Ride One - Origins - Kamen Rider Crimson Appears!

A boy of the age of sixteen sighed as he looked around the ruins of what was once the beautiful city of Fuuto. Once where skyscrapers stood was now rubble. The streets were filled with vehicles that are rusted and abandoned. The light of the sun up in the clear sky was behind him, not having the boy be blinded as he examined his current location further.

The roads were cracked and littered with craters. In the distance, where the Fuuto Tower once stood proudly, the very symbol of the city, only the bottom half was still standing, the upper part that had the windmill was laying on the ground in front of the other half, the blades either bent at angles or missing all together.

The Boy looked on at the fallen tower and sat down on a boulder that was once part of a deep brown eyes focused on the destroyed building while the wind blew through his long black hair. The khaki shorts and red tanktop that he wore were stained by oil and grime and torn in several areas, but nowhere where it'll make him indecent.

"Fuuto… the first city that was conquered by Omega-Shocker." He said in a sad tone.

The boy looked around his surroundings in silence, listening for anything out of the ordinary.

He then heard loud clicking sounds, as well as the sound of teeth hitting against each other. He listened closer as he slowly began to rise to his feet. The sounds began to grow louder by the second.

The boy silently cursed to himself before he began running as fast as he could. Knowing what was the sound belonged to, he had to go hide if he was to not be ambushed. He then ran towards an abandoned building, that was run down and the entrance missing. He went inside and went towards the back and hid behind an overturned billiards table. The boy froze in place as he heard the clicking and teeth chattering approaching the building. He then heard footsteps as the owner of the sounds entered the building. Glass shards broke underneath its feet as it approached the billards table.

The boy slowly inhaled his breath and gathered his courage before he rose to face the being, which hissed as it saw him rise. His brown eyes locked on straight into the large yellow orbs for eyes of the hominid monster, not showing any fear. The monster was a little taller than the boy, its skin a chalk white while it had a silver chest plate , shin guards, boots, and gauntlets over a black bodysuit. Its long white teeth struck against each other as the monster opened its mouth to speak.

"You're foolish to be here, Human child." it said in a cold gravely voice.

The boy only shrugged before moving a hand behind his back to pull out a red, quadrilateral shaped object from his back pocket. The object had a slot for something to be inserted at the left side of it while the center of it had a window with a blue circle around it.

The monster eyed the boy curiously as it saw the device.

"Maybe, but You're the foolish one to come alone, Pawnranha." the boy said with a smirk before he turned around and delivered a roundhouse kick to the monster straight into the jaw, causing it to fall hard to the ground.

The boy then took the object and grabbed both ends of it and pulled on them, causing the device to open. The two red ends split apart, leaving the blue circle in the middle, all that was keeping the three parts together was two black telescoping rods that connected to the center.

"HOW DARE YOU!" the Pawnranha screamed in rage as it rose to its feet. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"

"I'm the one who'll liberate the world." the boy said before placing the object on the front of his waist, having a black belt materialize from the back of the center. The boy then pulled out a metallic silver card with a gold coin embedded in the center with a raised symbol that was shaped like a stag beetle's mandibles. The boy then held the card out at the Kaijin horizontally.

He pushed the card upwards into the slot that was at the bottom of the blue circle, having the card be locked in place. Soon, red electricity emerged from the coin that was displayed in the middle before the boy took the red ends and twisted them so that they above and below the card and blue center before closing them.

"HENSHIN!" he cried as the crimson electricity erupted from the belt, striking various objects within the room, including the Pawnranha itself, causing it to stagger back as it hissed in pain.

"RIDER SHIFT!" an automated voice said before the boy began glowing a bright red.

The light then soon twisted in a spiral and transformed into a deep crimson jumpsuit. Soon after the jumpsuit appeared, flames erupted from the chest, transforming into a silver chest plate with shoulder pads that were reminiscent of a beetle's hard forewings that were used to protect the wings used for flight. The chest armor had a raised gold trim at the edges, as did the shoulder pads. Soon the hands and feet erupted into flames for a moment, having gloves and boots take their place, matching the same silver color as well as a gold trim along the edges in addition to golden studs on the knuckles of the gloves. The helmet then appeared with Large green visors shaped like the eyes of an insect. The horns were like that of a stag beetle's but also a little wavy , slightly resembling that of the flames of a fire. Then the eyes glowed as two beetle like wings made of fire sprouted from the back briefly before dissipating. From where a boy stood now stood a warrior.

The Pawnranha was taken back in shock as it saw the boy transform.

"What are you?" it demanded as its opponent just cracked his neck.

"Kamen Rider Crimson, now I'll burn to ash!" Crimson declared awhile running towards the pawnranha with his right arm raised for a punch. As he swung his fist, his fist erupted into flames and it struck the kaijin straight in the chest, causing a tiny explosion to occur, causing it to fly backwards out of the building, crashing into a car.

