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Early the next day before the sun rise:

Kiyo stood in the middle of a clearing her eyes are closed and her breaths deep and her ears twitching at every sound. A strong wind came and blew past her pushing her skirt back she lifted her head and breathed deeply, "Kagura," she whispered.

. .

"Things won't always be bad," Kagura said watching the horizon. "I know… They just get worse," Kiyo held her knees and rested her head on them. "All you can do is keep trying," Kagura said looking at her. "With every thing we do to try and oppose the future we bring it closer. It is what he wants," Kiyo said looking up. "As true as that may be, fighting is all we can do. Kiyo we can't let him win," Kagura said holding her chest. "I can't believe your willing to fight and oppose him even after you fought to gain your freedom and died," Kiyo said looking back down. "I am the wind. No matter what I will always be free," Kagura smiled. "Even though it took me from my woman form, and away from him. I will never just bow to Naraku again," Kagura thought. Kiyo smirked a little and stood, "Kagura there is something I need you to do for me," she said looking at her. "Hm? What is it?" Kagura asked. "There is someone we need to reunite with," Kiyo said looking to the horizon.

. .

Kiyo held her shoulder and thought, "Even if it works what will we do with it?". "Kiyo?" Kagome asked walking to her. "Hm?" Kiyo turned and looked at Kagome. She looked at the shoulder Kiyo was holding and remembered when Naraku tore through it trying to get something from it. "The light is gone. Don't tell me Naraku had gotten it," She thought to herself. Kiyo removed her hand from her shoulder and watched her mother's expression. "When I shot Kiyo's shoulder the orb had come out but where did it go?" Kagome's brow was furrowing she didn't understand it. "You needn't worry," Kiyo winked. Kagome just stared at her in surprise and watched her daughter walk off into the distance.

. .

Kagura watched as Kiyo went through a pile of rocks. "Good. He hasn't taken it yet," Kiyo said pulling a mirror from the pile. Kagura's eyes widened at the sight, she knew she'd been "gone" but she never expected to see the day where Kana was gone. They had spent some time there before their two was now three, "Kagura…?" a small voice asked.

Kana stood unsteadily and Kagura helped her around. Kiyo gave her a kimono and they waited as she began to dress. "You know there is only one way for her to regain her strength," Kagura's gaze turned toward Kiyo. "I know," Kiyo's head lowered.

"Kana you remember what to do yes?" Kagura smiled softly at her. Kana nodded and looked at her mirror. Kiyo ran on the roof tops of one of the most corrupted castles. Her poison mask pulled up and her jacket traded for her harori. It was the robe of the fire rat with the sleeves removed. She through a poison that explodes into flames at the castle and set it a flame. Her eyes narrowed as arrows shot at her and she jumped back and did a back flip. Kagura waited for her part as Kiyo ran through the streets dodging arrows. Kiyo ran up two walls hoping from one to the other. "You will fall to my blade Demon!" A man yelled. Kiyo slipped into a dark alley and several men followed, lights had flown from the alley. Kiyo emerged from the alley covered in blood an more men chased her. "Die demon!" One shouted and charged to her but she just cut him down and kept running. Kiyo felt it the darkness setting in but she had to stick to their plan, Kagura could feel it too. Not only was the castle being ran by a demon but the hearts of the residents were black, most of them and Kiyo knew to make the plan work she'd need to purify them other wise a fate worse than death would come for Kana. Kiyo had covered her blades in purification salts but she knew that the salts weren't enough alone and had to use her own spiritual power. But doing so is hard on her to since she is a half demon. "Ahgr!" A man yelled as he was ripped in half. Halfway through killing the residents of the castle Kagura took Kana in and used dance of the dead to protect them while Kana began stealing souls of the living. Kiyo kept going forward and killing those who posed a threat such as the guards and soldiers. Kagura swept through the farmers who took up arms and Kana took the souls she'd need to survive.

"You know they'll be looking for us," Kagura said watching the castle burn down. "I know. Which is why I want you to take this," Kiyo said holding the jewel out to her. Kagura's eyes widened and she took it, "But won't someone pick up on it?". "And that is Kana's job. Kana doesn't have a normal if a soul at all. So the jewel can not tempt her into any selfish wishes," Kiyo said looking at Kana who just stared down at her mirror. "I see. But if we travel with you someone is bound to find it," Kagura said handing the jewel to Kana. "Which is why I am sending you some where no one will find it," Kiyo said handing her a wrapped package. "When you get there open the package," Kiyo said handing her a bird "This will take you there,". "What will you do?" Kagura asked holding the bird. "I am going to go and prepare to discuss our next move," Kiyo said turning so her back faced Kagura. Kagura smiled and threw the bird down and it enlarged and flew off with her and Kana on it's back.

