Ride Five: Fire and Ice- Price for Power

Keitaro winced in pain as he limped an abandoned pharmacy. His clothes were torn in various parts and covered in more grime than usual.

"Dammit…" he cursed as he heard the footsteps of the pursuing Pawnranha. He pulled out his Dualshifter in one hand and a translucent red card in the other. "I got no other choice…"

He put on the belt and inserted the red card hastily. The Dualshifter glowed slightly before it turned red. The boy screamed in agony as he grabbed onto a shelf to support himself briefly. Red electricity discharged from the buckle as he raised his left arm above his head, his hand clenched in a fist.

"RIDER BLAST: OOO TAJADOL!" the automated voice cried out as a projection of the red coin like Taja Spinner appeared on Keitaro's left arm before a different one spoke - "TAKA! KUJAKU! CONDOR! GI-GI-GIGA SCAN!"

When the foot soldiers of Omega-Shocker came into the entrance, they were struck by a phoenix made out of fire before exploding, engulfing the entire building in the process .

Two days ago. Roughly Two hours after Blanc's departure

"Great, just when we got new powers, we get our butts handed to us by those Chess Beasts and then our Elegies were stolen by this Blanc person …" Haruhi ranted as she paced around in circles.

Keitaro nodded as he sat on the hood of a broken down car that was rusted over. Beta was sitting on the ground, leaning against the side of the same car. A large dark bruise covered half of her forehead from where she was struck by Blanc's attack.

"This is indeed a serious setback to all our plans." Rias admitted. "However, we are not powerless, as we have these."

The half-Zangyack held up the six cards that they found upon awakening.

"What are those cards by the way Rias-san? You seem to look like you know what they are." Keitaro said as he looked at the cards.

"These cards are called Epochs, they enable the user to perform a finishing move of either a Kamen Rider or Ranger. We can use them without the Elegies…"

"Sweet! We can really wipe the floor with Omega-Shocker with those babies!" Haruhi chirped estatically while pumping a fist into the air.

Rias however only shook her head.

"We are to only use them as a last resort, even while using the Elegies." she warned. "The Epochs are a double edged sword. While using them allows you to use stronger attacks, the recoil from them will be far too great for any living being to handle."

"What will happen if we do use them?" Beta asked in a nervous tone.

"You'll either die right after using the Elegy or risk becoming a kaijin."

"Wait…what do you mean by that?" Keitaro asked.

"I don't know the details, but long before the Kamen Riders and Super Sentai vanished from history, there were kaijin that either transformed or evolved from humans. The only one that I'm aware of are the Orphenochs… who were humans that evolved after they died. Do not mistake them for those zombies that are found in stories. "

The group fell silent after hearing that. Several minutes passed as everyone except Rias looked at the ground. Keitaro clenched his fists briefly before he looked up, focusing his attention on the stoic girl.

"Rias… give me an Epoch or two." he said in a serious tone while holding out a hand. "Even if it's a kamikaze attack, it's better than nothing."

Rias nodded before taking the violet and red colored Epochs and handed them to Keitaro. Haruhi and Beta both looked at each other before staring at their "leader" in disbelief.

"Are you crazy?! I much rather be powerless and live for another day than going up against an opponent and die regardless of the outcome of the battle!" Haruhi said, exasperated by the boy's remark.

Keitaro smiled weakly at the girl. "I told you before, I want to liberate the world from Omega-Shocker." he said solemnly. "I've already came to peace with the fact that I may have to give up my own life to do it."

"YOU… YOU… IDIOT!" Haruhi stammered at the top of her lungs before running off, tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Keitaro-san… I understand your logic, but remember, you only live once." Rias said before turning around and following her friend.

"Keitaro-san. Rias-san is correct, you shouldn't throw your own life away for your dream." Beta added as she staggered to her feet. "I feel the same way. I want to do whatever it takes to win as well. But if I'm dead, what good can I do?"

Keitaro fell silent as he listened to the female pawnranha. When she finished speaking, she walked over to him and gently wrapped her arms around him to give him a brief hug. A faint blush appeared on her face as she moved her mouth to his ear before speaking.

"Don't forget, you're not alone either, Keitaro-san. Rias-san, Haruhi-san, and myself are here for you." she whispered before removing herself from him. The blush remained on her face as she turned around and ran off, joining Rias.


The flames began to subside as Keitaro staggered out of the building, his entire body set ablaze. The weakened boy didn't feel any pain as he moved onward.

"I refuse to die here… I have to save them… I have to make things right… Hang on everyone… I'm coming for you all…" he muttered as he saw more Pawnranha coming towards him. The boy then looked back towards a figure standing within the still burning building.

"I accept your proposition. Now, grant me what I need most to rescue my friends!" he cried out to him.

"As you wish, remember, there's no turning back once I do this." the figure said in a calm tone.

"I'll become the Akuma himself if I have to…" Keitaro replied before he turned to face the Chess Beasts.

