Let's just jump right into this.

From I'mDifferent-GetOverIt.


Hey. 'Sup?

1. How's life?

Swell. Quite swell.

2. Do you enjoy card games?

Sometimes, but I haven't played much lately.

3. Are you crafty at all?

I guess you can say that.

4. Do you prefer mechanical or regular pencils?


5. Computer problems suck. My dad bought me a new laptop because my old one
had so many viruses on it. On the bright side, I didn't lose any of my writing
AND it's a Windows 7. :D

That's good; Fish also got Windows 7. Unfortunately, she did lose all of her writing.




From Asuragetsfalconpunched.

Kon'nichiwa, tōto-shin. Bābekyū wa... Suzushī.


1.) Do you know what I said?

Yes, but it would be easier if you used the characters.

2.) If so, good for you. If no, I'll tell you what it means later. Is that O.
K. with you?


3.) Yes. Yes, the Carter and Horus pairing does exist. I've seen it. Look up

Carter and Horus, narrow it down to where it is only Carter and Horus'

characters and the genre is romance. There is where you will find the Carter

and Horus pairing. They are both by a writer named Oreo13, and they are

actually pretty good.

Uh…I'll pass.

4.) Do you approve of this pairing?

I have the same feelings towards this pairing that I have towards Sanubis. Which is to day, I don't.

5.) Who is the Egyptian God or Goddess of the Night and/or Darkness?

Nephthys and Kuk.

6.) Does this quote from my friend's unpublished story disturb you at all? "In
some ways, I am just plain insane. In other's, I'm the most sane person you'll
ever meet. Either way, I still got locked up in the loony bin. And guess what
else! They serve pizza every Wednesday!"

Not really disturbed by this.

7.) Does it bother you to know that I am plotting to try and stop Aphophis by

Yes, please don't. Please!

8.) If so, don't worry. I'll be fine. Keep your friends close, but keep your
enemies closer... That IS the phrase they use in situations like this, isn't

Yes, but not when they're talking about a giant fucking snake that eats happiness for brunch! (Excuse my language).

9.) I think I'll go try and carry out my plan now. Do you want to help?


Just calm down, the gods and senior magicians will take care of it.

From CrazyAndIKnowIt.


I'm sorry.


I'm a terrible person.

2. F*** THE WORLD!

I don't think Geb will appreciate that.


Like I said, I'm a terrible person.


Good, I can add you to my list.

5. I'm back to normal :)


6. What would happen to the world if I ruled it?

Like a Michael Bay film (explosions everywhere).


Nabu. He's sexy.

8. Yay.


10. Can you ask Anubis if he'll play fetch with me? It'll be fuuuuuuun. I have
that little doggie toy thingy and a bone! WE CAN BE BFFBS!

That actually sounds like fun…

11. I DO NOT have an LMFAO song as my pen-name! IT WAS INSPIRED BY AN LMFAO

Inspired by an LMFAO song…never thought I'd hear that before.


No and sure.

From Loki.

What kind of relationship do Thanatos and Anubis have?

They get along okay, but they don't speak to each other that much.

Are youfriends with Odin since your both gods of wisdom?

Yeah, we get along.

Who is older, Ptah orthe Greek god Chaos?


From Fenrir the Vicious.

Why would an egyptain demigod have a lower survival rate than a greek one?

Egyptian gods need a host to survive in the human world (unless they decide to create a human form, like me), but that need is passed down to the child. Unfortunately, the demigod can't have a host so it is more vulnerable to diseases and birth defects. There's more to it, but I'm teaching a class on the history of sexuality and Egyptian deities, where I go into more detail.

Also would child of sekhmet be able to tun into some bull/lion hybird monstersince hathor and sekhmet are basicly the same goddess?

No, but they may have bipolar disorder.

Could an egyptain demigod change into there parents animal form?

No, but they can summon that animal. Again, this is all hypothetical because I have yet to find out about an Egyptian demigod.

What do you have aginst the pedojackel?

Because that's exactly what he is: a pedophile and a jackal. I can't understand this mentality; I would never be in a relationship with a mortal woman, especially a 13-year-old.

If the greek god are frat boys with too much power,the norse gods are like

drunking abusive fathers then what about the aztec and asian gods what are

they like?