. .

"My mother almost died because of my actions. I need to be more careful from now on and not make such reckless decisions," Kiyo thought watching the darkening sky. Kagome was with Inuyasha and they were sitting beside the fire. Kohaku went to train, and Soske went to find Kiyo. Kiyo sat staring into the forest and let her thoughts wander when she was torn from them by a slight unlikable scent. "Yo," Koga smiled and walked up holding a fresh kill. Kiyo had a bit of a bored expression and Koga just smirked, "So much like your mother aren't you?". "And?" Kiyo said trying to not be mean but give Koga the hint she wasn't in the mood for this. "Well a little traits of that mutt but that's to be expected right?" Koga shrugged. Kiyo's eyes widened and she kicked him in the gut and head butted him, "That "Mutt"as you call him is my father which makes me a "Mutt"! If that is such an annoyance than please get the hell out of my sight! He may not be a full demon but he is stronger than you'd ever hope to be! Even when he wasn't really thinking he at least made up for it. Not even I understand how my mother could have saved such an ignorant bastard such as yourself! She should have let my father slaughter you! You kidnapped her, tried to force her to marry you, and furthest and far most tried to kill the man she is in love with! What I seem to fail to understand is why you can't just take no for an answer. Besides you're old enough to be my dad! So even if I did have interest in you it'd be very weird!" Kiyo yelled at him. "More father than I would have expected, but hey its alright. I don't give up because when I put my mind to something I try my best till I get it," Koga shrugged. Kiyo's eye began to twitch and she turned and left.

Soske found Kiyo resting beside a tree and walked to her, she looked up and softly smiled. He sat next to her and wrapped his arm around her. She leaned on him and slowly began to fall a little forward, he grabbed her and laid her in his lap. He ran his fingers through her soft, short, raven black hair. "Kiyo," He thought to himself as he took in her scent. She had fallen asleep and he held her there in his lap wishing time could freeze so he can keep this moment forever. Kagome began to get a little worried and stood to look for Kiyo and Soske. She walked through the forest and as the sun began to set she felt panic seeping in her heart. But when she turned she found Kiyo sleeping in the lap of a sleeping Soske. She wanted to wake them but also didn't. She took note of where they were and returned to her sleepy husband. A few hours passed and Soske could smell the cool air playing in the trees, he went to stand but remembered he was currently a bed for Kiyo. He looked down at her peaceful expression, her bangs pushed against his chest holding them up against her forehead and keeping them out of her face. Soske smiled at the innocent looking Kiyo, almost like the blood on her blades just dissipated and were never there to begin with. He leaned towards her and lifted her slightly the blood rushed to his cheeks and he felt her soft lips against his as his eyes closed. He held her there for a few moments and lifted his mouth from hers and watched her sleep. Another hour passed before he stood and held her bridal style as he walked back to their camp.

Just as the sun began to rise:

Inuyasha awoke to find Kagome beside him facing away, Kohaku across from them with Kirara snuggling him, Soske holding Kiyo in his lap and Kiyo peacefully sleeping. This tugged at Inuyasha because he'd just learned that Kiyo was his and Kagome's daughter and now she was in a boy's lap. Although these feelings tugged at him to go and pull her off of him he quickly simmered when he remembered she said not to treat her any different, sides she is a strong warrior she can handle herself. Kagome turned over to face Inuyasha and he smirked at her adorable sleeping habits. He remembered when he saw her sleep in her room and how she tossed and turned and said his name in her sleep, but then she said "sit" and his face hit her pink carpet. Or how clumsy she was when he spoke to her friends for the first time. Kiyo stirred a little waking Soske, his eyes slowly opened and he watched her carefully to see if she was ok.

