There are a few things you need to know before you start reading. The Sandlot takes place in modern time and all the events in the movie have passed. I knew that if I stayed with the events that I would fail miserably. Another is that they're a little older.

My OC is fifteen going on sixteen and Benny is already sixteen. Them along with most of the Sandlot gang are going to enter they're sophomore year of HS once their summer ends. It's rated T for language, I don't plan on writing more than a heavy make out scene unless requested by you guys. Everything you need to know about my OC you'll know as the story progresses, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

June 20th 2008

As soon as we pulled up to the yellow house I jumped out of the car and stretched my arms out. Ugh man did I hate sitting in a cramped car for more than ten minutes and I had been sitting in that car for more than four hours. I guess it was worth it though because we were finally here, in my childhood home in San Fernando Valley. I lived in San Fernando from the time I was a baby 'til the time I was seven. When I was seven my mom and I moved to Ponce Puerto Rico to live with my grandmother. She was sick and my mom didn't want to leave her by herself so we moved. I didn't want to move, in fact I cried and yelled the whole way there. The people on the plane sure did give me some dirty looks. But when I got there I mellowed out, I accepted the fact that I was going to live in Puerto Rico the place in which I was born. I honestly didn't think that we would be moving back, and I wasn't too happy about being back. I wasn't unhappy but I wasn't happy either. I mean think about it I spent most of my adolescent years in Puerto Rico. I had all my firsts there like my first kiss, my first boyfriend, first heart break. There was only one first that I didn't have in Puerto Rico and that first was one I planned to have on my wedding night. Anyways I'm getting off topic; my point is that I was no longer a kid. Making friends in the town wasn't going to be as easy as it was when I was seven. Of course I had friends when I was in San Fernando when I lived there but I doubted that any of them would remember me.

I was in the kitchen unpacking the dishes when I heard the doorbell ring. I put down the blender that was in my hand and walked over to the front door. I wiped the sweat on my forehead with the back of my hand; when I opened the door I was face to face with a dark brown haired woman my mom's age and a dirty blonde haired boy about my age.

"Hi." I said with a smile on my face.

"Hello my name is Karen Smalls and this is my son Scott." The lady said gesturing to the blonde. "We live a couple of houses down and wanted to come over to see if you and your family needed any help with unpacking."

"Oh well I'm Catalina Torres, I'll call my mom." I smiled and they both returned it though Scott's was a little more shy. "Mama." I half yelled.

"Yes?" She called back.

"We have guests." I called back and two seconds later my mother was at the door talking to Mrs. Smalls. I was told to go get the rest of the things from the car. I walked out to the car with Scott following behind.

"You need any help with those boxes?" He asked me in a low voice. I looked over at him and notice that his hands were in his pocket and he was looking at the ground. Nervous habit maybe?

"Sure." I said picking up one of the boxes and walking back to the house. I felt a little bad because I left Scott standing there looking shocked and confused. I quickly got over it though.

Once the boxes were in the house and the car was fully unloaded my mom shooed me away to go make some friends and Scott's mom told him to hang out with me and show me around town. It was as if our mothers were setting us up on a play date. While walking out of my house I mentioned that to Scott and he just blushed.

"Why don't you talk?" I asked him after about a minute of awkward silence. We ended up walking over to Scotts house and sitting on his front steps.

He looked over at me confused. "Huh?"

"Why don't you talk?" I repeated.

"I talk." He mumbled.

I rolled my eyes. "Well then talk to me."

"I don't really know what to say." He admitted shyly,

I couldn't help but laugh lightly. "Okay then I'll start. My name is Catalina Torres, but you can call me Lina. I am fifteen, I'm and incoming tenth grader. I used to live in San Fernando when I was seven but then I moved to Puerto Rico and now I'm back. I like reading, writing, videos games, sports."

"What sports do you like?" He asked when I was finished talking. It figures that sports would be the thing to get him to talk.

"Well I like Basketball, football, boxing is a big one, and baseball."

"You like Baseball?" So he was a baseball person.

"Yeah, I like to watch it not play."

"Why not?"

"One time when I was nine I was playing outside with my cousin in our backyard; we were playing catch and then my younger cousin came outside. While I was telling her to go back inside my cousin threw the ball and it hit me in the head."

Scott started laughing. "Really?"

"Yes really, he hit me hard too because the next thing I know blood was all on the right side of my face and my grandmother was freaking out. Then I was in the hospital getting stitches." Scott stopped laughing and he had a serious expression on his face. I had to laugh. "It hurt like hell but I'm fine now. The only thing is now I have a scar." I pointed the scar that marked the spot on my forehead a little above my right eyebrow.

"I understand now, you don't play baseball because you think someone is going to hit you."

I nodded. "That's exactly it." I rubbed my scar, I could almost feel the pain I was in that day.

"Hey Smalls, come on!" Someone yelled from down the street. We both looked and saw about eight boys walking towards us, one coming out of the house right next door to mine.

"I guess you have to go now huh?" I said standing up after Scott.

"Yeah." We walked down his driveway in the direction his friends were.

"We're actually going to go play some baseball, do you wanna come watch."

I looked at the guys walking over most of them with curious looks on their faces. "I don't think your friends want a girl watching them while they play."

He nodded. "Maybe but it won't hurt to ask. It beats unpacking." He was right about that.

I stood beside Scott or Smalls as I considered calling him; Scott sounded soooo formal. "Hey guys, this is Catalina. She just moved in." Smalls said pointing to my house.

"Oh you moved in right next to Benny." A boy with black rimmed glasses said. I heard a round of 'oh yeahs.' Benny, why does that name sound so familiar? I thought to myself, it did sound familiar. But then again there were many people with that name so I probably heard it somewhere.

"Anyways Lina is new in town and doesn't really have anyone to hang out with. So I was wondering if she could come with us to the Sandlot and watch us pay baseball." And then silence, the boys were exchanging curious and confused looks. Looking from each other to Smalls to me and back to each other. No one really said anything.

Then out of the voices I heard "Yeah, she can come watch."All heads turned to the voice and I saw someone who I didn't notice before. He was tall, had muscles, dark brown hair, tan skin, and beautiful hazel eyes. There was no use in denying it, he was good looking. More than good looking, but I was too stunned to think of any other word. He had an aura about him that only he could have. I wish I could explain it, and you could tell the other boys had a lot respect for him. As soon as he said that I could watch no one disagreed with him, and they circled around him. The word that came to mind was admiration.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when someone tapped me on the shoulder, I looked and saw that it was Smalls. I then realized that everyone was walking ahead, the only ones not walking were me, Smalls and the good looking guy that said I could watch.

"What?" I asked when they both just looked at me without saying anything.

"Come one." Smalls said taking a step forward; I followed his lead.

We walked in silence for a bit before Smalls said something "This is Benny." He said pointing to good looking guy who's name was apparently Benny.

He smiled at me and I nearly let out a fan girl squeal. Oh god what is wrong with me? Despite me mentally slapping myself I smiled back. "I'm Catalina but I got by Lina, I guess I'm your new neighbor." Looking at Benny a little closer I noticed that he also looked a little familiar, like I've seen him before. I shrugged off the thought, I decided to focus on the fact that I was now living next to quite possibly the most good looking person I have ever seen. Yeah that thought made me want to smile like an idiot but I settled for a shy smile.

It didn't take us long until we reached this so called 'Sandlot' as soon as we got there everyone ran to get to their positions. The guys had so much energy it was contagious. I wanted to go run around with them, but then the image of a baseball flying at me popped in to my mind and I decided I would just cheer from the dugout. I walked over to the dugout while the others prepared for their game. I didn't feel like sitting so I stood there watching everyone. On our walk I had learned everyone's name with the help of smalls. which means I was no longer lost as too who was who. On the walk I also got a taste of their personalities. For the most part all of them were loud and had smart mouths, the only ones who weren't so loud were Smalls and Benny. They were very entertaining, always insulting each other playfully. I watched as Kenny pitched to Benny. Benny hit the ball and it went flying straight to smalls, Smalls had to run farther back to get the ball. Benny began to run the bases as smalls threw the ball to Bertram but by the time he got the ball Benny passed him. Damn he was fast.