"So be it…" the cloaked man said before he snapped his fingers.

Keitaro felt his fatigue disappear as a sudden surge of power dispersed throughout his body. The boy then smirked before he pointed at them. The flames started to converge at his back as they took on the appearance of a pair of bat like wings .

"I AM THE AKUMA NO KAMEN! YOUR JUDGEMENT IS EVISCERATION!" he shouted at the kaijin before he flapped his wings, sending a gale of searing hot flames at his foes, forcing them to fall back slightly to avoid being burned. The boy opened up his mouth, revealing two rows of razor sharp teeth before unleashing a gutteral roar. The Dualshifter started sparking once again as the electricity was absorbed into the body.

The Pawnranha all froze in place, a collective fear rooting them in place as a surge of power emanated from the boy before he lunged forward. The wings of flame dispersed as fireballs aimed at the group, causing most of them to fall to the ground while several of them exploded right away upon impact. Keitaro grinned sadistically as he stomped his foot onto the torso of one of the knocked down foot soldiers, the armor crumpling underneath like it was tin foil.

"Allow me to show you grunts the power of Ouja." the boy said darkly before taking out the violet card and inserting it into the Dualshifter.

An astral projection of the mechanical giant cobra, Venosnaker, materialized as it hissed loudly. Keitaro casually walked a few meters away from his opponents before turning around and leaning forward a little. He waited in place as the Pawnranha all gotten to their feet.

"RIDER BLAST : OUJA!" the belt declared before speaking in a completely different voice

"Final Vent!"

Keitaro leaned forward and began charging towards the group, holding his arms out straight while bent over a little, with the violet snake following him from behind. The boy then leaped up and spun in the air as the cobra spat its venom. After that, Keitaro twisted his body to do a scissoring motion with his feet, kicking several Pawnranha in the process as the venom struck several others.

"Bye-bye." Keitaro taunted in English before both he and the Chess Beasts were engulfed in a massive explosion as Venosnaker hissed loudly as it disappeared into thin air.

One Day Ago

"So… how are we going to fight Omega-Shocker since we lost the Elegies?" Keitaro asked the sitting Rias as he leaned against a rusting lamppost.

" There's been sightings of a white person who can fly around here…" the half-alien remarked as she looked over the remaining Epochs thoroughly. "If they are recent, then she shouldn't have gone too far."

"What does that have with how are we going to…. Oh, now I get it." the boy said with a smirk. "We find the thief when she's off guard and then we strike."

"Indeed, you're a lot smarter than I initially surmised." Rias said bluntly.

Keitaro glared at the bluenette before sighing.

"I'll take that as a compliment…" he muttered dryly. "Anyway, how are we going to be able to find Blanc when we don't know what she looks like underneath the helmet?"

Haruhi, who was standing next to Beta, grinned as she walked over to Keitaro with her hands behind her back.

"The alien here has a few ability that are quite handy." she said while walking closer. "For one, she's able to sense the Elegies like a bloodhound. Her eyes glow in a color that corresponds to the nearest Elegy if its within a kilometer."

"Really? That's quite convenient." Beta said in awe as she listened in. "Was that how you found my Elegy?"

"That is indeed correct, Beta-san, I was also able to detect Keitaro-san when Haruhi and myself first met him." Rias acknowledged as she stood up.

Keitaro smirked a little before he noticed a cicada flying his way.

"Huh… what's that thing doing in a place like this?" he asked while he watched the insect fly closer. He took a few steps closer before the cicada landed on the top of his head.

"EEEEKKK A BUG!" Haruhi screeched as she went behind Beta, peeking over her shoulder as she trembled in fear. "SOMEBODY KILL IT!"

Keitaro chuckled a bit before he felt something come down on his head.

"What the?" he asked in confusion as he blinked a few times. It took him a minute before he realized that his head was inside of a butterfly net.

"YAY! I finally caught you, Higurashi-kun!" a petite girl cried out ecstatically as she held onto the handle of the net.

The girl had midnight black hair that was cut in a bob that reached her shoulders. Her hazel eyes glistened exuberantly as she focused on the insect that was still resting on Keitaro's head. She was wearing a slightly worn out white sundress that was stained in different locations.

"Can we help you in anyway?" Rias asked politely as she stared at the girl in interest.

The girl blinked a little bit before realizing that she wasn't alone. She immediately let go of the handle and bowed.

"G-Gomen. I was so focused on catching Higurashi-kun that I wasn't paying attention." the girl apologized before rising back up with a warm smile on her face. "I'm Nakashima Yuka… but everyone calls me Naka.."

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! KILL THAT BUG!" Haruhi screamed hysterically.

Naka tilted her head to the side while putting a finger to her mouth.

"Why do you want to do something to Higurashi-kun?" she asked in a confused way. "Also, he's cute!"

