"Where the hell do you think you're going!" The pure fury that shook the voice made her freeze in her tracks. Red eyes filled with malice lock on hers as the girl tried to scramble away. "Ah-ah-ah." He chided.

Nail dug into the soft skin at her ankles as he pulled her back towards him. "I'm not done playing with you just yet pet." He growled beside her ear. An ear splitting scream broke the night and blood covered lips pulled back in a smirk to reveal a row of pointed teeth.

Dark purplish circles rested just below the girl's bloodshot eyes. Brown hair brushed and styled just so, jeans, a jacket, all to hide the bruises. "Look! White trash Barbie musta had a hard night on her corner she's all covered up again." A preppy girl near the front of the bus spat in a nasally voice. The group in the seat beside her snickered. Seemingly out of nowhere a hand flew out grabbing the girls' head and smashing it against the window.

"I suggest, Carly, that you leave her alone." Tears dripped from the girl's wide eyes as she hiccupped and nodded. His hand left her face and moved to the other girl's wrist as he moved back to his seat. "Sit Zoë."

Wincing the dark haired girl took as seat beside him. "T-thank you Dimitri." She whispered wringing her hands in her lap.

"Yeah well Donavan knows better than to let his bitch harass you and if he's not going to teach her I will." The boy snapped sending a glare backs up at the sniffling girl being comforted by her friends. The rest of the ride to school is a near silent one, at least between the pair.

"I-I"ll see you at lunch." Zoë mumbled walking down the hall away from him.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" He growled slamming the smaller boy against the lockers. " Don't you know better than to touch what isn't yours?"

"Dimitri please! I-i just fell, he was h-helping me up!" Zoë whimpered clutching at his arm. "Don't hurt him…"

"Get out of here! You're not even worth it." Dimitri snarled dropping the boy to the floor and watching as he hurried away. Eyes still flashing with anger glanced back at the dark haired girl.

"C-can we go to lunch now Dimi?" She asked quietly using his childhood nickname to try and sooth the boy. A small smile graced the boy's mouth as he looked at how fragile she seemed to be in that moment.

"Sure." He said wrapping his arm around her shoulders and leading her into the lunchroom.

"Dimitri!" A blonde sitting near the back wall shouted waving his arms gestured for the pair to join him.

"You okay with sitting near them?" Dimitri paused trying to get a look at her face.

"Yeah. It's fine." She mumbled walking with him to the table and sitting down next sandwiched between Dimitri and the wall. The blonde boy gave them a toothy smile.

"Charlie, you need to keep a tighter grip on Carly. She was after Zoë again this morning." The black haired teen stated before taking a drink of soda. The blonde's eyes widened.

"Really?"He asked seeming genuinely shocked. "I'm sorry Xavier's had me working with Hannah al week so I guess she's lashing out again. I'll fix her." He said with another more malicious grin. He turned his golden eyes onto the girl beside his friend. "Sorry there kitty-cat." He chuckled ruffling her hair.

Franticly she reached up to try and fix it but the damage was done. Dimitri gripped her face with both hands turning it toward him and forcing her to meet his gaze. "What the fuck! Who the hell hit you? Tell me!" He barked.

"Let me go! It hurts Dimitri! Let me go!" She screeched slapping his hands away. Panic rose in her throat as she realized what had happened. "I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to I just.." Pushing her chair away from the table, Zoë torn out of the lunchroom and raced outside.

"Someone's been hitting your girl." Charlie said popping another French fry into his mouth. Anger bubbled beneath Dimtri's skin as he stared down at the table seeing only red.

"Yeah and when I find out who I'm going to tear out his fucking throat."