Chapter 1: Pain of Loss

Author's Note:

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A woman as beautiful as a goddess… Her sharp silver eyes, her hair going down her shoulders in shiny black waves, and her slightly curved body are all critical pieces of the beauty she is. His eyes take in every visible inch of her, as she slowly comes closer to him, determination, hope, and love all reflecting in her eyes. As she comes closer he drinks in her addicting perfume. It feels as if no time has gone by until she is in his arms. Then, the ground beneath her drops and takes her with it, and all he can do is watch helplessly as she plummets into the darkness which she had always been protected from. He looks up only to see an over towering blackness slowly closing in on his soul.

Raistlin wakes up from the never-ending nightmare; sweat and tears cover his face.

"I dream of things I'll never have", he thought angrily.

"So you do know you'll never hold her again, only in your dreams", his queen mocked him. She the laughed a laugh even more sarcastic and cynical then Raistlin's, while he was forced to listen.

. . . .

She woke hoping to find light and hope to delinquish the terror of her dream, but was disappointed to find only the darkness of her forever curse and unseeing eyes.

"I am so pathetic. The only man I loved is now stuck in the Abyss and I am still hopelessly in love", Crysania thought to herself. She lied in her bed for the rest of the morning sobbing uncontrollably until a woman came in to tell her it was time for prayer. Crysania slowly got up and let the woman guide her to prayer.

Author's Note: The Sequel

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