Olivia stared sadly out of her room at the Xavier institute. She had been staying at the institute ever since she found Jimmy or Logan as he liked to be called now. She was helping fill in whatever blanks in his memory that she could back when they were both in weapon X.

Needless to say Olivia had turned the school upside down. Her wild and unpredictable ways were un-nerving to most, but after what she had been through due to her extended life it was understood. Plus her lack of care for the safety or lives of herself or others did not win her many brownie points. She fingered her locket, a gift from a very special and long since dead person from her past, as she looked over the grounds.

Olivia's eyes snapped up as she saw movement in the woods that boarded the school. Quickly letting her power over shadows envelop her body she turned into an inky substance and slid down the wall from her balcony and onto the ground floor. She darted effortlessly amongst shadows until she was in the tree line.

She reformed, but remained covered in shadows as she surveyed the surrounding area. She was just peeking around a tree, but couldn't see anything at all. She hesitated, standing back and debating what to do next.

Olivia drew in a breath of surprise when the world spun backward and she suddenly found herself facing the mansion instead of the woods, a thick hand clamped over both her mouth and her nose, her back pressed against something as hard and broad as a wall.

"What's a nice…chick like you doing in a place like this?" That voice, Olivia thought, I know that voice. She quickly turned into ink and slipped out of his grasp. She reformed in front of him. "Wow, neat trick."

"Wade?" Olivia said uncertainly.

The man in the red and black skin suit tensed up and quickly pulled out a gun. He pressed it right against her head, and was slightly surprised when her smile grew.

"How do you know my name?" He asked.

Olivia wasn't surprised that he didn't recognize her. It wasn't till a time after she had quit the weapon X team after they had told her Wade was dead that she had learned to turn her body completely into shadow. She quickly shed her shadowy form and revealed her true form.

"Olivia?" He said uncertainly as he lowered the gun.

Olivia wasted no time as she threw herself into his arms knocking the gun out of his hand.

"They told me you were dead." She said.

"Funny, they said the same thing about you." He quipped as he tightened his hold on her. They pulled back slightly, but kept their arms around each other. Olivia raised her hands to Wade's face in order to remove his mask, but he stopped her.

"What's wrong? I want to kiss you." Olivia pouted.

"Babe I would like nothing more, but…" Wade trailed off.

"I know what you look like under their Wade. I was there when you fought Jimmy. I would have stayed, but I had to get those prisoners out of there, but when I got back everyone was gone and the place was crawling with feds. I saw your decapitated head lying on the ground and thought…" Olivia looked down trying to hide her tears.

Wade let go of her and took a step back. She looked up and watched as he removed his mask. She looked at the twisted flesh and then grinned widely. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss.