Title: That is All
Rating: PG
Pairing: John/Sherlock, John/Mary (Morstan)
Wordcount: ~600
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own Sherlock, and I do not make any money from this fanwork.
Summary: Sherlock breaks up with John via text message. That is all.

This isn't working. I don't want you. That is all. SH.

John stares down at his mobile, wondering where this is coming from. Everything seemed perfectly fine last night. They finished a thrilling case involving disappearing secrets and a carpet with an usual stain, and then had dinner at Angelo's before going back to Baker Street. Where they snogged for over an hour, before calming down to cuddle on the sofa and steal a few more kisses. John thought... John thought everything was fine. Better than fine. Great.

He swallows thickly, wondering if the past two weeks have just been an experiment for Sherlock. He can't... he doesn't understand why Sherlock would lead him on like this, and then break it off via text. While John is at work and can't do anything about it. His mobile trills again before he can put it away and wave the next patient in.

Don't move out. I need you for cases. Anderson still won't work with me. SH. .

John swallows the angry sob that wants to rise at those words. He knew Sherlock was selfish - he knows Sherlock is selfish. He just... has unrealistic expectations, sometimes. Like Sherlock not putting decomposing heads in the fridge, or actually telling John what is going on, or...

Caring about John's feelings.

Yes. Unrealistic expectations.

John puts his mobile away and resolves to talk to Sherlock when he gets home later.

Except Sherlock isn't there when John gets home. He's not there all night, or the next morning when John wakes up - though there's evidence in the sitting room that Sherlock came back at least for a little while over night. It is three days before Sherlock is in place long enough for John to talk to him. And then - John just doesn't have the motivation. He can't face Sherlock's icy gaze, or his cold words, or his sneer. He knows Sherlock would call him an emotional idiot, and refuse to answer his questions, and... So John just - lets it go.

Sherlock doesn't want to be more than friends. That's - fine. It's fine.

It's all fine.

Except most the time John doesn't even feel like a friend anymore.

8 months later...

John stares down at the ring in his hand. He hopes... he hopes Mary will like it. He's booked a reservation at their favorite restaurant, and he's wearing the blue shirt he knows she likes. John has the speech all prepared, written down in his pocket (though he's memorized it, of course). He has a feeling he'll go off script - but that'll be fine. Mary's very understanding. He imagines that she'll say 'yes'. They've talked about marriage, after all. She seems very agreeable to the idea.

Sherlock bursts into the room, expression animated. His current case is providing quite the puzzle. He's been working on it a full four days, already.

Sherlock suddenly goes very still.

"You're... you're going to ask her to marry you," he observes, his voice dull except when he says 'her' - then it is full of all the vicious scorn he reserves for Mary.

Sherlock seemed to tolerate her well enough when she presented him with the case of the Sign of Four. It was only after she started dating John that he deemed her worthy of scorn. John would take it to mean that Sherlock is jealous, except Sherlock doesn't do 'jealous'. Certainly not because of John. It is much more likely that he just doesn't appreciate her taking John's time away from The Work.

"Yes," John agrees. "I think Mary will say 'yes'."

Sherlock swallows heavily - John can see his Adam's apple move with the motion.

"Yes," Sherlock replies. "She... she would be a fool not to."