Author's Notes: Written for Forum Birthday Challenge #12 on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange forum.

Write a drabble using overly flowery language.

The lullaby at the end is Mordred's Lullaby by Heather Dale (who I may be slightly obsessed with at the moment). I do not own those lyrics in the slightest.

100 words.


Narcissa sat upon the rocking chair in her child's nursery, holding Draco to her breast. He lay in her arms, petal pink and smooth skin covering features that mirrored her own to perfection, even when tightened in displeasure as he squalled.

"Hush, child," Narcissa murmured, rocking her son, then, to soothe, allowed her thin voice to rise in a melody, to sing her son the lullaby she recalled only the merest slips of from her own childhood. The lullaby that Bellatrix had sung to her.

"Hush, child, the darkness will rise from the deep and carry you down into sleep…"