Kagome had to be the last one awake and every one had packed the camp up to continue their journey. When they finally headed out Kagome yawned a little, "Still tired?" Inuyasha asked looking at her. "Hm? Maybe I was one of the last to fall asleep last night," Kagome yawned again. Kiyo returned from scouting ahead and said "well there is a village on the other side of that mountain," she pointed at the mountain and Kagome sighed. "Should we really keep stopping if we are in a hurry?" Kohaku asked. "Perhaps not but still," Kiyo said looking at the distant mountain. They began making their way to the mountain when a familiar face was spotted in a meadow. Kiyo turned to the meadow and a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes looked up at them. Though her nose, cheek bones, cheeks, mouth and chin were covered by a chocolate brown poison mask they way her eyes brightened and she titled her head when they closed showed she was smiling. A green short kimono hugged her frame, short sleeves barley draped from her shoulders by maybe three inches, brown skin tight pants hugged her legs, small brown shoes with pink water lilies two green leaves on the toes shimmered in the sun. A brown paper parasol with pale yellow and white flowers and two dark brown branches were a beautiful painted design and a stained bamboo handle completed her look as she sat on a hill in the flower spotted meadow. "Akimitsu!" Kiyo called and waved. "Akimitsu?" Kagome repeated. "Eh!" Kagome yelled as her eyes widened and she looked the girl up and down. "That means… She is a He!" She thought as she was drawn back by the beauty of this demon. He just smiled and yelled " Soske!" as he wrapped his arms around him. "Get off me you girly man!" Soske yelled. Everyone else finally got that he was a cross dresser. "Aw! Soske you're so mean!" He whined and held his parasol to his chest. "Keh," Soske spat and turned away. "So Kiyo another clan meeting right?" Akimitsu asked smiling. "Yeah," Kiyo sighed. "Ah well I guess I am running late as well. Mind if I tag along with you?" He asked batting his long lashes. "I guess," Kiyo said with an eyebrow arched. "Yay! Hear that Soske now I can hang around you till we must part again!" Akimitsu said theatrically. "Stay away from me," Soske said low toned.

In a dark room

"So Kagura has betrayed me again. We'll see how long she'll last this time," Naraku glared at the broken pot she emerged from. "What I don't understand is why don't you just take it like last time?" Byakuya asked sitting at the other end of the room. "Because with Kiyo and the others bond becoming stronger they'll be to pure to just take it," Naraku said. "So you are going to attempt another Inuyasha and Kikyo plot?" Byakuya asked. "Not exactly. I just need to sever two people and the whole plan will be irreversible," Naraku laughed after he finished his sentence.

Back with Inuyasha and the others

"We are here," Akimitsu jumped up and down. "This is just a dangerous mountain path," Kagome said looking over the edge. "Only if you choose that path," Kiyo said. "If you are an outside than that seems to be the only path optional, but a member knows of another path. If you are a political member such as Raven, Nami, or Crystal than you know another path. But if you are apart of the top four you know all three paths," Kiyo informed them. "So which is the safest?" Inuyasha asked. "The political path," Kiyo said and headed toward the mountain path. "That is the political path?" Inuyasha asked. "No. This is," Kiyo said stabbing a special dagger in a slot and turning it. A rock sunk in slightly and rolled to the right. "You coming?" Kiyo asked walking inside. The others followed quietly and they heard the boulder roll back into place. They followed Kiyo through narrow paths, down stairs that spiraled and then narrow halls. "This place is a maze," Kagome said holding onto Inuyasha. "That is the point. If someone some how got through the secret door they'd surely get lost in here," Kiyo said heading to what appeared to be a large extravagantly decorated door. They were heavy and Kiyo only opened it halfway. As they headed through the hallway Kagome turned to see a sort of window carved out in the wall and they were behind a water fall and the sound and mist made the near pitch black hallway seem a little more inviting. "We are only halfway down the mountain?" Soske asked.. "Yes that is right," Kiyo said turning down a very narrow path that if it weren't for the small lantern she'd picked up they wouldn't have even noticed. "Its so dark here," Kohaku said trying to focus. "Yes but that is because there are several traps you can trigger below and they will kill if you don't know how to get through them," Kiyo said sternly. "So it is dark so no one can see them?" Kohaku asked. "That's right. You can call us paranoid but with the treasure here or that was supposed to be here we have a right to be," Kiyo said and everyone just followed quietly after that.

It took them a bit to finally reach the bottom and the hallway split into two directions. One with a large, extravagant, heavy door and the other had a more basic door. Kiyo headed for the basic door and Kagome asked, "Is the large door a trap?". "No but that room is off limits," Kiyo said and pushed a button so the path behind them closed.

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