Chapter 16: Written in Blood

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"What is this? What are you doing?" Aizen demanded, holding Byakuya protectively against him.

"We are preparing," said one of the three, "For the return...of the spirit demon, Diablo!"

The demons continued to gaze quietly at the noble as the palace guardsmen poured into the area, their weapons ready. They moved forward, prepared to attack, but stopped as one of the demons spoke again.

"Stop. Do not attack us. By right of the ancient Blood Treaty, we have the right to claim a demon soul."

"But Byakuya is not a demon," argued Aizen, "He is a shinigami transcendent, violated against his will and made a hollow."

The demon smiled.

"He is no hollow now."

Aizen stared as Byakuya's hand that had been covering the shrinking hole in his chest moved aside, revealing that the hole had indeed disappeared.

"You bastard!" Aizen hissed, "What did you do to him? How did you do this?"

The demon laughed.

"It was not us," he said, glaring at Byakuya, "but a blood oath taken by the demon Yumejaaka, when she was soul bound to the high demon, Diablo."

"What are you talking about? Why would Byakuya be bound by an agreement between two demons? That makes no sense."

"Do not worry," laughed the demon, "It will make sense to you soon. As you see, your consort is no longer a hollow, but has taken a demon form. And the reason for this is because Yumejaaka was successful in fusing the piece of Diablo's heart she possessed with the consort's soul. It was, in fact, her failsafe in case she failed in her mission, and was killed. You see, the oath that she took upon becoming Diablo's consort was that because he gifted her with a piece of his demon heart, when she died, that part of him that he had given would return to the demons upon her death. She was stricken down, but she was made a hollow, and while that was true, the Blood Oath could not be completed. But when she failed to complete the ritual to revive her husband as a hollow, and you killed her, the piece of Diablo that she fused with your husband's soul was ceded back to the demons. Therefore, we have every right now to take back what belongs to us!"

"You are forgetting one thing," Aizen said, his gaze icy and threatening, "While you have the right to that part of Diablo that has been fused with Byakuya's soul, you do not have the right to Byakuya, himself. He has taken vows and bound himself to me. I am the master of this man's soul, not you!"

"Ah..." said the demon, "but...because Diablo's heart is fused with his soul, you see that he has become one of us. He is now a demon, and he falls under the rules of the Blood Treaty we made with the soul king's first incarnation. Any demon soul demanded by the tribe must be yielded to the tribe within three days of the demand. And we have officially demanded that Aizen Byakuya be turned over to us. You have no choice but to either surrender him within three days, or invite open war."

Aizen caught his breath and stared as legions of demons appeared, covering the hillsides near the palace, darkening the skies and filling the air around them with dark snarls and growls.

"As you can see, our numbers have grown, Aizen, king of the three worlds! While your father ignored us and played down the threat we posed, we planned and made ourselves that when the time came, we would be able to crush you. We have been unable to wage open war, because the enchantment brought on by that treaty held us back. But...if you violate the terms of the treaty and refuse to give that demon to us, then the conditions will be broken, and we will be freed to attack! Is that what you want? Do you want everyone here to be massacred, Aizen Sousuke?"

Aizen's hands, which still held on tightly to Byakuya, quivered with rage, and the reiatsu exploded around him. He glared back at the demon, his eyes flaring almost red with fury.

"You have delivered your message," he said in a low, threatening voice, "Now, get out of here before I annihilate you!"

"Huh..." the demon huffed, "You might manage to snuff out a few of us, but I doubt that you could kill us all on your own, little king! And if you strike without cause, that also violates the treaty and will rain hell down upon you, and everyone within the palace."

"Get out!" snapped Aizen, "I will not be in violation of the treaty in disposing of the ones of you who trespass here!"

The demons laughed wickedly and flash stepped away, leaving the guardsmen glaring after them, and Byakuya pressed tightly up against his husband, his darkened reiatsu humming softly around him. Aizen turned and looked down into Byakuya's tormented eyes.

"What are we going to do, Sousuke?" he asked breathlessly, "You know that if I am surrendered to them, they will force the birth of our child, and he will be Diablo reborn! But if I do not go to them, then they will wage war on the palace! You saw the numbers of brethren they command. The palace may hold out for a time against a siege by such forces, but..."

"There will be no siege," insisted Aizen, climbing out of the water and bringing Byakuya with him.

They stood quietly as their attendants dried them and wrapped them in clean yukatas.

"What do you mean? You heard them!" Byakuya exclaimed, "They made an official claim. We only have..."

"Three days," Aizen finished, "And that being the case, we will find a way, in that time, to free you from the fusion with that piece of Diablo's heart!"

