Title: The Curse

Summary: James has always been a witch, and his friends have known that since he turned twelve, but one day, when he was fifteen, his whole life changed. Cursed to be a girl the rest of his life, James' mother sends her away to her grandmother's to learn how to be a girl and learn to control her powers again. But being away for two years with no words to his friends, Kendall, Carlos, and Logan believe that he betrayed them. However, two years of torture and trying to accept herself and to get her away from her crazy ex-boyfriend, James moves back. As a girl and with a new alias, Jaimie is the new kid at Palmwoods High. Luckily being able to befriend her ex-best friends again, she decides to keep her true identity a secret from them, knowing how they feel about him as a boy. But falling in love with Kendall or her powers going haywire again, may turn things sour faster than she thought. Kendall/Fem!James, Logan/Camille, Carlos/Jennifer

Warnings: Female James, angst, teens being idiots, teens being jerks, magic being used to explain impossible things, etc...

A/N: This is my first fanfic that I have ever had the guts to post. It's a little different, but I hope people like different and actually enjoy the story. I'm sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, but I do hope you all like it. Read and review.

Chapter One

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

She told herself as she tried to calm herself down, her knuckles turning white against the counter, and the mirror in front of her reflecting everything she didn't want to see.

She absolutely hated it, she absolutely hated what stared back at her.

Her long, wavy, dark brown hair sat restlessly on her shoulders, her hazel eyes were framed by full, inky lashes, her lips were pink and plump, small nose, and slightly ruged cheeks stared back at her. Her body was encased with a simple, red patterned dress with a small brown belt done just below her rib cage. She had decent sized boobs, just enough to tease and give her figure a slightly curvier look. She was tan and fit and just stunning.

If she was guy, she wouldn't have left that beauty unattended for too long, because she was absolutely gorgeous.

She was beautiful, and she hated the fact.

This body wasn't hers, hadn't been hers for years, and she hated being in this body. She wasn't a girl, hadn't been a girl until that night two years ago where a curse had gone wrong and turned her into this. For fifteen years, she had been a boy. It only took one night to change everything for the rest of her life.

She was a boy trapped in a girl's body, and she couldn't do anything about it. She was cursed with this body, and nothing could be done to fix her. Not even medicine or surgery could undo the damage that had been done.

She was stuck like this for the rest of her life and she had to accept that fact. But being a boy for so long, made it hard for her to get used to her new body, the changes, and the feelings that enompassed her.

Even so, she still felt awkward and ugly in her beautiful body.

This wasn't her, and she didn't know how to carry herself like she used to. She was a girl, but she had a boy's brain. She didn't know etiquette or being girly or anything like that.

Yet, between her grandmother and mother, she had quickly learned, but even then, she barely embraced their advice and did what they wanted. They were the ones that made her like this, and if she had anything to say about this, she wasn't going to change herself into something she wasn't.

She was a boy, would always be one in her heart, and it would take her a while until she accepted her new self.

She wasn't going to change the things she liked and turn into a Barbie Doll like her mother wanted her to be.

She had continued to like sports like hockey and football more than cheerleading. She enjoyed eating chili cheese dogs and deep dish pizza than salad. She felt her canvas Vans were more comfortable than the six-inch heals her mother always tried to make her wear.

However, continuing to see this body reflect back at her, even after years from slowly getting used to it, she still felt awkward and weird and ugly and unlike herself.

She knew the feelings would go away eventually, but everything that had happened to her, things that weren't a part of the curse had changed her, it would take a while, especially since her mother barred her from going home until she adjusted.

She didn't even get to tell her friends where she was going or that she was leaving them for a couple of years.

She hadn't spoken to them in two years, her powers going haywire whenever she got near anything technical.

She thought going through puberty was bad, but the changes that she endured from the curse made puberty seem like a walk in the park. Dealing with boys, a new school, the changes and the feelings that others bestowed upon her, she was barely dealing with everything that had happened. And after years of having her grandmother retrain her, could she finally control her powers again.

It was a fragile control, but it was control nonetheless, and she could finally go home.

Her friends had known that she was a witch, and probably would have understood, but being unable to contact them and leaving them with nothing, she knew they hated her.

She could feel it through the bond they had, her emotions taking a nose dive as she lived with her grandmother. Kendall had been especially angry, and it made her head and heart hurt just thinking about it.

And going back home, going to the same school, seeing them again, she didn't know what was going to happen.

It was only going to be three more days before she would see their faces again, and her heart would thunder in her chest.

Things had changed, she had changed more than she ever thought, especially since she wasn't going back as James, but as Jaimie, the lost girl.


Kendall had never hated anyone more than he did James, not even his father that had abandoned his family when Katie had turned three. That had been a tough time, but being only seven, it had softened the blow a little and he had finally gotten over it with the help of his friends. James had been there for him, giving him his favorite stuffed animal and telling him that it would be okay, and yet he did the same thing.

James had abandoned them, he had abandoned him and Kendall's heart broke all over again.

James literally said nothing about leaving town for anything, and yet they had to find out from his father that he was staying at his grandmother's for a couple of years.

That wasn't even the kicker, James didn't even try to contact them afterwards. The emails, the texts, the couple of letters he had sent were never returned. The letters were the worst, because it was like they never got to his grandmother's house and were telling Kendall that it was a lost cause.

James wasn't going to talk to them, was probably never going to see them again.