Crimson casually walked outside and cracked his knuckles now before he snapped his fingers. A fireball appeared above the hand that the Rider used to snap his fingers with. He then grasped the fireball and squeezed it as it then began elongating itself while widening a little just about the hand that was grasping it.

Crimson swung his hand, having the flames vanish, revealing a sword with a blood red blade, slightly wavy at the edges, making appear like a flame. The grip was black while the pommel was as red with a green rectangular gem embedded in it. The silver cross guard was shaped like the Stag beetle's head with mandibles, the protrusions sticking downwards to give better protection while the black rain guard lead up to the blade.

The Pawnranha opened its mouth to emit an defiant screech before charging towards the Rider, who only stood there until the last minute. Crimson then swung the sword, striking the kaijin and causing flames to erupt from the blade upon making contact.

The Pawnranha screamed in pain as it staggered backwards, holding its now smoldering chest. It looked at its chest briefly before glaring at its opponent.

"YOU WILL PAY!" it screeched before it leaped towards the Rider.

Crimson then held the blade to the ground while twisting the cross guard so that the mandibles where facing away from the hand before the sword began to glow white before erupting into ruby red flames.

"INFERNO SLASHER!" the rider said and swung the flaming sword at the Pawnrahna and slashing it down the middle.

The Pawnranha landed on its feet and turned to face its foe before a glowing red line emerged from where the sword struck.

" Your death shall also be your funeral pyre, Pawnanha." Crimson said calmly before resting the sword blade flat against his shoulder.

The kaijin screamed as the line began glowing more brightly before it erupted in an explosion.

Crimson watched the fire that now burned where the Pawnranha once stood before he began walking away, his sword erupting into flames and vanishing into thin air.

After a few moments, he stopped when he saw a few people beginning to come out of the buildings nearby him.

"You… defeated a Chess Beast…" a man said in awe as he approached the Rider. "But they're invincible."

The rider chuckled and turned to face the man.

"Nothing is invincible. There just hasn't been anyone who was strong enough to fight back for a very long time." he explained while patting the man on the shoulder.

"What's your name?" a young woman asked.

The rider reached for his belt buckle and pulled at the top, causing the top and bottom to extend. He then turned it side ways and pushed the ends in, cancelling the transformation and turning back into a boy.

"I'm Honda Keitaro, otherwise known as Kamen Rider Crimson or Pyro Red." he said.

"Wait… you're the rumored Akuma no Kamen?" the man said in shock.

Keitaro only chuckled softly in amusement. " I can see where the name come from, I do look a bit like an akuma while I'm Crimson. But I am based on the Kuwagata actually." he said mirthfully

The man calmed down and nodded.

"I see. Well, what brings you here Honda-san?" the man asked.

The boy looked at the tower and smiled.

"I'm just wanted to see Fuuto, it's such a shame that it's in ruins, from what I could tell, it would've been a beautiful city." Keitaro replied before he began walking away.

"Where are you going?" a young woman asked.

"Leaving, if Omega-Shocker catches wind that I'm hanging around here, They'll come with an army and will destroy anything and anyone in their path." the boy stated calmly as he kept on walking, not giving a moment to look over his shoulder. However, after he finished speaking he raised a hand up to give a wave to the people.

~Three days later~

Keitaro yawned as he stretched his arms just as he reached the door to his apartment. He took out the house key and unlocked the door before walking inside, only to see a brown blur flying towards him.

"KEI-CHAN YOU'RE BACK!" a girl screamed in excitement while tackling the unsuspecting boy to the ground.

"Belle-chan, get off me!" the black haired boy said while trying to pry the girl off him.

"I missed you!" The girl, Belle, whined as she hugged Keitaro tightly. "I was all alone for almost a week!"

Groaning in pain, Keitaro raised a hand up and began petting the girl on the top of her head.

"Gomen. But you know I'm busy these days…" he spoke in an apologetic tone.

Belle relaxed and snuggled into his chest now, causing the boy to sigh.

"Sheesh, are you always this clingy?" he asked sarcastically.

"Only when I'm glad to see you, Onii-chan." Belle answered in a cute, innocent tone before getting off of him and up onto her feet.

The blonde was the same age as Keitaro, but she was a bit shorter than him. Her figure was mostly average, although her chest was small for her age. She was wearing a sky blue sundress that the skirt went to the knees. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail with a blue ribbon holding it in place. Her blue eyes stared at her brothers for a moment before giving the boy a quick chaste kiss on his lips.

"Belle, I hate it when you call me that." Keitaro stated dryly.

"I know, but you treated me like a sibling all these years." Belle said, grinning.

"I know, but whenever you kiss me like that, you just make me wonder if you actually have feelings for me." Keitaro quipped with a sly grin on his face.

