Hey everyone! This is my first Hetalia fanfic! I'm absolutely obsessed with it though, and SuFin is one of the best pairings ever. I used their human names sometimes, but I didn't know Denmark's so...he's just Denmark.

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To say Sweden had been pleased when Finland decided to flee Denmark's house with him would have been an understatement. He was thrilled, though none of it showed of course. He always had feelings for Tino, and hoped someday they could be together, but he never could tell if Finland would ever feel the same way. He was surprised he followed him from Denmark's house but happy for the opportunity. And now since they had left, uniting together, Finland was his wife and they could live together happily away from the other Nordics. He knew Tino was a man, but he didn't know what else to call him, he was so small and delicate. Though it wasn't a real marriage (yet, Berwald dared to hope), their countries were now connected.

They had been walking for a few hours now and neither of them had said a word. Sweden was beginning to get disappointed; he knew he didn't have a way with words. In fact, he rarely spoke, and when he did, it was a mumble that not everyone understood. Finland always seemed to get him though, at least at meetings, however frightened he looked at the time. Berwald sighed. He knew that was the problem: so many nations were scared of him. He didn't mean to be scary, he just didn't like to talk much and there was rarely an appropriate moment at Denmark's house for him to smile, although that would probably frighten them as well. It wasn't his fault his gaze was direct and intense, he just wanted to show that he was listening and paying attention. He didn't want to speak unless it was absolutely necessary. He had so much he wanted to say, but was too embarrassed to actually speak if he was ever unsure of his words or how anyone would interpret them. Finland, on the other hand, seemed to like to talk, at least to the smaller nations. And when Denmark wasn't around, he was pretty talkative to almost everyone. He was quiet too, but always had something nice to say.

Sweden looked back at the Finn lagging behind him and slowed his pace. He tended to walk quickly. He frowned a bit when his brief glance made Finland flinch and though he walked slower, Tino stayed a few meters behind. He wished they could walk together, but didn't want to say anything about it. They continued their silent walk until Sweden found a decent place to stop for the night. Tino suggested going to sleep, so he went along with the plan, wanting to do whatever the Finn decided.

They unrolled their blankets and Sweden made it a point to lay directly next to his frightened looking wife. He hated that he scared him so much, but he really wanted them to be close. They both lay there in silent contemplation.

A few more quiet minutes passed and he rolled onto his side to see Finland gazing up at the stars. He looked more at ease, but deep in thought. After a while, Finland turned and saw Sweden staring. He freaked out for a moment, sadly, then began to ramble on awkwardly about how it was kind of cold outside at night. So, being the caring husband that he was, Sweden scooted closer and draped his arm over his wife, making sure Finland would be warm. Maybe his wife would get used to him. Maybe he could learn not to be so scary. At least Tino had talked to him today. Maybe he should say something too. Berwald opened his mouth hesitantly, not really knowing what to say, but closed it again when he saw Finland had fallen asleep. He smiled slightly. All the walking must have worn him out; Sweden was more used to walking further distances. He wasn't that tired yet and was more than content to watch his sleeping wife.

Finland really was cute. His soft looking blonde hair fell gracefully across his forehead and he had a light dusting of freckles from the sun across his nose. This was the closest he'd ever been to Tino. If only Finland wasn't so scared of him. He really wanted their marriage of sorts to work out and maybe someday it could be real, when just being near him didn't make Tino uncomfortable. He pulled the sleeping Finn a bit closer, noticing how tiny his wife was.

He gently ran a hand through Tino's hair and was delighted to find it was even softer than he thought it would be. Sweden's arms carefully encircled his wife in a loose protective hug.

He knew, in that moment, that he would do anything and everything in his power to make this work, to make Finland happy. And all Berwald wanted was to feel the warmth of Tino loving him in return.


The first thing Finland noticed when he woke up was that he was warm. It was a strange but pleasant feeling, as Tino was perpetually cold. He never remembered feeling this warm at Denmark's house. He snuggled closer into the warmth. It was... kind of hard and muscular feeling. It was also breathing. He froze and his mind raced as yesterday's events came flashing back to him. He had followed Su-san in his escape from Denmark. And then last night, while trying to avoid awkward silences, Finland had mentioned that he was cold. And Sweden... Sweden had put his arm over him. His eyes flew open, but quickly clenched shut again as he noticed Sweden's face merely inches from his own. He was so scary!

