I was used to tornado warnings and watches here in Kansas, they were natural to me. I was used to having to get out of my shower because of a warning or having to get out my families emergency kit just in case. Usually, tornados didn't happen and when there was, they were small and didn't do much damage.

Well, that's what I used to think until, a devastating tornado hit our small town in Kansas but, I'm speaking way too fast, let's take it back a bit, shall we?


It was a sunny, warm summer day, the kind that everybody enjoyed. I enjoyed the warm weather kindly by the pool; my dad was a surgeon and my mom, a lawyer, so we had a mansion! I didn't get to spend much of my time with them because they're always working but, I didn't mind, I knew that they had to work because both of their jobs are important.

Anyways, as I was saying, I walked out towards the pool with my lemonade and magazine and sat on a pool chair, when my annoying neighbor, Sonic, tore the peace. He bounced up from his trampoline.

"Hey Amy!" He bounced; I glanced at him and sighed, "What do you want, hedgehog?" He didn't answer but, continued bouncing in my direction. I turned my direction away from his until he spoke up again, "You know… there is a… tornado warning… issued… for today."

"There was one yesterday and no crap happened. I don't care!" I said, sternly. He moved his head to the side.

"You know… you're a very… negative… person." Sonic said in between jumps, "I'm not negative; I'm just negative towards you." I said then, I got up took my lemonade and went inside to the kitchen.

"This just in, a tornado warning for today and yes it will be a big one." I got annoyed with the television and shut it off. 'There is not going to be a tornado it's totally just like all the others, nothing is going to happen.' I assured myself.

I didn't do much with my day, I did a little web surfing, listened to some music, and practically stayed inside. It was around six o'clock when a storm rolled around, a few growls of thunder some flashes of lightning, nothing too scary. I really didn't mind, the rest of my night carried on without any hassle so, I just fell asleep around eleven.


It was five o'clock in the morning when the tornado touched the ground, my dad got me out up and my parents and I went to the storm cellar. The wind growled, the thunder crackled, and we heard trees fall, it was a hot mess!

It was about an hour until the whole storm actually passed, we got up from the storm cellar and took a look around, thank goodness our house wasn't damaged at all but, some of our neighbors were.

I glanced around; some of my neighbors were standing outside their houses crying because a tree was through their roofs. I felt devastated by seeing all of these tragic scenes play in front of my eyes, it was truly sad.

I went inside my house along with my parents; we turned on to the news and listened to the reports. Many reports on the death toll and tragic stories of families covered the many different stations, nothing exciting at all.

My parents turned the radio off and then got together some things to donate like, water and canned food. I just went up to my room, my dark room. I looked around, and then outside my window, I noticed all the families, again and wished I could help them all, the problem was, I couldn't.

Ding, dong.

I traveled downstairs and answered the door. Standing in front of my eyes was the annoying blue hedgehog and his family, his large family!

'This is going to be a heck of a ride.' I thought.

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