Belle blushed a little before grabbing onto the boy's ear and began pulling on it as hard as she could.

"GOMEN ASAI!" he screamed in pain as he squirmed on the floor.

Sighing, Belle released her grip on the ear and began walking away from Keitaro.

"You're so pathetic at times…" she said in disappointment.

Keitaro shook his head before he got up and closed the door behind him.

"At times I wish you weren't so affectionate, Belle." he quipped with small grin.

The black haired boy then walked towards the living area and sat down in a chair and yawned.

"Kei-kun, why are you exactly fighting?" Belle asked as she sat down in a chair that was beside Keitaro's. "You're basically fighting against the entire world by yourself.

" Remember back when we were scavenging through that abandoned school for anything useful about a year ago?" the boy asked.

The blonde nodded in silence while focusing on him.

"Well, while I was rummaging through some lockers, I noticed one that was all the way in a closet… it was also excessively anchored to the wall but what I saw when I looked inside this locker was this weird yellow plug like object with a switch on top of it. It had cracks all over and looked like it was about to collapse if I were to even touch it. However, I also saw a scrapbook." Keitaro explained.

"Why does a scrapbook relate to you fighting?" Belle asked all of a sudden, confused by what the boy was talking about.

"I'm getting there, anyway, I became curious and grabbed the scrapbook and opened it, but what I saw shocked me. There was a picture of several kids in a group photo on the moon, yet they were all wearing spacesuits, except for one. The guy in the middle looked a bit like an astronaut, but he had a rocket for a head…"

Belle began laughing like crazy upon hearing that.

"A ROCKET for a head?" she blurted out.

Keitaro nodded and grinned as well.

"My thoughts exactly. Getting back on track, I kept on looking through the scrapbook , seeing different pictures of the kids doing random activities, but at the same time, there were pictures of the rocket-headed astronaut fighting these monsters. I also noticed some notes scribbled to the side on some on occasion. One of them said. 'Fourze fighting the Virgo Zodiart.' I figured that Rocket-head was called Fourze, and the monsters shown in the pictures were called Zodiarts.

"This goes on untill about halfway into the book, which started showing pictures of these guys wearing costumes , most of them spandex like in appearance, with helmets and in different colors. There was a memo stating them as the Super Sentai. However, after a few pages, there were no more pictures, but at the back cover,I did find something of interest. It was a booklet that explained the powers of the Kamen Riders, which Fourze was a part of, as well as the Super Sentai as well as what they did, which was to protect the world from evil monsters and Organizations out for global domination."

Belle decided to ask a question at that moment.

"So did that book tell you how to make that belt of yours?" she asked.

"Sort of… I actually found that card and the pieces for the belt partially put together. I was really curious and looked through that book more and found out that it was to just be a Rider system. However I also found the plans for making a similar belt for a Sentai system. It was about then where we both had to run from those Chess Beasts that decided to show up. I however took the plans and the parts of the belt before leaving." Keitaro explained.

Belle nodded before she spoke.

"So that's how you got that belt…" she said before grinning. " so how did you make that belt work?"

The boy grinned and reached into his pocket and pulled out the metallic card.

"It's this that allowed me to complete it. Surprisingly, this thing has the powers of both a Rider and a Sentai member already. After I finished putting together the belt, I decided to mess around and play with it. For the record, it was a pain to find the tools needed to put that belt together." Keitaro continued while pointing at his friend.

Belle rolled her eyes and shook her head.

" Anyway, without thinking, I slipped the card into the belt buckle while wearing it and that's when I first became Kamen Rider Crimson. Man, I was freaking out like crazy when that fire appeared while I transformed. "

The blonde giggled at the thought of her friend screaming like a little girl while he was transforming before she broke out laughing. Keitaro soon joined her in the laughter for a moment before he cleared his throat.

"The rest, as you know is history." the boy finished with a grin.

"That makes sense. I recall that you were deep in thought for a few days about what to do with that belt. It was that attack from that Pawnranha that made you decide on doing…" Belle said before she lowered her head and fell silent.

Keitaro looked at the blonde and then smiled softly.

"Don't worry about me Belle, I'm able take care of myself." he spoke reassuringly.

"I know… but Kei-kun, you're the closest thing to family that I've got…" she said softly.

Keitaro got up and walked to the blonde's side before stroking the back of her head with his hand.

"I'm not going anywhere, Belle, I'm not going to leave you." he stated with a smile on his face.

Belle nodded slowly yet remained silent as she looked at the ground.

Keitaro smiled and ruffled the blonde's hair a little before starting to head towards the kitchen area.

"I'll cook dinner tonight. Just tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do." he offered to her.

The girl grinned and raised her head up.

"Ramen if that's possible." she answered with a smile.

Keitaro nodded before he reached for a cupboard and opened it to see what he had to work with.

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