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E/O Challenge: Box. "Puzzle Boxes". Two unrelated 100 & 200-word drabbles regarding mysterious boxes. #1 SPN: Sam may not be in the safest hands. #2 SuperWho: A temp describes her new boss. Spoilers for SPN Season 7 & Doctor Who Season 4.


Puzzle Boxes


A/N: SPN: Sam may not be in the safest hands. Spoilers & conjecture for Season 7

The Lament Configuration

Although it pained Dean to have had Sam committed following his brother's breakdown, it was a comfort to know he'd somehow secured Sam a place in the renowned Channard Institute, under the direct care of the founder. Dr Channard was considered the expert in PTSD.

Dean left, maybe not happy, but with the belief he'd done the best for his brother.

Dr Channard watched Dean go, then turned to Sam.

"You both reek of hellfire, but it's strongest on you. Let's see what you make of this," he purred, handing the traumatized youngest Winchester an antique, intricately carved puzzle box...


A/N: SuperWho: The best temp in Chiswick describes her mysterious new boss. Spoilers for Doctor Who Season 4. A special double drabble for Tuppence and CFEditor...

Office Angels

"Hi Granddad," called Donna, as she kissed Wilfred who was busy washing up.

"So how was your day, darlin'?"

"It was funny. I got a new temping job in one of those swanky managed offices."

"What's so funny 'bout that?"

"Apparently they asked for me by name," she gloated.

"Oh, well done love! So, what's the new boss like then?"

"He's a Yank. Quiet bloke. Lovely eyes," she sighed, "Don't think he's been 'ere long though, cause he's not used to the weather, kept this stupid flasher's mac on the whole bleedin' time."

Wilf chuckled.

"Bit of a starer though," Donna considered, her voice trailing off at the memory.

Wilf's expression darkened at the perceived slight to his cherished granddaughter.

"What did you say this bunch of jokers were called?"

"I didn't! Winchester Bros, although I've still got no idea what they actually do."

She had an unbidden flashback to meeting her new boss.

"So Mr...?"

"Castiel," the man in the trenchcoat had replied.

"What do you need me to do?" she'd asked.

Mr Castiel had looked at her expectantly.

"He had me spend all day researching sightings for some old Police Box."

Wilf dropped the dish he'd been drying.



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