"THAT THING IS NOT EVEN REMOTELY CUTE!" the taller black haired girl snapped as she hid more against the female Pawnranha.

Rias cleared her throat as she walked up towards the cowering Haruhi.

"Please stand aside Beta-san." the bluenette requested.

The confused Pawnranha stepped to the side, resulting in the human to squeak in fear as she trembled in place. The half-Zangyack grasped Haruhi's face and have it face forward, forcing eye contact.

"Wh-What are you going to do you dumb alien?" the girl said in a failed attempt to put up a front.

Rias didn't say anything as she closed the distance between herself and the blackette and pressed her lips against her own. Haruhi's eyes widened in shock as she started flailing in place while Rias' own closed as she deepened the kiss.

Beta blushed deeply at the sight of the two girls while Keitaro's eye twitched a bit before he collapsed to the ground face-first as he fainted. Higurashi-kun the cicada flew out of the net unscathed and landed onto Naka's shoulder.

Haruhi kept squirming for a bit before her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she passed out. Rias broke the kiss with a thin strand of saliva connecting the two together.

"I forgotten that normal humans can't hold their breath as long as I can." she said stoically as she allowed Haruhi to unceremoniously fall to the ground face first.

"Haruhi-san! KEITARO-KUN!" Beta screamed in horror as she began panicking.

"It's nice to see people getting along, right Higurashi-kun?" the petite girl asked the insect. The cicada chirped only once in response as it remained in place as she raised a finger and rubbed it gently against the abdomen, taking care not to touch the wings.


Keitaro stumbled out of the flames, his skin covered with mild burns as most of his clothes were burnt off now. The only surviving article was his black boxers. The boy panted heavily as he laid on the ground on his back. The boy closed his eyes as he recuperated. His entire body ached in pain and was screaming for rest.

"Man… I am going to avoid doing that again if possible…" he groaned as he felt the sunlight hit his face.

Keitaro laid in place for a few minutes before he felt a drastic drop in temperature. Ignoring his body's protests, he sat upright as he saw a white Kamen Rider descend to the ground in front of him. He noticed that the lenses were blue with a light black tint to them than the dark black that Beta described once the Rider.

"So you're the one called Blanc." he said while frowning. "What do you want?"

"Indeed I am." Blanc said while nodding. "As for why I am here, it's because I saw that explosions and was wondering what was going on here. And I'm glad that I'm finally able to speak with the leader of the Riderangers."

"I'll say it again, what do you want Blanc?" Keitaro said while his eyebrows furrowed a bit. "Last time you appeared, you stole our Elegies."

"Are you still mad about that?" the rider asked before she pulled out the Elegy of Flames. "I learned something new about them that made me realize that I was mistaken… Not all the Elegies will bring the end of the world. Only some of them are able to do such a thing… For what I've done, I apologize"

Keitaro looked at the rider before he held out his hand. "If you're truly sorry, give me back ALL the Elegies that you've taken."

The rider nodded before pulling out the other Elegies and placing all of them onto his hand in a neat stack. Keitaro pulled out his Elegy and examined it before nodding in approval.

"I know you don't trust me, but I'll make it up to you in any way possible." The rider said apologetically.

Keitaro looked at Blanc before he opened up his mouth to speak

"I want to see who you really are underneath the helmet. Undo your transformation." he said.

The rider nodded before pulling out her Elegy and undoing the transformation. The suit and helmet started cracking up before shattering like glass, the shards disappearing into thin air.

Standing in place of the rider was a girl of mixed descent. Her apologetic emerald green eyes focused on Keitaro as her smooth red hair glistened in the sunlight. She was wearing a pair of jeans that were really worn around the knees as well as a black tshirt while wearing a pair of tennis shoes.

"My real name is Mayumi Ouellet." the exotic looking girl said solemnly while she held herself. "I apologize for what I've done, but when I'm transformed… the other me, Blanc, takes over… And it's really difficult to stay in control…"

Keitaro fell silent as he listened to Mayumi. Closing his eyes, his mind was racing a bit as many questions swam around. He organized his thoughts the best he could before speaking.

"I see Mayumi-san… I'm Honda Keitaro. I can tell that you're being honest with your split personality, but I don't trust you completely." the boy said.

Keitaro immediately groaned upon seeing Mayumi walking over towards a sword that once belonged to one of the Pawnranha.

Talk about short attention span… he thought bitterly.

"Mayumi-san… over here!" the boy called out while snapping his fingers.

The redhead looked over and blinked a little. "What is it?" she asked.

"I was talking to you!" the boy said in mild annoyance.

"Oh! Silly me!" Mayumi said while bopping herself against the head lightly while sticking her tongue out. "I was just curious to see what that thing was."

Keitaro couldn't help but smile a little bit.

"Anyway, I'm Honda Keitaro." he said while making sure that the girl was paying attention.