Byakuya swallowed hard, pressing close to the king as the guardsmen gazed expectantly at them, and Kuchiki Ginrei stepped out from among them.

"My lord, we will begin preparing the palace for siege conditions. While I, too, have confidence that we will find an answer, I feel we must proceed as though the siege will occur.

"I agree," Aizen said, calm returning to his voice, "Have the Royal Guard and Norite manage the outer defenses and my Hogosha will cover the palace, itself."

"Yes, my lord," said Ginrei, bowing and moving away.

Byakuya studied the faces of the men around them and lowered his eyes again.

They are unsettled. And as well they should be. I am, after all, a demon. And as I learned when I was made over into a hollow, that means that I am going to have the instincts and reactions of a demon. They are right to not trust me. I cannot trust myself...

"Come, Byakuya," Aizen said, slipping an arm around him.

They left the gardens and returned to their bedroom, where Aizen sent the attendants out and set a privacy shield in place. Byakuya sat down on the bed and waited quietly. Aizen completed the enchantment for the shield, then joined him on the bed, looking into his eyes again.

"Are you all right?" he asked softly, "Well, let me be more specific. I know that what happened has to have been a shock, but are you coping well enough, considering? You are...not going to insist that we should just give you up to them?"

"No," Byakuya assured him, "although I am sure that some will conclude that before this is over, I know that the answer is not so simple. We cannot let our child be taken from us. And we must not allow Diablo to be reborn. But I do not know what we are able to do. I think that much now lies in the hands of the ones searching the archive for answers."

Aizen nodded in affirmation.

"Every historian in the palace has converged on the archive, and your cousin, Tetsuya, will be going into the protected vault today to search the more dangerous tomes that are stored there."

"That is good," Byakuya said, sounding relieved, "If an answer is to be found there, then he will find it. But...he has someone to protect him, no? Some of the artifacts and tomes stored in the protected section are dangerous just to pass close to..."

"He has Abarai taichou with him," reported Aizen, earning a raised eyebrow from the noble, "I know that he assisted you, not only with sixth division research, but also some within your own archive. I would have suggested Urahara Kisuke to accompany him, but Kisuke is busy at work with our most capable scientists and kido specialists, working on multiple projects...enchanted defenses, security measures to keep you safe, and to protect the ones who attend you, and as well, anything that might positively affect your condition or separate you from that piece of Diablo's heart. I assure you, everything that can be done is being done."

Byakuya looked across the room and through the glass balcony doors to the strangely tranquil day that was passing outside.

"I know that, Sousuke," he answered softly, "Thank you. must have things that need doing...more than remaining here to offer comfort to me. I am all right, I assure you. I am coping as well as can be expected...not that I do not appreciate the gesture."

"Ah," the king said, a sly smile overtaking his lips, "but in actuality, there is little to nothing that can be done by me right now. Your grandfather and the Norite taichou are preparing the palace and grounds for siege conditions, and your Hogosha fukutaichou is seeing to the plans you laid out for use in emergencies. The King's Council is preparing a report for me, but will likely not finish for several hours. In fact, there is little for me to do at this time. Which means that you are not keeping me from anything, Byakuya, my love. And right now, I would like nothing more than to undress and lie down naked with you for a while. We will have plenty of time to concern ourselves with the rest. It will come as it will. But as inevitable as that is, what is between us is equally inevitable. Come then, my consort...let us be at ease with each other."

Byakuya smiled sadly.

"How can you be at ease with me, Sousuke? Aren't you worried that I might attack you while you sleep, or at least try to feed on your life force to finish the process of bringing Diablo back? I am a demon. Whatever my own convictions are, I am bound to be tempted by the instincts and urges that go along with that."

"Well," the king said, reaching out and pulling at the tie on the consort's yukata, making it fall open and revealing the sinfully lovely demon body underneath, "whatever your instincts and urges, there are protections in place. And even despite them, you must remember that my consort has not ceased to exist."

He reached out to caress the noble's rounded belly, making Byakuya sigh longingly and seek the comfort of his husband's warm arms.

"You have instincts as this child's bearer, as my Hogosha taichou, my consort and my lover. I think that these will be stronger than what corruption that piece of demon heart can bring to you."

"I hope you are right, Sousuke," Byakuya said wearily.

"I am right," Aizen said, regaining his cocky smirk, " addition to being right, I am exceptionally hungry for my lover's touch. We have been separated too much lately by our trials and our duties, Byakuya."

Byakuya glared at him out of the corner of one red-golden eye.

