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On Friday night, Feliks and the Baltics arrived, and Tino and Berwald were all but locked in their rooms.

"Ok people!" Mathias rounded everyone up around the kitchen table. "We have less than twenty four hours to construct the perfect wedding!"

"You haven't done anything yet?" Feliks shrieked.

"It's all in my head." the Dane countered confidently.

Lukas smacked his hand to his head as Feliks continued freaking out. "Oh my god. We're, like, totally doomed." Toris patted his shoulder sympathetically in an attempt to console him.

"What, don't you trust me, Polen?"

"If I did before, I definitely don't now."

"What do you have so far?" Toris interjected before either the Dane or the Pole could argue back. Mathias looked eager to explain his elaborate plans.

"Well, it should be nice out tomorrow so I was thinking the ceremony could be in the backyard, along the path. We'll put up some chairs and stand at the end under the trees. Maybe there could be candles or something. We can decorate the fences and inside where Finn will come out. And we can have dinner and drinks and music and stuff inside after. And cake! I'm going to make the most awesome wedding cake ever." At Lukas' slightly murderous glare, he continued, "hey! Don't look at me like that, Norgie, you know it'll be good!"

The group started by cleaning the parts of the house that would be used for the wedding and party afterwards. When it was approaching completion, Lukas was sent with Emil and Raivis to clear the path to the woods in their back yard of any rocks or large sticks. Once the younger ones were well underway in their task, Lukas started draping white and cream cloth across tables and banisters, looping it around the staircase, and tying bows around chairs to make them look more uniform.

"If this is all just an evil plot to for us to clean your house, I'll totally kill you, Mathias!" Feliks huffed as he put the mop away in the broom cupboard under the stairs and went to help Lukas. For each chair they finished decorating, Toris and Eduard would maneuver it outside. They had an odd collection of two armchairs and a loveseat out on the back lawn before Mathias realized how late it was.

"They're asleep." Eduard announced, coming down the stairs. He had been sent to go check on the couple, and after receiving no answer to his knock, slowly opened the door to find them curled up together sound asleep. Berwald was holding Tino carefully to his chest and Tino was nestled up against him, but had one leg thrown over the Swede's. It made the Estonian smile to see his best friend so happy and content looking. Berwald didn't seem as scary asleep, and Eduard wasn't afraid for his friend anymore.

Things were starting to look better, but it was getting late, well past midnight at this point, and the time was starting to take its toll on a few of the diligently working countries. Raivis was slumped against the counter and Emil was yawning discreetly.

Mathias gathered them all up again and planned out the rest of the hours before the wedding.

"Ice! You always wake up first. Go ahead and get some rest. Make sure they stay in their room in the morning. Bring them breakfast or something. Lat, you too. Help Ice and finish clearing the path when you get up." Mathias demanded. The two youngest nations nodded and went up the stairs.

"Norgie, you and Polen finish the drapes tonight and do the flowers in the morning. Lithy and Stoni, you two get the chairs out tonight, and start tomorrow on the food. Everyone else can help you when they're done. And I'll work on my speech for the ceremony and then decorate the cake tomorrow."

"Stop with the ridiculous nicknames, Mathias." Lukas complained. "Faroe and Greenland should be here by breakfast. They can help too."

"Great! They can set up plates and wash whatever Eduard or Toris needs and find some music."

"Already got it!" Feliks announced happily, pulling a small set of speakers from his bag that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.


The next morning, right when Tino and Berwald were about to leave their room, Emil came in with a tray of breakfast and glared at them until they promised not to wander around.

"What do you think they're doing down there?" Tino asked nervously when a loud bang sounded from the kitchen.

Berwald merely shrugged. Indistinguishable sounds of an argument drifted up the stairs and Tino started to get more concerned.


"Oh my god you're like totally ruining it!" Feliks fretted as Mathias mixed another bowl of brightly colored frosting.

"Shut up, Poland, it's fine!"

"Wedding cakes should be white!"

"Well, this is not a normal wedding cake. It's way more awesome." Mathias said as he pulled out a large box of birthday candles.