"Gotcha! Nice to meet you, Honda-kun!" the redhead said while smiling happily. She began walking towards him. The girl failed to notice a small pothole that was in front of her. She stepped into it and stumbled forwards, crashing into Keitaro. The boy yelped in pain after the back of his head bounced against the ground once before he saw Mayumi looking at him with a deep blush.

"Honda-kun… you're taking things a little too fast…" she said timidly.

"You tripped and fell ontop of me." Keitaro explained calmly. The boy knew that he wasn't in a compromising position as his hands were laying against the ground, not touching the girl at all.

Mayumi blushed a bit more before smiling again. "I see, well, I am a bit clumsy after all."

The girl got off of him as he sat upright once again. His body ached even more now as he moved. He heard his spine popping, the tension giving way a little. Mayumi sat next to him as he looked at her.

"So… how did you find that Elegy of yours?" he asked.

"I was just walking around one day and I tripped over a tire that came out of nowhere and I found it inside." the redhead replied with a smile.

Keitaro only nodded slowly while looking at the girl skeptically.

"I see… " he said flatly before trying to sit up, wincing as his burns throbbed in pain.

"Honda-kun… why do you have shark teeth?" Mayumi asked.

The boy blinked in confusion before sticking a finger into his mouth to feel his teeth. He immediately withdrew it after it was cut into by the tip of one of them.

"Oww~" he whimpered while shaking his hand. He then cautiously rubbed the tip of his tongue against the back of his lower jaw line and his eyes widen in shock as he felt the sharp teeth. "What in the?!""

The half-Japanese girl recoiled from the sudden outburst. The black haired boy grimaced before looking over at the burning building.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" he hollered as loud as possible to the shrouded man as he walked outside. His features were hidden by the robe, leaving his identity a complete secret.

"Have you forgotten already? The terms of our contract states that In exchange for gaining more power and to handle the Epochs without dying, you must sacrifice a bit of your humanity each use. You already used the Epochs once since the contract's formation, therefore the first payment was your teeth." the man said in an cruel, informative manner. "A bargain, considering your current state of health."

Keitaro growled before staggering to his feet, ignoring the pain that surged through his body.

"Grrr…. I'll KILL YOU!" he said before pulling out the Elegy of Flames and inserting it into the Dualshifter. "HENSHIN"

"ERROR! INCOMPATIBLE!" the Dualshifter said before electricity was discharged, electrocuting its user.

Keitaro screamed in agony while slumping to his knees, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. He then collapsed face down into the pavement after slipping into unconsciousness.

"Interesting, the Elegy has rejected you, Keitaro-kun." the cloaked man said in a stoic manner. "Perhaps it sees you as someone not worthy of its power."

"Please leave Honda-kun alone!" Mayumi cried out while standing between the robed man and Keitaro.

"Very well, Mayumi… or should I say Blanc? It's hard to tell who's in control most of the time." the man taunted before a violet miasma formed around his feet. He began sinking into it as he pointed at the girl. "Remember this, Once his transformation is complete, he will be nothing more than a mindless beast. Besides, you better get out of here, A Bishop is coming."

The redhead remained silent as the robed man sunk into the miasma completely before it dispersed, leaving no trace behind.

"I see… so someone managed to defeat my men, I believe it must have been the infamous Akuma no Kamen…" a voice said while Mayumi looked behind her back.

A man dressed up in a black satin cloak with a bishop's hat made of the same material came into view, his arms behind his back. Mayumi noticed that the newcomer had a humanoid head with large yellow compound eyes shaped like those of a mantis. She couldn't help but notice the air of overwhelming power radiating from it.

"Wh-Who are you?" the girl asked in fear.

"I am known as Theta-175, the purest of the Theta Series, as well as an Omni."

"Yo-You're an O-Omni?" the redhead said in disbelief.

"Correct, I'm just that, one of the most elite of Omega-Shocker. Now stand aside as I deal with the boy." Theta declared before removing his hands from behind, revealing a pair of green praying mantis forearms with human shaped hands at the end, except for the thumb, which was elongated and resting against the arm. Barbs protruding from the thumb and forearm interlocked with each other as he pointed towards the girl.

Mayumi closed her eyes and began counting backwards.


"Move aside, or else I shall eliminate you where you stand."


" I'll kindly ask you one last time, you're starting to get on my nerves."


"Very well then… perish, human."


Theta held out a hand and a sphere of swirling green energy began to form in the palm of his hand.


The Chess Beast charged forward, releasing a battlecry while raising the hand up.


Mayumi opened her eyes and a sadistic grin formed on her face.

"I beg to differ, freak." she taunted before leaping forward with her arms in front of her face.

The Chess Beast thrusted his arm, only for the redhead to expertly weave to the side, evading the attack before delivering an uppercut to the kaijin's chin, knocking him off balance as he staggered backwards as the sphere dissipated into the air like smoke. Grinning still, the girl closed the distance between the two of them and swiftly jabbed at the Chess Beast's openings, further disorienting him.