At the sound of light snoring, he allowed one eye to slowly open, and then both as he sighed softly in relief. Sweden was still asleep. It was much earlier than he had thought.

Tino decided to get up to find some breakfast, and get a little of his personal space back. However, Finland realized that the only limb he could move was his left arm, as the rest were all trapped by Sweden holding him. Finland decided not to try getting up, as it would probably wake Su-san up, and that could anger the larger man. It really wasn't all that bad, Tino thought to himself, as he tried to relax. At least he was warm.

His gaze returned to Sweden's face. He...wasn't that scary when he was asleep. In fact, he looked rather...peaceful. Finland would almost go as far as calling him cute. Almost. Impulsively, he slowly brought his one moveable hand up to brush a lock of blonde hair out of Sweden's face. He froze in fear when ice blue eyes blinked open. But no matter how much he wanted to, Tino couldn't break their eye contact. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, trying to find something to say, some sort of explanation, but gave up. Su-san's eyes weren't so scary now, since he just woke up; his gaze wasn't as intense.

Tino brought his arm back down quickly and lowered his face, not noticing the slight look of hurt cross Sweden's face before returning to it's usual stoic mask.

"G'mornin' wife," Sweden mumbled groggily as he pulled Finland tighter against him into a sideways hug.

"Good morning!" Finland squeaked against his chest.

Wife? Wife? He wasn't Sweden's wife! Su-san did know he was a man, right? In a rather bold disregard for his personal safety, Finland decided to question him.

"Um...um, Su-san?" he whispered.


"I'm not your wife. I'm a man!" Tino said quickly before he could talk himself out of it, fearing contradicting the Swede.

Luckily, his response was preceded by short chuckle. "Know yer a man." he mumbled as he tucked the blanket more securely around them and Finland sighed quietly. "G'back t'sleep, wife."

Finland sighed. Fine, he thought. At least Sweden knew he wasn't a woman. Maybe it was a joke, though he couldn't really see the larger man joking. Maybe it was a...term of endearment? They really weren't married though... As long as he didn't go around calling him his wife in public, he supposed he didn't mind it. In fact, he could get used to it, especially if it meant waking up warm. At this point, Finland's head was tucked under Sweden's chin and he was tightly wrapped in his warmth. Apparently Su-san could be very affectionate. He'd never seen this side of him before, but then again, he'd never looked for it.

Finland thought back on all of his time with Sweden. His expressions or lack thereof were just intimidating, not really scary. He felt bad for assuming the worst, especially now that he was being so nice.

Maybe Sweden was just misunderstood, Finland thought to himself. Come to think of it, he had never seen the Swede ever act on anger, except perhaps leaving Denmark a bit violently. Sweden was always so quiet, and everyone just assumed terrible things about him. His gaze was just so intense, it was as if his eyes could see right into your soul, and he never seemed to break eye contact at the appropriate moment. Tino remembered the few times the Swede had spoken and he practically had to translate his quiet mumbles for the group. Su-san always seemed appreciative of him, even offering the occasional smile. And today was the first time he had seen the larger man smile in a long time.

He thought about their escape from Denmark and the fears he had last night, but then remembered how Sweden made sure Tino escaped safely, how he kept him warm at night, how he tried to make sure Finland was happy. He wasn't so scary after all. Actually, he seemed more like a giant teddy bear. The Swede seemed to really like him judging by the kindness and new-found like of snuggling. He was probably Su-san's only friend. Tino came to the conclusion that Sweden was trying to protect him because somehow, he had developed feelings for the Finn. With his final realization, Finland tilted his head up slightly, heart racing, making nervous eye contact for only a moment, and gently placed a small kiss on the corner of the Swede's lips before tucking his head back under Sweden's chin.

Berwald felt tears of happiness prick his eyes, his emotions no longer masked. Together they fell back asleep, finally warm.

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