"You don't put candles on a wedding cake, you idiot." Lukas said as he passed through the kitchen collecting vases and drinking glasses Feliks had arranged flowers in. "And this is coming with me." He snatched the remainders of the food coloring and kept walking.

"But Norgie~!" he whined, "it was going to be pretty. I swear. I'd make it awesome. You know I would."

"Make it awesome without this." Lukas shut the door behind him.

"Fine. I will then."

"It, like, wasn't a challenge, Mathias."

"Was it not?" the Dane smirked.

"Oh god, we're totally doomed."

Mathias finished the cake and wandered off to go work on his speech that he still hadn't started, leaving the rest of everyone to frantically pull everything together.

"Excuse me, I need the bride for a few moments~!" Feliks trilled as he swept into the couple's bedroom, dragging Tino away with him.

"I'm- ...oh, whatever. Coming, Feliks, you can let go of me."

Feliks pulled Tino into the room he was staying in and sat him on the bed, quickly running across the room to rummage through a large suitcase. The Pole pulled out four or five suits, three dresses, and a couple of skirts.

"Are you sure you won't wear a dress?" He asked hopefully.

"No dresses. Or skirts." Tino said definitively and Feliks frowned, shoving half of the pile of clothing back into the suitcase.

"Fine. Here, pick one and I'll get to work on it, not like I'm ever going to wear any of these anyway."

They all looked pretty much the same to the Finn so he hesitantly picked the one that looked closest to his size. Feliks' eyes lit up, so he figured he'd made a decent choice.

After the Pole had the suit on Tino and pinned where he wanted it, he began practically sewing him into it, looking slightly more and more frustrated as the minutes passed.

"Can I help?"


"...maybe you can give it to Berwald. He's really good at it. Fast too. And he knows all my sizes without measuring."

"Well isn't that just perfect." Feliks snapped. "Sorry. Hemming sucks, you know? I wish Liet could sew, we could make dresses together! But he's, like, really good at lots of other things." Feliks shook his head. "Sorry. Back to you. As tempting as that sounds, he can't see the bride's dress...well, suit, in your case," he frowned at the mass of fabric in his hands, "before the wedding. It's bad luck."

"Traditional to the very end, aren't you." Tino teased.

"But of course! Some one has to, like, keep things sane when Mathias is in charge. If Lukas hadn't stopped him from...never mind. Everything will be great if I can just...get...this..." he trailed off as he carefully matched two seams together.


The day passed more quickly than Berwald would have thought. In seemingly no time at all, he was in a suit and standing at the end of the path next to Mathias, who was smiling excitedly. The rest of the guests were sitting in the even more odd assortment of chairs; Raivis had to sit on the beanbag from Mathias' room.

Feliks hurried around the flower lined path after starting his music and sat next to Toris on one of the loveseats.

Berwald didn't hear the music; his mind was almost blank. He didn't see Mathias's proud expression. He didn't see Lukas's stoic face have it's first real smile in years. He didn't see Feliks erupt into happy sobs, or Eduard smiling approvingly, or anyone else.

All he saw was Tino, smiling back at him from the end of the aisle.

Berwald hadn't thought it possible, but Feliks had managed to make Tino look even more radiant than ever.

He was wearing a suit that had probably once belonged to Feliks. It was simple and elegant at the same time, a white jacket and pants with a blue shirt and gleaming silver buttons. He had a few springs of flowers matching his small bouquet woven into his hair. But best of all was the brightest, happiest smile that Berwald had ever seen.

He barely comprehended Mathias' speech and ceremonial words, mumbling through his vows when it came time for them, because all he could think of was Tino, who was looking up at him lovingly, almost missing his own vows.

Their first married kiss was soft and they led the way back into the house holding hands.

The party passed in a blur. The food was decent, the cake looked absolutely monstrous with it's multicolored layers and sparklers, the indoor furniture was an even odder mix of things, Mathias got drunk and tried to sing along with the music, and Hanatamago knocked over a vase of flowers.

But in Berwald's opinion, it couldn't have been better. Because now Tino was his wife, his husband, his everything.

And everything was perfect.


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