"Elite, my ass." Mayumi taunted as she kept up the pressure. " Regardless, I need that moron. "

Theta grunted before catching of Mayumi's fists with the palm of his hand. The redhead grimaced before attempting to punch her opponent with her free hand, only for him to grasp her by the wrist.

"You caught me off guard, human, and I commend you on that feat, but I'm afraid that simple boxing is not enough to defeat me." Theta said calmly before headbutting the girl, causing her to lose balance before a knee was driven into her stomach, forcing her to lurch forward and gasp as the air was knocked out of her. The kaijin then released the girl and did a side kick, knocking her to the ground flat on her back .

The redhead recovered enough to stand to her feet and pulled out her Elegy and Dualshifter. She attached the Dualshifter to her waist and inserted the card.

"I've had it with you," she cried out in an annoyed tone. "HENSHIN!"

"RIDER SHIFT!" the belt cried out as Mayumi was encased in a pillar of opaque ice that grew from the ground up. The ice then began to crack in various places briefly before shattering in the direction of the Chess Beast. The jagged shards made their mark, tearing holes in the robe and hat as sparks erupted from his chest.

"Now, monsieur, how shall I dispose of you?" Kamen Rider Blanc said coldly as a sphere of ice floated in front of her. "I am quite annoyed that you're attempting to interfere with my plans. So maybe I should make it slow and agonizing."

The white Rider reached a hand out and grasped the sphere before the ice began to wrap around the hand, taking the shape of a gauntlet. It then began to crack before shattering, revealing an opaque white gauntlet with a translucent sky blue orb within the center of the back of the hand. Unbeknownst to either combatants, Keitaro stirred as he came around.

"Hypothermia or become encased in ice before I shatter you. Those are your choices." Blanc said coldly while flexing her fingers. The orb on the gauntlet began to glow as the temperature around the kamen rider began to drop. However, she paused as she looked over her shoulder at the now conscious boy.

"M-Mayumi-san… don't…" Keitaro said as he sat upright.

"Why shouldn't I? He's the enemy." Blanc challenged before turning her attention towards the Chess Beast as he attempted to make a retreat. "And where are you going, bugman?" The rider held out her gauntlet in front of her and the ground beneath Theta's feet froze faster than he could react. The ice crept upwards faster, climbing his legs and encasing him in place.

Keitaro grimaced as he rose to his feet, ignoring the pain he was feeling.

"I need to know where the others are…" he explained.

Blanc fell silent for a moment to contemplate. She lowered her gauntlet wielding hand and nodded silently in acknowledgement.

Keitaro smirked and focused his attention upon the Chess Beast.

"First off, I am not showing you any mercy, so don't think you're safe." he explained.

"You think I'm afraid of you, you're just a pathetic hum- GYUAAH!" Theta haughtily said before screaming in pain.

Keitaro sunk his teeth into the kaijin's left hand as hard as he could. He hung on for a few moments before releasing his grip.

"WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS?!" he demanded while snarling. His eyes were locked upon the kaijin's own as he spoke.

"How dare you bite me! You will pay dearly for that you- GYAAAHH!" the kaijin said before once again screaming in pain. Keitaro twisted the kaijin's left arm into an uncomfortable angle and kept applying pressure.


"Alright! I'll talk!" Theta screamed. "Just stop!"


"My, my, I never thought you'd take such measures." Blanc said in an awe-inspired tone.

Keitaro looked over towards the severely injured kaijin who was trying in vain to crawl away. His face showed no remorse as he held up the Elegy of Flames.

"I can't afford to show mercy to the enemy… I'm in a war, and in one where it's just four against the entire world, anything goes." he said stoically. "Especially if my friends are in danger."

He stepped towards Theta slowly while pulling out his Dualshifter.

He inserted the Elegy into the Dualshifter and the electricity began to surge from it as it attempted to reject Keitaro. The boy screamed in pain before gritting his teeth as he looked down at the Dualshifter

"I don't care if you don't find me worthy, you damn piece of scrap metal, but I need your power. I don't care if you reject me after this, just lend me your power this one time… Please… just this once.."

The electricity began to recede and Keitaro closed his eyes while being engulfed in flames.

"Thank you…Let's try this again….Henshin…" "


The flames dispersed, revealing Kamen Rider Crimson as he exhaled in a guttural manner. The normally translucent green lenses were a solid jet black coloring. He closed the Dualshifter before opening it, having the coin within the Elegy glow a brilliant scarlet.


"Inferno Blitzer…" the rider announced before leaping up into the air and doing a summersault. He twisted his body and flames erupted from the outer ankles as they took the form of a Stag Beetle's mandibles. His feet connected with the Chess Beast's back as the mandibles closed in a vice grip. This caused Theta to scream before exploding. Crimson casually cracked his neck as he was engulfed in the flames.

Blanc stood by with her arms crossed in front of her chest as she witnessed the sight before her.

