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Bella closed her eyes, waiting for Edward's lips to finally meet hers. She had been waiting for ever. It was there….almost there…

And it was a dream.

Bella awoke, startled, as the school bell rang behind her, signaling the end of free period. She quickly gathered her things, making sure she didn't leave anything behind, and ran out of the library. She hurried to her locker, dumping all of her books in and only taking out a couple of notebooks. She headed towards her classroom; Class F.

You see, Bella was never on the bright side of the spectrum. And it never bothered her much, being on the dumb side. Even though her Mother, Renée, had died when she was a little girl, her Dad, Charlie, always did his best to make her happy. And he succeeded. Bella grew up as a happy, but clumsy child who always made friends in the ER and had a smile on her face. Her lack of intelligence never really bothered him either, because even though Bella wasn't a math whiz, she was life smart, and was a mature and loving girl who knew how to succeed in life through her perseverance.

If Bella had one thing she was proud of, it was of her strength. She never, ever gave up. It had always been that way. Ever since she was a little girl, she had never given up on anything. Even if she had to visit the ER a million times, the thought of quitting has never crossed her mind. Only now, that she was in high school, she desperately wished that she was a genius who aced all of her classes. She smiled at the thought of sharing a classroom with Edward Cullen.

Edward was the genius of the school. Edward Cullen had an IQ of 200 and looked like an upscale fashion model. He was famous for his brains. His looks. His everything. There were tons of girls who adored him, but he never noticed any single person. It was as if he was…not human. And maybe that's what drew Bella to Edward so much. He was so confident, so smart, and beautiful. Did it make sense? No. But Bella never gave up, and this wasn't going to be an exception. It never crossed her mind that Edward's coldness towards others might become an issue.

She reached her classroom and sat down with a loud 'plop' on her chair, her friends surrounding her immediately.

"What took you so long?" Rose asked, fixing her hair. Her friends were different from Bella. Rose was beautiful, but unlike Bella, she was actually smart. She was in Class B. Bella remembered that the only reason she had met Rose was due to her clumsiness. When they were about 5 years old, Rose moved into town. While in school, she got hurt badly and was crying for her parents. Bella, being to the ER a ton of times, knew exactly what to do in order to make Rose feel better. The two had been friends ever since.

Alice nodded beside Rose. Barely reaching five feet, Alice had a cute factor that made many guys fall for her. Alice was also rich, but she was only in class F because she has already enrolled in fashion design classes, and the rest was pretty useless to her. Alice and Rose were both smart, it was just that they had other things and didn't really want to spend so much time in school. Bella was the only, well, dumb one. Her hobby was Edward Cullen. She never really stalked him or anything, but every waking moment she had, she would spend daydreaming about Edward Cullen. She walked by his locker, wondering if he had received her letter yet.

A couple of weeks ago she decided that it was time to finally fess up and reveal her feelings for Edward. Even though she had been dying because of her nervousness, she couldn't help but feel satisfied with her own courage.

The rest of the day passed without any problems, and by the end of the day, Bella, Rose, and Alice we're heading towards Bella's locker. Bella opened her locker and something fluttered out of it and to the floor—a letter. She scrambled to get it, wondering if Edward had finally replied to her letter. As she reached for it she realized it was her own letter, and she came to the only conclusion that Edward had forwarded her letter without even reading it.

The heartbreak seized her like a bucket of ice cold water, and suddenly, she felt like her usual happiness and warmth had been crushed out of her heart. She looked around, but all she saw were students rushing by her, antsy to get home quickly. She then remembered that she had agreed to have Rose and Alice come over that night to study for a test. They never really studied, but they tended to have fun. Bella pushed aside the ache within her and picked up her things, rushing quickly out of the school and towards the subway station.

Three ours later, she was sitting by Rose, Alice, and an uninvited Jacob Black. Jacob had always had a crush on her since she was younger, and he had followed her like a puppy ever since she got into high school. Now, he seemed to follow her all the time. And even though he seemed like a stalker sometimes, he really was like a puppy—harmless. Jacob smiled at Bella while trying to butter Charlie up by telling him a million things. She couldn't help but laugh inside.

"So, Bella. Did you get a…reply, yet?" Rose hinted, making sure Jacob couldn't quite catch the drift. At the mention of that subject, Bella felt a little sting inside.

I think we should take this to my room," She whispered, guiding Rose and Alice upstairs and half-closing the door behind her.

"Oh, Bella. By the look on your face, I'm guessing it wasn't very good." Alice said, sitting down on the bed and looking at Bella carefully. The rejected girl felt her body sag, all of her energy drained, and her happiness dimmed. Rose and Alice walked over to her and closed her in a hug.

"I found the letter in my locker. It wasn't even open." Bella said sadly, leaning into the support her friends offered.

"Well, then you should try to give it to him again!" Alice suggested, leaning away from Bella and looking at her expectantly.

"You think so?" Bella asked, sniffing a little. She let the idea simmer in her mind for a couple of minutes before gaining confidence in Alice's suggestion. She was Bella Swan. When did she give up? Never! It was time to bring out her unfailing motivation. She would return that letter to Edward Cullen, and she wouldn't stop until he had read it! Alice and Rose sensed her change in mood and smiled along with her.

The next morning, Bella passed Edward's locker several times throughout the day. It wasn't until she sneaked out during lunch that she managed to get the letter inside his locker before anyone saw her.

She strolled back into the cafeteria confidently and smiled and Rose and Alice secretively, her day becoming that much brighter.

While walking out of her last class, Bella headed out to her locker before making her way home. As she was pulling out her biology notebook, a slip of paper fell out of her locker and to the floor. It was her letter. Her heart began to sank until the realized it had been opened.

She reached down to the floor and snatched the letter from the ground, eagerly wanting to know what was inside. Once she opened the letter, her heart began to fill with dread. It was her letter, all right. Edward Cullen had corrected her letter, red lines and corrections staring at her from all over the paper. At the top, there was a big, red D-.

She finally had her answer.