Naruko had just failed the test the first time she was sad and was walking back home.

Three drunks were also after the demon brat they found her the grabbed Naruko and shoved her into an alley.

"You are the demon bitch that killed our friends!"

"no no I'm not!"

"don't lie to us!"

"are you going to kill me?"

"you deserve a fate worse then death whore! We are going to rape that small body of yours every week for the rest of your life!"

Naruko was scared she knew what was coming. One of them u zipped their pants and pulled it out.

He pressed it against her lips.

"no stop." she said but her kept pressing they shouted a number of things at her, he was about to get it in when something happened.

A sword was producing from the mans chest the sword slid out and he fell on his back.

The other two look back at who it was and saw a lone swordsman.

"you bastard!" one shouted but found himself headless a second later.

"what the-" was all the third could say before he was halved. The swordsman sheathed his blade and picked Naruko up.

She started to cry. "shhh, shhhh, shhhhh. It's okay your safe now he disappeared.

He walked into a house and was greeted by a young woman with long black hair. "there you are- what happened?"

"this girl was nearly raped." the woman took Naruko from him.

She brought her to the bath she had prepared earlier and set her in. Naruko was crying silently.

The woman washed her off, cleaning her of grime and what of the fluids that had gotten on her face.

Then her daughter entered "mom what's wrong?"

"Haku go and prepare some food for our friend here she has been through a lot." Haku nodded and went off to do so.

The swordsman went to see the Hokage. He knew what she was and was wondering way she didn't have a proper protection detail.

He knocked onto the door of the hokage's office. He heard a voice say enter.

He walked in he was very silent which meant he was pissed.

"what my I help you with?" the third said and got a glare.

"I would like to talk to you about Naruko."

"not another complaint!"

"no actually it involves what's inside of her." five ANBU then appeared swords at his neck.

"how do you now of it?" the third asked I'm a serious voice.

"it isn't that hard to figure out when mist of the village calls her kyubi brat you might want to keep secrets better."

"what is it you want to talk about?"

He then disappeared from infront of the ANBU to the chair in front of the desk.

"your protection detail on your jincruki she's not properly trained and you have her going around alone in a village were the majority of it wishes to kill her? That's a good why to get her killed and in turn set it free."

"what do you?"

"the tailed beast can't be killed easily the will come back even if you seal it In someone."

"do not worry about it I have ANBU always watching."

"where were they then?"

"what do you mean?"

"today not that long ago I happened upon a three drunks about to rape Naruko. The three are now dead and Naruko is at my house recovering."

This shocked the third he would have to punish the ANBU that were supposed to be protecting her.

It also got a reaction out of two of the five ANBU one of them in a cat mask who's sword started to quiver in rage and another in a wolf mask who's KI spiked.

"I'll take some of your ANBU to my house to protect her for caution but as I said without her trained you need to have guards around her at all times even if it's in the shadows."

"cat, dog follow this man to his house and keep watch over her I have much more work to get done because if this."

Cat and dog followed him back. He led them in to his house.

"Naruko is back in the bathroom beginning cleaned by a friend of mine. You can wait here while I make some tea."

He walked to the kitchen.

Naruko was still crying as Haku's mother rinsed her off. She than pulled Naruko into a hug.

"it's okay it's okay. Hmmmhmmhmm hmmmhmmmm it's okay it's alright my sweet baby." she continued to hum a tune she made up to get Haku to stop crying when she was a baby. She rocked her back and forth.

Yugao started to hear someone humming a tune she realized it was the woman comforting Naruko.

She helped Naruko get dressed in a pink kimono she lobed her and brushed her hair while she stroked her back. Making her feel loved and cared for was important after how she was treated she helped her out and dried her tears.

On her way to the dining room she saw two ANBU she nodded to them and continued to help her.

She sat her down at the table and Haku came in with a big bowl of ramen.

"I hope this will help you feel better." she said and went to get tea. She put dome in front of her and walked out.

Naruko picked up the chop sticks and started to slowly eat the ramen it was a record pace for Naruko but she kept at a steady pace. When her bowl was near empty Haku came in with another.

Haku removed the bowl and set it in the sink then went to give tea to cat and dog.

She handed them each a cup the swordsman was with them.

"she'll be back to normal in a few days but she will have changed." he said and cat nodded.

"never quite get why you ANBU are so silent all the time. Eh white fong?"

"it's white fang and that's not me." dog said in a annoyed voice.

"see that wasn't so hard." kakashi then removed his mask holding it so they wouldn't see his face as he drank some tea.

"so Yugao how goes your fling with Anko?" Kakashi spits out the tea and Yugao blushed. "sorry couldn't reist."

Kakashi dons his dog mask back on. "hows your thing with that woman going?"

"the thing your referring to is non existent I saved her and Haku when I was in the land of water she's only here now because she says she wishes to repay her debt."

"and your name?" cat asked.

"I noticed when I mentioned your fling with Anko you blushed means that it's probably true."

"never mind."

"that's what I thought."

