I eyed the large family suspiciously, I saw first the two parents they were normal, I guess. Next was Sonic, he was sixteen, my age and was freaking annoying. Next to Sonic was a set of twelve year old twins; Bailey and Marge, they were complete opposites.

Bailey was a happy cheery person; she wore bright colors and helped everybody. Kind of like those annoying adults who act like kids on your little brother's television show.

Marge was completely opposite; she was a Goth, she rarely spoke and covered herself in black, she also is a very tough chick.

After the two opposite twins was a ten year old bossy girl, Nia. She loved to take control off the two younger siblings, she practically rules the house.

"May we speak to your parents?" asked Sonic's mother kindly. I just nodded and walked inside towards the kitchen.

"Mom, Dad. Sonic's whole family is here and they would like to see you." I said, the two nodded and headed to our front door, I followed closely behind wanting to find out why they were here I honestly had one thought and that was, their house was destroyed.

"Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Rose. I know this is going to be such a burden and we wouldn't mind if you said no but, our house was destroyed in the tornado and we were wondering if we could stay here until they built are new house." Spoke Sonic's mother.

"Crap." I said underneath my breath, I looked at my parents to see their reaction, I was hoping they would say no but, due to my mother's kind nature, there is no way in the world she would say no.

My mother eyed my father and then spoke, "Dear, we would be more than happy to help you out. Stay as long as you would like." I was about to explode. I no longer have to live next to the annoying-as-heck hedgehog but, have to live with the annoying-as-heck-hedgehog.

The family didn't have much stuff considering most of it was lost in the storm so, unpacking was rather easy. For dinner, we ordered a pizza except, we had to drive halfway across the town to get it and honestly, it wasn't all that great. After dinner, everybody went back to their rooms I was walking through the hallway when I heard a soft whimpering.

As I approached the twins bedroom, the sound got louder I knocked at the door-silence. I opened it up and stepped in.

Sitting in front of her dresser was Marge. Marge voluntarily crying didn't seem right to me so I approached the young girl and said, "Marge?"

She gasped "Amy!" I looked at her and then asked "What's the matter?" She looked down sadly I waited for a response.

"Nothing." She lied; I spoke up and said "Something is obviously wrong considering you may flood your room with tears. Now come on, what's the matter?" She looked down once more and replied.

"Well, school is about to start you know and Bailey and I was supposed to have a beginning of the year party well, because of the tornado we can't have it anymore because our house is gone."

I was confused, since when was Marge ever excited about being social, something was obviously up, and "Since when were you excited about having a party?" I teased.

"I am not!" she argued, I looked at her, "C'mon Marge, why are you excited?" She looked down guilty, she knew she was caught.

"Promise you will not tell anybody?" she said seriously. I nodded and she spoke.

"Well," she stalled "I really like this guy and he was gonna be at the party." She spoke as fast as lightning but, I could make out what she was saying and nodded.

"I see I know that really sucks but, school is starting soon anyways, you'll see him then." I assured they weren't the best motivational words I've ever spoken but, it was all I could come up with.

"Thanks, Amy and also, tell anybody and your dead…literally." She threatened I just nodded and got up from the floor, I left the room and closed the door behind me. I walked upstairs to my bedroom in the attic.

Knock, knock.

"Come in!" I shouted. In from the door entered Bailey with a worried expression on her face. I looked at her and said, "Bailey, what's wrong?"

"Do you know what's the matter with Marge? I just found her crying, Marge never cries." Bailey said. I knew I wasn't supposed to tell anybody what Marge told me but, Bailey deserved to know, she was her sister. Yet I couldn't, I just made up something real fast.

"It could be because her house WAS COMPLETELY RUINED!" I suggested, loudly. She giggled a bit and, I laughed along too.

"That could be why, I don't know. Thanks!" Bailey said, I waved as she exited the room. Finally, some peace and quiet.

Knock. Knock.

I let out a silent growl, "Come in!" I shouted, in walked Sonic, I was surprised by his arrival; he always seemed not to like me very much.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" He asked I nodded confused. He then asked me, "Why do you hate me?" I was definitely surprised by this question, I didn't actually hate him, and I just came across that way.

"Hate you? I don't hate you." I said he nodded and said, "Yes you do, you have always been mean to me and was never nice to me."

"That's just my personality. I will even try and be nice to you but, be cautious if I slip up." I said, I guess trying to be nice to him wouldn't hurt, I mean we will be living together for a while, why live in hate?

Sonic seemed happy about that and said, "Okay, thanks!" he left the room happily and I smiled, I knew that's all he wanted. I glanced at the clock and yawned, I decided to go to sleep. While I was resting I thought that some way somehow, I would have to get the twins party, I just didn't know how.