I watched as the guys played Baseball, they were amazing. It seemed as baseball was the thing that calmed them. As soon as they started playing they were no longer joking around they were serious and playing. Sure they would joke here and there but mostly they were too focused on the game. I on the other hand was not so calm. I was so pumped up, I kept jumping up and down. Cheering yelling, I was in to the game too. Not to sound cliche or anything but I was their cheerleader. That sounded weird to me because I never really liked cheerleaders and I wasn't a girly girl. I mean sure I dressed nice to make sure I looked good but my wardrobe mostly consisted of dark fun colors. Instead of bright pastel ones, I had a few yellow shirts I guess but it didn't really count because they had some type of crazy design. It looked like the boys didn't mind my cheering. When I first started they laughed and looked at me like I was crazy bu after that they just sent smiles my way.

It was obvious when they guys were done playing for the day. The sun was setting, and they walked over to the dugout. They were all sweaty and they were barely walking. It was more like stumbling. I wondered if they played that long every day because if they did it certainly wasn't healthy. Because that would mean that they played from morning to night with barely a break; and when they did take a break they didn't even drink water to keep themselves hydrate. They drank pop AND on top of that the boys didn't eat. They just played, I'm surprised they didn't pass out from dehydration or something. I wasn't even playing and I was ready to pass out from starvation. In my head I kept whining that I was hungry. UGH! I'm going to die if I don't eat something soon. I don't know how they can do it.

We all walked home in silence, probably because they were too tired to make any conversation. Before Ham separated to go to his house Benny reminded him that they were going to meet at the sandlot at eight thirty the next morning. Then it was just me, smalls and Benny.

I decided that I would break the silence. "I had fun today." They two guys looked at me. "You all are really good." They looked at each other and gave smiles. "Do you guys play like that everyday?"

Benny was the one to answer. "Nah, we usually end earlier but summer just started so we all got a little excited." I nodded my head in understanding.

"Now you all have the whole summer to play as much baseball as you want." Benny beamed at the comment. It showed that he had a real love for the sport meanwhile Small rolled his eyes and groaned.

We reached smalls house and he was about to walk up to his house when I stopped him, gave him a quick hug and thanked him for today. He blushed mumbled "Your welcome" and went in to his house. Then it was just me and good looking guy. Now that we were alone I looked at him, I was sure that I had seen the guy before. I swear I know him. I don't know from where but I know from somewhere. But of course I couldn't just come right out and ask him if I knew him. In the off chance that I was wrong I would look stupid and I would have embarrassed myself in front of him. We stopped in front of my house, and I smiled up at Benny who was a good few inches taller than me. Not like I had to tilt my head all the way back to look up at him but I did have to look up. He gave me a crooked smile. Well damn that's hot. I could feel my cheeks heating up and hoped that he couldn't see. I thought about hugging him like I did smalls but I figure it wouldn't go over too well considering that Benny and I hadn't even had a full conversation.

"Thanks for letting me tag along today." I said after minutes of us just standing awkwardly by my door.

"It's no problem. You can tag along anytime you want."

"Cool. I should probably get inside and start on unpacking my room." I didn't want to go inside but I was sweaty and itching for a shower. Benny nodded in understanding. "So I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yeah, you can come with me and smalls to the sandlot at eight thirty or come by whenever."

"Okay, Goodnight neighbor."

"Goodnight." With that he walked over the lawn to his house stopping only to shoot me another one of his smiles. I walked inside my house with a big smile on my face. I went to find my mom and wish her a goodnight. Then I went in to my room grabbed some clothes and went to shower. When I got out I climbed into bed. I fell asleep that night thinking about Benny, I know that I had seen him before but where?

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I love the Sandlot it's in my top 5 favorite movies. Benny is my fave along with Yeah Yeah and squints :) Now I realize that this isn't my best writing but I promise it'll get better as the story goes on. Have any questions?

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