Finally after five bowls Naruko had finished eating age turned to Haku's mother and smiled a gave a smile laugh of embarrassment.

"thank you." Naruko said.

"it's okay after... That you deserve rest and care" naruko's face saddened.

"thanks for saving me. If you didn't they would of... done horrible things."

"try not to think about it much take your time."

"No. If I don't get it out now it will burden me the rest of my life ." Naruko started to tear up.

"it's alright." she tried to comfort her.

"if you didn't save me then they would of raped me. They would have raped my throat, butt and my entrance." she was crying more.

"They'd do everything they could think of! They'd said they'd do it to me whenever they wanted to make me their bitch." she covered her face. "They also said they'd sell me out as a whore."

"But, but you people saved me!" she hugged her.

"Is she okay mom?" Haku walks in and asks then Naruko latches onto her too.

She kisses Haku's mom on the cheek then reattached to Haku. She then kisses Haku on the lips.

Naruko just meant it as a thank you but they then both sink into the kiss.

They fall over onto the ground still kissing. They break apart occasionally for a breath before they start kissing again.

"oh my" Haku's mother said.

Yugao walks in to see why it was so silent and saw Haku and Naruko making out on the floor.

"Wow" cat said. They then break apart and gaze into each other's eyes. They embrace into a tight hug.

That night Naruko stayed there too afraid to go back to her apartment so soon.

She would be staying with Haku in her room but they would have to share a bed.

Naruko climbed in with Haku and snuggled close to her. Haku put her head on Naruko's breasts which were big for her age.

And Naruko wrapped her arms around Haku holding her to herself.

They sleep soundly and Naruko didn't have a single bad dream.

Naruko woke up in the morning with Haku still resting her head between her breasts. She smiled and hugged Haku close.

When they finally got up Naruko learned she wouldn't be staying another night this saddened her at first but then she learned someone was adopting her into their home.

"Who?" Naruko asked.

"You'll see." Was all Haku's mother said.

She and Haku brought Naruko to a house that was out of the village a little bit it was a simple small house she opened the door and then saw to woman with big smiles on their faces.

One had purple hair reaching to her waist and chocolate brown eyes and was wearing a t shirt and pants the cut at a little above the ankle. The other had violet hair in a spiky pony tail and light brown eyes she had on a fishnet t-shirt and a dark orange skirt.

"Hello there Naruko-Chan" The purple haired one knelt down so she's eye level. "I'm Yugao." The violet haired one also knelt down.

"I'm Anko." She said.

"We'll be taking care of you from now on." Yugao said. "I'll show you around follow us." She stood up and lead Naruko away. Naruko noticed a broken cup and picked up a piece but cut her finger by mistake.

"Ow!" She said.

"It's okay Naru-chan." Someone said in a comforting voice surprisingly it was Anko. "I'll take care of it." She took Naruko's finger and sucked the spot that was bleeding until it stopped. Then she put a band aid on it. "There all better." She smiled.

Naruko shifted uneasily. "Yugao-san, Anko-chan is making me feel good in a way I don't understand!" she rushed over and hid behind her legs and peek out nervously at Anko. Yugao giggled at this and how Anko mock pouted.

"Come on Naruko Stay with me and I'll protect you from crazy snake lady." She followed behind her then paused and looked back at Anko.

"You coming crazy snake lady?" this time Anko really pouted and hoped that name didn't stick.

"Yeah, yeah."

Yugao showed Naruko her room it was good sized with a bed in the corner and a window that had a view to an open area in the woods, a big closet and desk. Naruko sat on the bed and laid back on it.

"The bed's really soft."

"Yeah it is." Yugao agreed. She showed her the rest of the house and the rest of the day seem to go by quickly.

Naruko had gotten in bed for the night; and Anko and Yugao were in the living room.

"well she's finally asleep and we're alone. You know what that means we can do right?" Anko put a hand on her thigh. Yugao got up and headed to the bedroom.

"No not tonight we have a child in the house now. I'm going to bed." Yugao said. Anko looked up and hanged over the couch.

"Yuuugaaoo-Chaaann." She whined.

"No means, no Anko."

"I really wanted to draw blood tonight too." Yugao threw a folded blanket at her.

"Just for that you're on the couch tonight."

Naruko was having nightmares about yesterday so she couldn't sleep and she got up. She headed into the living room, and saw Anko on the couch she went over and looked over her face she opened her eyes and look back.

"Need something kid?"

"I'm having nightmares, so can I sleep with you?" The Look she gave her made it so she couldn't say no.

"Sure kid." She got onto the couch with her and fell asleep.

A/N: well the ending was kinda sweet I'd figure I'd ease up on the sadness so much there next chapter we'll introduce a few other pairings and just so you all know Naruko is twelve right now, Haku's thirteen, Yugao's twenty, Anko's twenty two and Haku's mom who I'm naming Kukiko which means snow is twenty eight. One of the pairing I'm doing in the next chapter is one of my favorites, Shikamaru/Tayuya. The others I'm keeping a secret.