just fiery enough to tempt me.

Just skillful enough to get away with it.


He pulled away and forced the noble down, lashing his wrists to the bedpost and forcing the slender thighs apart from behind him. He entered more roughly than he intended, and felt Byakuya wince and gasp. Instead of making him more cautious, the sound and recoil only riled him more. He thrust deep into his restrained lover's core, digging his fingers into the noble's white flesh, listening to Byakuya's rising moans and losing all restraint. He thrust hard and fast, angling himself so that he struck the pleasure center inside his writhing consort, making the noble groan and thrash restlessly, his hands trying to pull free of the bedpost, desperation overtaking his usually calm features as the glowing ring around him denied him completion.

The beauty and honesty of that emotion carried Aizen over the sweet edges of pleasure and sent him into long, hot pulses of completion. Byakuya gave a furious cry as his lover's heat filled him, but he, himself, was restrained...confined just inches from bliss. His sweating body shook uncontrollably and Aizen's release trickled out, leaking onto his thighs. The king withdrew from him, dragging a hard groan from Byakuya's tormented form. He knelt next to the noble and ran a loving hand down his spine.

"You want me to finish you?" Aizen asked, smiling, "You want me to make you see stars?"

He laid down on the noble's back, letting his limp, sated member tease his lovely mate. Byakuya rested beneath him, too overcome with unfed lust to answer.

"When I tell you that I want you to delegate some protect you from the consequences of your own horrid recklessness, I expect you will obey me. Do you understand?"

Byakuya let out a hard, hissing breath and steeled himself.


"What did you say to me?"

"I said, no," the noble repeated, "I will never...ever do any less than it takes to protect my lord. Even if the punishment never ends. Even if it makes you want to kill me with your bare hands..."

Aizen gave a soft chuckle and kissed one pretty, flushed cheek.

"Unrepentant to the end, ne Byakuya?"

"Always, Sousuke," the noble answered softly.

"You are fortunate that you are the one person in whom I find some defiance irresistible," Aizen said, using his fingers to tease him until his back arched beautifully and he struggled and clenched the bedding to keep himself from crying out.

Aizen flipped him easily onto his back and pushed his thighs apart, then sweetly tormented him to the ends of his endurance. He waited until he felt the noble's will begin to crumble, then loosed the ring around him, enjoying his hard, aching cries of relief as Byakuya shuddered in completion. He nudged his way into the noble's still bound arms and fell on his mouth for a scathing bout of finishing kisses, then released him completely and fell down beside him, panting and sweating and deliriously happy. Byakuya smiled and curled into his arms, coaxing Aizen's hand down to rest on the bump on his abdomen. They sank down into blissful sleep together as the breeze came in gently through the open balcony doors and the moonlight fell across their bed.

For a time, all was still within their room, then...Byakuya stirred in his sleeping lover's arms, his mind gripped in a horrifying, unrelenting dream.


Thin, slender hands extended over a black stone altar, and a low, almost growling female voice rose up in the darkened room.

"Drink the blood and power of your noble bearer," the woman said, emptying a vial of blood, then a vial of captured reiatsu over a dark seed that had been placed on the altar, "Let it drench you inside and bring you to life. Prepare yourself for the incubation...for the rest inside him, then explosion into life. His last breath shall be your first. And you will then take back everything...everything they took from us...everything..."

Light and smoke rose around the black seed. It began to vibrate softly as the blood and reiatsu was sucked in from the surface and swirled around inside. And slowly, the black color of the seed was made over in red. And inside, a heart began to beat.

"Shh," the hollow witch whispered, "Not too loud. We don't want him to hear it beating until it is too late."

The witch turned and her mouth twisted into a cruel smile.

"Come, Byakuya. Come and give him life!"

A skeletal hand took hold of his throat and dragged him towards the altar. His fingers clawed the ground and his mouth opened in hard, terrified screams as he saw her pick up the seed, and she dragged his head back. A shock of power froze him in place as she forced the foul seed into his mouth. He tried to spit it out, but it dissolved on his tongue and sank into his impregnated body, invading the reiatsu chamber and sending pulses of dark power all through him. He reared back and screamed again as the witch cackled, watching triumphantly as a hollow mask formed on his face. His screams echoed gratingly, and his slender hands clawed at the mask, trying to tear it away.

Byakuya sat up suddenly, sweating heavily, panting harshly and clutching his face with one hand as Aizen sat up next to him and wrapped comforting arms around the noble.

"Another nightmare," the king said unhappily, "I know that the healers have said this is normal, but it chills me how they affect you."

Byakuya buried his face in the monarch's strong shoulder and clung to him tightly, not yet able to respond.

"Do you remember anything this time?" Aizen asked.

Byakuya lifted his head off of his spouse's shoulder for a moment, thinking carefully before solemnly shaking his head, then letting it fall back to where it had rested before. Aizen's fingers traveled down the lengths of his hair and his calm voice soothed Byakuya back into sleep.

"You are under too much stress," the king said, lowering him onto his pillow, "You worry too greatly about my safety, I think. It borders upon recklessness. You must listen to me and remain here, within the safety of the palace, from now on. We already lost one child, Byakuya. I do not want our hearts burdened with such a loss again."

He studied the noble's troubled sleeping face and bent to kiss him. Then, he curled himself around his mate protectively, holding him close and breathing in his lovely scent as he drifted off to sleep again.