Aztec gods are like sadists due to the blood thing (but they are nice once you get to know them). And it really depends about which Asian gods you are talking about. The Japanese gods are kind of like a more toned-down version of the Greek gods (but then again, it depends which ones), the Hindu gods can act a little weird, but they're also pretty good (if you're reading this Kali, I'm sorry!), and I don't know the Chinese gods very well, but they seem pretty nice.

Are greek and roman demigods evenly matched with magicians interms of combat?

Well Greek/Roman fighting styles are vastly different from Egyptian styles, but overall, I guess so.

Are or were the epgytain pantheons more powerful than the greek and roman

Egyptian. Because I was in it.

Does the extremly powerful and homicidle god called yaweh thats worshipped by
christains jews and muslums really exisit? If so should every god mortal and
monster fear for there lives?

Oh boy. The controversial subject of modern gods. Let's just say that every god sticks to their people. Aztecs aren't slaughtering the Japanese, the Egyptian gods aren't killing the Greeks. Sure people from other cultures can kill each other, but the gods can't do it themselves.

There are a hell of alot culture that have giant snakes in there legends like
the aztecs with QUETZALCOATL and the norse with JORMUNGAND could they and
aphophis be the same being?

Well they are similar, but they are not the same.

What would happen to the universe if all cultures and gods collied in one
great war?


From Princess Celeste.

Thanks for answering my questions last time so... HERE I AM AGAIN!


1. Have you watched "The Avengers"?

Which one? The 2012 movie isn't out yet, the British TV show (and movie based on it) was okay, I'm not a fan of the 1999 animated series, and the 2010 series is actually very good.

2. Do you like LEGO?

It's fun to make famous monuments with them.

3. Do you read manga?


4. Do you like the Ichihime couple from Bleach? Or are you an Ichiruki fan...

I'm not very familiar with Bleach.

5. Are you a fan of One Direction? (Please answer too Fish!) I am a big fan of

They're…okay? Fish, answer.

Fish: I grew up during the boy bands craze of the 90's and early 2000's and One Direction is very similar to the Backstreet Boys or 'N Sync. So basically, I don't think they're anything new, but that doesn't make them bad. I wasn't one of those people who hated the boy bands.

6. Who would win in a battle between Annabeth and Reyna?

Cat fight! It would be a long fight, but the odds are in favour to both of them.

7. Who deserves Jason? Piper or Reyna?

I really don't like getting involved in these things, but logically I'm going to have to go with Reyna.

8. If you would date any anime character, who would it be?

The Great Will of the Macrocosm from Excel Saga and Celty from Durarara are pretty hot.

9. Which is a better long range weapon, a bow and arrow, or a lightweight

You mean a sling shot? Personally, I prefer a bow and an arrow.

10. What do you think of Katniss Everdeen?

She's a strong and likeable character.

Fish: She was hot in the movie.

Quiet! (Though she was…).

11. Do you like the song "Life"? It's ending song 5 on Bleach?

It's pretty good.

12. In your opinion, how addicted am I to Ichihime?

You don't seem that addicted.

From Ma'at.

What? You don't like LMFAO? They're awesome! Are you judging my music

I'm not a fan, but let's not discuss our music tastes.

Yes, I (sometimes) forget how many years we've been married for.

Don't worry. I know it's been a while since you've been in a mortal form.

P.S. Why did you let some random stalker kidnap you? You're a god, for Ra's
sake! Are you safe in there?

I didn't let her kidnap me, but I wasn't going to hurt her. And let me assure you, dear, I am still loyal to you and Fish is not only in a relationship, but she's also gay.


And she's missing too many brain cells for me to ever be interested in her. Ma'at, you're still the only one for me.

Fish: What about your other wives?

Those were arranged marriages.

P.P.S. I'm supposed to tell you something right now. I forgot though.

Don't worry, love. I understand.

P.P.P.S Oh yeah! When we meet again, be prepared to have some coffee thrown at

Sweetie? Why would you throw coffee at me? Did I upset you, love?

P.P.P.P.S Are you getting tired of the P.S's?

You can put as many p's and s's as you want, dear.

Fish: Teehee…that sounded dirty.


Oh, well. That's all from me now, hon.

I hope to hear from you again. :)

Keep being a nerd!

I'll be sure to.

Fish: I'm getting the creeping suspicion that this is actually CrazyAndIKnowIt

Please let me believe I'm speaking to my wife for the first time in almost 300 years, please.