"My my, you keep continuing to surprise me, Akuma no Kamen…" the white Rider said in an impressed tone. "Your cruelty and determination knows no bounds. I like that in a man."

Crimson emerged from the flames unscathed as he walked towards Blanc. He summoned his sword and pointed it at the white Kamen Rider.

"I am going to save the others, either you help me or I destroy you where you stand." he said.

Blanc casually raised a hand up and grasped the blade and pulled it down as she kept "eye contact" with Crimson.

"I'll help you, Akuma-kun." she said before closing the distance between herself and him. "I'll gladly follow someone like you anywhere."

"Very well…" the red Rider said before dismissing his weapon and turned around and began walking away. "but remember, I don't trust you still, so show any sign of interfering, and I'll cut you where you stand. "

The threat sent a shiver down Blanc's spine.

"I understand, Akuma-kun." she said before she followed close behind.


Beta groaned as she awoke. Her head throbbed violently in pain as she sat upright. Her eyesight was blurry at the moment, so she couldn't make out her surroundings.

"What happened?" she asked weakly.

"Ah! Beta-san! You're awake!" Naka cried out in relief as she ran over towards the female pawnranha.

"N-Naka-san? Is that you?" Beta asked, unable to make the girl out.

"Hai! It's me." the petite girl said while taking Beta's hand. "We were ambushed by some bad guys when we were sleeping, but Keitaro-kun managed to escape. Everyone else is alright, but we're all prisoners."

Beta nodded as her eyesight finally began to become clear. Her head didn't throb as much as well, giving her the chance to think properly.

"I see… But where is Haruhi-san and Rias-san?" she asked.

"I'm here," Haruhi spoke up from behind the pawnranha.

Beta turned around and her eyes widened at what she saw.

"Bwuh?!" she said unintelligibly.

Haruhi was dangling upside down inside of a cage, wearing a straitjacket as well as a face mask that prevented her from biting anybody. The black haired girl glared at Beta with a not-so-amused look.

"Haruhi-san literally bit one of the guards in the butt when he said 'bite me'…" Naka explained with a smile on her face. " I found it funny, but the guards didn't."

"Well, he insulted us first, so I was just returning the favor!" Haruhi protested while squirming in place.

"Okay, now may I know where Rias-san is?" Beta asked next.

"The guards took the alien for interrogation. It sucks that they also took our Dualshifters and Epochs… we're helpless enough without the Elegies to begin with." Haruhi replied bitterly. "And I think Keitaro died in that explosion he was engulfed in that night… we're definitely screwed at this point."

" I don't believe that Honda-kun is dead. He'll come to save us. I just know it!" Naka said in protest.

Beta smiled and nodded in agreement. " I doubt Keitaro-kun would let us down. He's not that kind of person." she admitted with a slight blush.

Haruhi's eyes furrowed a little as she noticed the blush.

"Never thought that a monster-girl would be infatuated with a human." she dryly quipped .

"Wh-What do you m-mean by that?" Beta stammered as the blush deepened more.

"Great… competition…" the dangling girl muttered under her breath.

Naka only blinked as she looked at the other two women.

"I hope Keitaro-kun is doing okay…" she said wistfully before looking out of a barred window.

Ten Kilometers away.

"INFERNO SLASHER!" Crimson cried out as he slashed through a group of Pawnranha, causing them to explode instantly. He then charged towards another approaching group of kaijin. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

Blanc leaped back to avoid the blade of a sword as she flexed her gauntlet. She leaped forward and punched the sword-weilding pawnranha in the chest, freezing him instantly before he shattered into countless shards.

"There's just no end to this guys…" she remarked while punching another foot soldier with the gauntlet.

"I don't care. I'll incinerate everyone who opposes me…" Crimson responded while hacking down more of the foot soldiers. "and the fact that I destroyed that Omni will definitely send a strong message to the rest of them. One that says that I'm not some random rebel, but one who is to be feared. Especially since I had one of the grunts send that hat to them."

"Psychological warfare ontop of physical. You're DEFINITELY my kind of monsieur." Blanc complimented.

"Can it Blanc, I'm not interested with stuff like that right now." the red Kamen Rider responded before he stopped in place upon recognizing a familiar pawnranha. "It's you again…"

Epsilon-133 chuckled as he casually swung his sword in one hand.

"It's a pleasant surprise hearing that you're alive, Rideranger…" he remarked. "And congratulations on defeating Theta-175, even though he was the weakest of the Omni, since he was only as strong as a pawnranha. If you were wondering, he only became an Omni because of his scheming and blackmailing."

Crimson only grunted before hoisting his sword up onto his shoulder.

"What are you doing here Epsilon?" he asked. "I thought you were with that Gorilla boss of yours."

"Sigma-sama had some matters to deal with, but he instructed me to do whatever I wished, as long as I don't kill none of you Riderangers." the pawnranha explained. "Now I challenge you to a fight!"