"Do remember that my hands, though still soft, are clawed," the noble warned him, "and my teeth are sharp enough to do damage if I begin to lose control of my demonborn thirst for your reiatsu."

"Hmmm," sighed Aizen, closing his eyes and rolling onto his back, opening his body to his slightly flushed mate, "I will try not to forget that."

Still wearing a disapproving expression, Byakuya turned so that he straddled Aizen's naked body on hands and knees. He claimed the king's mouth, opening his own wide and closing his eyes as his tongue plunged in deeply and Aizen's curled playfully around it, teasing him in deeper as the monarch's hands caressed the noble's aroused genitals shamelessly. Byakuya's heart quickened at the stimulation, and a growl of contentment escaped him as he left Aizen's mouth and blazed a trail of biting kisses down the other man's shapely torso. He lingered on the hardened nipples, rolling each around in his hot, wet mouth and threatening them with his fangs, before torturing Aizen's soft belly with long, savory licks, then kissing his way down the line of fine, brown hairs, to his aroused nether region

Byakuya lowered his head, his eyes locked on his royal lover's as his clawed hands parted the king's thighs, and he knelt between them, still on hands and knees, his back sweetly arched and nearly purring with arousal as he lathed his blazing tongue slowly over Aizen's exposed genitals, then nibbled warningly at the man's sensitive inner thighs before using his devilish tongue to make the king moan and shiver.

"B-byakuya!" Aizen panted, reaching down to thread his fingers through the consort's silken hair and to gently encourage the penetrating exploration of his nether region, "Gods, will kill me!"

The noble turned demon gave him an exceedingly wicked smile.

"Perhaps," he hissed softly, his red-golden eyes glinting, "And what will you do, Aizen-sama? Will you stop me? Or do you find this much too pleasant a way to finally die?"

"Hmmm," sighed the monarch, his eyelids fluttering as Byakuya lovingly attacked again, making him moan loudly and raise his hips off the bed, "I think that someone has forgotten who is king. Do you need a reminder, my love?"

He surged up onto his knees, dragging Byakuya into his arms and plunging into the noble's mouth to slowly enjoy the mingled tastes that had gathered there. Byakuya's hands trembled as he held onto the king's shoulders, wanting to clench them tightly, but not wanting to draw blood. But as Aizen's marauding mouth recklessly plundered his and the king's fingers invaded and began to prepare him, a feral whine rose from deep within his throat and his claws sank in slightly, drawing small droplets of blood and making Aizen snarl with intense arousal.

He turned the noble onto his hands and knees again, taking up a position behind him and leaning over his slender, white back to bite down and suck hard, leaving a trail of red markings on the back of his exposed neck and down onto one pale shoulder, making Byakuya writhe underneath him, hissing with carnal pleasure.

"This..." Aizen breathed hotly into the dazed and panting consort's flushed ear as he shifted and plunged deeply into Byakuya's lovely, yielded body, "This is the kind of passion that will always exist between us. No matter what our enemies do to try to separate matter how they try to undo us, we will always...always find our way back into each other's arms."

He laid across Byakuya's sweating back, his chin hooked over one of the noble's shoulders, coaxing hard, open mouthed kisses from him as his hips thrust forcefully and at an almost brutal pace. He felt Byakuya's body shudder warningly, and his lips curled into a dastardly smile. He reached down, halting him just short of completion, and bringing out the full fury of the demon he had become. Byakuya thrashed and growled furiously as Aizen's body went taut against his back and the king's seething release filled him inside. His chest heaved as Aizen rested for a moment, his heart still pounding with satedness and a flash of dizziness passing over him. Then, he pushed the noble down onto his back and tormented him endlessly, then watched closely as the consort exploded into orgasm.

Aizen's wanton mouth smiled as Byakuya seemed to sink into a lovely, breathless haze.

He gave a shivering sigh and blinked sleepily as Aizen returned to his mouth and kissed him more slowly, sharing the warm, savory flavors of his explorations. Byakuya fed quietly on his mouth, then curled into his arms and started to drift off, looking out the glass doors and into the pretty, blue sky.

He made a soft sound of contentedness as Aizen's hand slowly caressed his round belly, and he felt the reiatsu within him begin to stir restlessly. He bit at his suddenly quivering lips as he registered the lingering threat of Diablo's presence within his body, but breathed in the warm, calming scents of their lovemaking and forced the worries away.

There is nothing to be gained by worrying about it. Our fates will play out soon enough and we will have our answers.

Whatever happens...


I will make peace with long as we have each other.

"I love you."

Aizen smiled.

"I burn for you."


Together like this...

We will find our way.