Zero walked through the hallways swiftly, still humming the haunting tune. A smirk was still plastered on his face. He walked swiftly, making it to the front door of the school. The sky was getting dark, and the stars and moon were starting to show. The moon as full, and there was scarce clouds, making the moon look eerie. Zero walked over and leaned on the wall, his hands in his pockets.

The night class students approached the door, and when Zero saw Kaname, he stood up straight and walked over. He tapped the brunette on the shoulder, Kaname turning his head to look at Zero.

"What do you want?" Kaname frowned and stopped walking, the other night students walking past him and into the building.

"I have to talk to you." Zero lied, slipping his hands out of his pocket," I have to talk to you in private." At the second statement, Kaname looked uncomfortable with, but he nodded.

"Fine. This better be good, because I have to get to class." Kaname glanced at the school building, then back to Zero. Zero went to turn and walk, but after a few steps he paused and turned.

"Before we go- want a piece of gum?" Zero pulled the spiked gum packet out of his pocket, and pulled out a piece of the minty treat, and held it out to Kaname. Kaname eyed it suspiciously, but took it from the other anyway.

"Alright." He unwrapped the treat and popped it into his mouth, chewing slowly to soften it up. Once it was softened, he was chewing normally; he had his mouth closed. Zero didn't move from his spot, eyeing Kaname, just waiting for the drug to kick in. It only took a few seconds for the drug to kick in, Kaname raising a hand to rub his head.

"I feel a bit...dizzy.." Kaname mumbled, suddenly collapsing to the ground, blacking out; the gum falling out of his mouth and onto the dirt ground. Perfect. The drug worked quite nicely. Zero smirked and picked up Kaname bridal style, walking away. Time to bring Kaname to the secret room, strap him down, and lay out the knives and tools before he woke up. Then the fun could really start.