And Kendall hated it and hated him.

James had left as if they weren't worth anything. Those years of friendship just dripping down the drain.

They had meant nothing, he had meant nothing, and he hated it.

James was a dirty, rotten, no-good traitor.

Even two years later, Kendall still couldn't forgive him.

Seventeen and a junior in high school, many things had changed, but James never came back.

It just wasn't meant to be, and Kendall had to get over that.


Carlos was with Logan when he had seen her, the other boy going checking over his homework from last night, making sure the tips he had given Carlos had stuck.

Looking at her, he had never seen someone as beautiful as her, even the Jennifers almost paled in comparison to her.

Her long legs were covered with dark green skinny jeans, a black, cross the shoulder tank showing off her tanned arms, a small locket adorning her neck, and simple canvas shoes topping off her look. Her bore little makeup and her hair falling over shoulders in waves. She was naturally beautiful, and Carlos' couldn't help his interest from being piqued.

"Logan, look, new girl." He whispered, elbowing his friend in the side.

"Hey! I was looking- Whoa! Who's that?" Logan started angrily, before his face turned to confusion.

"No idea, but she could give the Jennifers a run for their money."

Logan agreed, but couldn't help but feel as if he had seen her somewhere before, but had to give a small laugh, becuase he would have remembered her if he had. She was too beautiful to forget, even if she wasn't his type.

She was tall, unnaturally tall if he thought about it, her being at least 5'10". And she had this look about her that didn't do it for him, not like his girlfriend did. She was too beautiful, and going by his other experiences, he knew that she was going to be a bitch, because that's how they always were.

But as he continued to watch her sit by herself, her hair effectively hiding her face, he couldn't help but notice the book in her hand. She was reading one of his favorites, a John Saul book, and his opinion started to change a little. If she could read a book like that and not care about the stares, maybe she wasn't that bad after all-

That was until he heard the resounding smack and seen the icy glare she sent to a boy who happened to have smacked her ass as she had moved away from her perch from the side of the room.

"Don't ever do something like that again you disgusting pig, because if you do, it just won't be a slap next time." She scolded, her eyes narrowing with disgust and something that Logan couldn't place, before she quickly turned away and walked down the hall as if publicly embarrassing the boy to the entire school hadn't happened.

Yeah-she was a bi-

Oh, crap, she had slapped Jett Stetson across the face.

Once again, Logan felt his opinion of her changing, while Carlos by his side had continued to look at her with wonder.

"Wow, a girl who finally doesn't fall for the Stetson charm."

Logan nodded to the shorter boy's statement, before hearing a chuckle and the slip of depreciation from the other boy's lips.

"But too bad she's as tall as an Amazon."


Controlling her breathing, Jaimie quickly got herself under control.

She wasn't ready for that or the slightly dirty feeling she felt. His touch had made her blood run cold, and all she could do was lash out to protect herself.

This was home, this wasn't her grandmother's place, and she didn't have to deal with Jake anymore.

She was safe. She had control.

This was what she wanted, even if she didn't have her body back.

She had wanted to come back, had needed to come back.

She didn't want to think anymore.

Slamming her fist against the sink, she let a shaky gasp fall from her lips before she closed off the panic and looked in the mirror.

"I'm strong. I'm a girl and I'm strong. Continue on like you've always done."


Kendall didn't know what to think when he saw the new girl, but he felt his heart stammer a little in his chest. She was breathtakingly beautiful and so attractive.

Kendall was mesmorised.

She was tall, but still slightly shorter than him. Her wavy hair fell sexily down her back. She was thin and had an athletic body as if she played sports. She had a beautiful face and these pouty lips that made kendall blush just thinking about them.

They only had two classes together, but seeing her in both, he had felt this pull, and he didn't know what to do.

He hadn't had a steady girlfriend since Jo and he hadn't been as attracted to someone like that since James, the boy who tore his heart out without knowing it.

But watching this girl, he knew he couldn't just leave without talking to her, so gaining a few minutes of free time and some courage, he made his way to the beautiful girl.

"Liking school so far?" He asks, a small smile on his face.

"It's been okay, different, but okay." She tells him, before going back to her book again, her face showing nothing, while she was all nervous inside.

"Yeah, it definitely isn't like other schools, the people are pretty crazy, but it keeps things interesting." He tells her.

"How interesting?" She asks, her interest piqued.

"Well, depends on what you think is interesting." His eyebrows moving up and down at the 'interesting' part.

"Definitely not that." She laughs at his gesture before sobering up, "Um, I'm interested in reading a-and a little singing."

Kendall smiles, "Well, you've come to right place then, there's tons of clubs here for those kind of things, my friend Logan is President of the Science Club, Captain of the Mathletes, and one of the resident bookworms for the Fiction Club.


"Choir, Drama, and there are always a couple of bands looking for some lead singers around here, I'm sure you'll find one you'll like."

She nods, before the teacher interrupts the class and has them go back to their seats.

"Well, that's my cue, but I'm Kendall, and if you ever need some help or maybe someone to show you round, just give me a heads up."

"Thanks, Maybe I will, and my name's Jaimie for future reference."

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl, hope you take my offer, well see you later." Kendall gives, secretly giving himself a pat on the back.

It was only a matter of time before she would take the bait, and when that happened, Kendall would be waiting, because Jaimie was just too lovely to resist.

To be continued...