Crimson shook his head and dismissed his sword. "I don't have time to waste on you. I have other matters to deal with." he said before beginning to walk past the Chess Beast.

"Oh, you mean your comrades. I know exactly where they are. Plus something critical about those Elegies that you are searching for."

Keitaro froze in place before turning his head to look over his shoulder.

"Tell me… Tell me everything you know." he demanded.

"With pleasure, but in exchange, you have to fight with me. Fair enough?" Epsilon offered.

"Fine. Information first, and then you get your fight." Crimson accepted while nodding a bit.

"Very well, First off, your comrades are perfectly safe, and they'll stay in their current location for the next two days. That's plenty of time for you to rescue them. This information is sound and accurate" the pawnranha explained. "Now, the Elegies, I believe you have no idea how many there are. I don't know the exact number, but there's at least twenty of them. The currently known ones are Wind, Water, Lightning, Fire, Ice, Earth, Wood, Metal, Gravity, Magnet, Light, Darkness , Rust, Miasma, and Acid. The last three Elegies are currently in Omega-Shocker's possession."

Both Blanc and Crimson fell silent as they listened to the Chess Beast.

"You are not the only ones looking for the Elegies. The embodiments of all aspects of Reality. The one who can obtain all of the Elegies will be granted the powers to remake this planet in their own image. However, there are a handful that if gathered, can bring eternal ruin instead. "

"you're saying that Omega Shocker has their own Riderangers?" Blanc asked.

Epsilon shook his head. "No, none of the male Chess Beasts seem to be compatible with the Elegies. However, the pawnranha who aligned herself with you is an interesting case. Maybe the Elegies prefer females over male. Who knows?"

"I see… I take it Omega Shocker wishes to bring ruin to this world I take it." Crimson stated accusingly.

"On contraire, Pyro Red, Omega Shocker wishes to avoid such a thing, as it'll make everything we've accomplished for nothing." the Pawnranha explained. "I don't get what Rias-sama was thinking when she developed the Dualshifters to harness the Elegies before she defected."

Crimson immediately snapped his head up for a moment to look at the Chess Beast in his yellow orbs for eyes. "Are you saying that Rias was once part of Omega-Shocker?" he asked in disbelief.

"Not just that, she was one of the founding members." Epsilon answered with a toothy grin. "She was called Rias of the Rain since she had slain the remaining Kamen Riders and Super Sentai on a rainy day two hundred years ago as Kamen Rider Azul."

"Sh-She did that?!" the Kamen Rider said as the black lenses began turning the original translucent green. "But why did she defect then?!

"Indeed she did, She managed to destroy them all, although it was a long and grueling battle from what I've heard that could've went either way. However, apparently the fact she had eviscerated all the Rangers and Riders was too much for her mind to handle. Rias used to been a lot more crueler before that day, but the guilt was just too much. Such a shame, she was such a valuable asset."

So that's why Rias was finding the Elegies… it must be what she believes is the only way to make amends for her sins… Keitaro thought as he clenched his fist. The helmet's lenses turned back to normal.

"Everyone will do things they're not proud of. And in this world, everyday is a struggle for survival. I think Rias-san did what she did back then to make the world better, but at least she's doing the right thing now. Even if she's still haunted by the past, I'll stand by her side. I may not know here that well yet, but I know I can trust her with my life, even if I lost my powers. She's my friend, and I don't abandon anyone who's my friend. No matter what happens, I'll be there until the very end." he declared as wings made out of flames emerged from his back.

"Epsilon, you don't know who I am, don't you? I'm not just Pyro Red of the Riderangers, but I'm also Kamen Rider Crimson, the Akuma no Kamen."

The Chess Beast chuckled in amusement before nodding his head in approval. "Good, you're finally thinking straight. I didn't want you to die by doing something reckless." he stated.

The female Kamen Rider decided to speak up at that moment.

"Why did you do that?" Blanc spoke up, wanting to get something cleared. "You're the enemy. Why help the leader calm down?"

"It's because Sigma-sama and myself both wish to fight you Riderangers when you are stronger. And we couldn't allow anything bad happen to you all until then." Epsilon replied. "And it's really rare for Sigma-sama to take an interest in somebody. So you should be honored by that."

"I'm flattered…" Crimson dryly quipped.

Sigma turned around and walked off. "Your comrades are in an abandoned prison two kilometers east of here, but the place is guarded by foot soldiers and two Rook Class Chess Beasts. I strongly advise you to use the utmost caution, Pyro Red, no, Kamen Rider Crimson." he advised. "And you better hurry, some of them are eyeing that new girl of yours in... inappropriate ways."

"What about our fight?" the red Rider asked.

"The next time we'll meet. I never said I wanted to fight you right now."

Crimson chuckled as the kaijin vanished from view before he nodded his head. "Alright, next time, Sigma." he acknowledged.

"Why did you let him go?" Blanc asked in confusion as she approached her fellow Rider. "He was the enemy."

" Yeah, but an enemy who managed to overpower me. Sometimes it's better to avoid a fight if possible. Besides, I need to conserve energy for when I have to rescue Rias and the others." Crimson replied calmly as he watched Epsilon disappear from sight.

"I guess you're right." the white Rider said in boredom. " though I don't understand why you were so gung ho before, but now you just want to avoid fights."

"I don't know how to explain it to be honest, but after the Elegy rejected me… I felt some kind of… dark side of me taking over, despite still being aware of what was going on. And when I transformed… I barely was able to think clear enough to keep myself from going on an out of control rampage… " the red Rider explained while sighing. " I guess I just needed to cool my head with some conversation."

Blanc nodded silently before walking past Crimson.

" You better not lose yourself, Keitaro…" she muttered under her breath.

"Eh? You said something?" Crimson asked.

"Nothing. We better get going, we have only two days, correct?"

"Yeah, we better move it."

With that, the two Kamen Riders ran off in silence, with Blanc looking over her shoulder once to glance at Crimson.

Honda Keitaro, Leader of the Riderangers, and the infamous Akuma no Kamen… How far will you go to defeat Omega-Shocker? Will you be like Kamen Rider Gravis? Or will you take a different path? I'm interested to see what you'll do to accomplish your goals. It seems your goals coincide with some of my own, and that makes things even more interesting. she thought before looking forward again.

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A Rogue Chess Beast does something that even Omega-Shocker forbids their elite from doing.

" What are you thinking!?" a Pawnranha said in disbelief. "If you do that, our world will be destroyed!"

Omega scoffed as he pressed a few more keys on the keyboard, activating the machine.

" I don't care, if anything, it'll wipe our slate clean." he said coldly.

The Riderangers meet other heroes, but on opposing sides.

"I don't care if you're a civilian, robot, super powered person, or some kind of monster." Pyro Red said while glaring at the newcomer. "Good or evil, if you stand in our way, we'll crush you without mercy."

"I've slain the last remaining heroes from my reality once… and I'm not afraid to do it again." Rias said, hesitating a moment before she looked at her opponent. "However, this time it'll be for the sake of survival."

"We came from a world where its kill or be killed everyday," Blanc admitted before summoning her gauntlet. "One where being so friendly will get you nothing but a dirt nap."

"Please let us through, I don't wish to fight you." Gale pleaded to the strangers. "But if you won't comply, you'll leave me no choice."

"So… what's your answer?" Crocus questioned while leaning against a tree with her arms crossed in front of her chest. "Are you going to do this the easy way or the hard way?"

" I won't deny that the others destroyed a few buildings on purpose and that resulted in a few people getting hurt on your end, but we didn't have many options." Naka said while lowering her head. "Why don't you understand? All of you can help us! But instead, we're fighting each other instead…There's nothing that either of us can gain from that."

Two dangerous Elegies are created.

"So… you're saying that this Elegy was created by what happened?" Keitaro asked Rias.

The bluenette nodded slowly.

"Indeed. The Elegies can either be a great threat or asset, depending on who uses them." she replied.

"I see… we better find them fast." Keitaro said while smiling, flashing his shark teeth at the half-Zangyack. "But exactly HOW do we find them?!"

Rias confronts her past.

"I know we used to done so in the past, Omega… but I can't work with you, it will go against the promise I've made. " Rias stated as her eyes glowed a brilliant scarlet.

"I see… such a shame really…." Omega said solemnly. "Out of everyone in Omega-Shocker, you were the only one I actually admired. Ever since your crowning achievement, you've lost your edge…"

"Maybe I did, but I don't regret that one bit." the bluenette admitted as she closed her eyes. "I've gained something more valuable in its place."

"What would HE say about that?" Omega asked bitterly.

Rias fell silent as she tightened her grip on her Elegy.

Kamen Sentai Rideranger's first Gekijoban.

"You ready Everyone?" Rias asked while pulling out her Dualshifter. "We have to stop them here and now. We lose everything if they succeed. SO DO NOT HOLD BACK!"

"Ready" the other Riderangers acknowledged as they followed her lead.

"Same here." one of the others said.

"Alright then…" Keitaro said before attaching his Dualshifter to the waist and inserted the Elegy. He turned his attention towards toward the bluenette. "It's your lead, Rias." The normally stoic girl nodded before she looked forward with her eyes burning with determination.

"HENSHIN!" Rias screamed as she began running forward towards Omega's massive Pawnranha army of two thousand strong.


One by one, the other Riderangers followed their comrade and friend.

"LET'S GO EVERYONE!" Keitaro cried out to the rest as he followed the now transformed Rias who lead the charge. "HENSHIN!"

Kamen Sentai Rideranger vs. ? ? ? : Calamity Climax. (Title pending)

Coming soon.