Ride Six: Fire and Ice: Evolution

Crimson screamed in defiance as he shoved pawnranha left and right off the ledge of the bridge in a comical manner. Blanc couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of the foot soldiers flailing their limbs as they plummeted to the river beneath.

"Dammit Blanc!" the red Kamen Rider cursed in anger. "Did you just had to announce our presence to them?!"

The white one only shook her head as she delivered an uppercut to a Pawnranha's chin, sending him flying as teeth were knocked out. Blanc then landed a haymaker right in the face of another, causing him to fly into his comrades about five meters away.

"They had guards all over the place, looking in every direction, besides, I don't remember you being able to fly like myself." she countered. " Besides, I was getting bored with being stealthy all the time."

Crimson growled before he summoned his sword and slashed several foot soldiers, causing them to explode upon impact.

"I can tell, despite what you're saying, you enjoy to fight, especially when your life is on the line." Blanc continued. " Don't bother denying it, the way you just charge forward says it."

Keitaro chuckled and touched his horns, dismissing the helmet in a flash of fire as he looked at Blanc with a frown.

"I won't deny it. Before I became Crimson, I was just the average ruffian who looked out for himself. I extorted and mugged to survive, but somewhere along the way, I began to crave the fighting that came on occasion. However, that all changed when I met her." he admitted.

"Was it your girlfriend?" Blanc teased as she froze a Pawnranha that attempted to sneak up from behind.

"No, I first encountered her when I attacked both her and her father." Keitaro said as he leaped back, avoiding the tip of the incoming sword that came in a forward lunge by its owner. "Her father and I got into a fight when he refused to give me their food. However… the building we were in was unstable… I shoved him into the heavily damaged main pillar. Then everything went to hell… I literally brought the roof down upon us."

Keitaro fell silent as his face softened. " I will never forget Belle's mourning for her father. He was crushed underneath a support beam as he shoved her out of the way ."

Blanc remained silent as she listened to Keitaro. She caught the wrist of her newest opponent before flash freezing him completely. Keitaro raised his sword up horizontally to parry an incoming blow before he kicked the pawnranha away from him.

"I saw the man give his own life for his daughter. I may have been a ruffian who loved fighting and did almost anything to survive, but I wasn't a scumbag who didn't value human life. When I went to him, He was barely alive, but being crushed to death. His last words were addressed to me: 'Please keep my daughter safe.'" he continued. " Those words brought me to my senses. Until that moment, I believed that you had to fend for yourself to survive in this world. But here was this man, who asked a complete stranger who attacked him, to protect his only family. "

Keitaro gripped his sword even tighter as he remembered that moment. " Ever since then… I've protected Belle with my very life. We also became close, as close as you can get without becoming lovers."

Without speaking, Blanc stepped forward and pressed the coin on her Elegy.


Blanc's entire suit immediately shattered like glass, revealing a new costume underneath it. It was shaped the same but the coloring changed from white to an icy blue as the silver became a navy shade. A snow white cape that split into two tails materialized from the mantle . Her helmet's lenses became a brilliant emerald green while the faceplate was now snow white. The right glove became an inverse coloration of the rest, the glove navy blue with a lighter shade for the trim. Finally, the Dualshifter itself changed color, the buckle becoming snow white as the normally black belt was navy blue.

"Blanc Glace" the transformed rider announced as she held out her right hand in above her. The air around her became chilled as the ground around her immediately had a layer of frost appear. Multiple jagged icicles appeared out of the condensation that was in the air. They floated in place around Blanc as she looked at her opponent. She then lowered her hand down to in front of her before curling her fingers up a little as the glove began glowing. Some of the shards of ice gravitated towards the hand, combining with one another.

The ice soon took the form of a bow before it shattered, releasing the weapon within it. It was the same shade of icy blue as the jumpsuit with a silver bladed edge with navy blue highlights at each end, It was revealed that it lacked a bowstring as the Rider casually twirled it between her fingers.

Keitaro watched in amazement as she held the weapon properly. An bowstring made out of a blue light materialized before she used the index and middle fingers of her left hand to pull it back. As Blanc drew, an arrow made of ice appeared. The rider aimed up towards the sky before unleashing the arrow. The projectile soared into the sky before it glowed and duplicated itself into countless copies. After the final duplication, all of them rained down upon the area, slaying the Pawnranha within range, evident by the many explosions the two Riders witnessed.

"That was amazing…" Keitaro said in awe before his helmet rematerialized. He then released his grip and the sword disappeared after bursting into flames.

"If you master the original form entirely, the Elegy will give you a new one that allows you more use of its power." Blanc explained as she lowered her bow. " The form known as the Shinka Rank."

" The Shinka…Rank…" Crimson repeated as he digested what he heard.

"I'm not the first, so far, there are two others who attained Shinka Rank before myself, Kamen Riders Gravis and Deorc."

"Gravis and Deorc?" the red kamen rider asked in curiosity.

"Gravis controls gravity while Deorc has domain over darkness." Blanc elaborated as she reverted back to her base form in a flash of light. " However, unlike you and the Riderangers, they use their powers for selfish reasons. A source of mine said that Deorc is an assassin for hire while Gravis rules the entire Shinjuku prefecture through fear by using a small group of Kamen Riders with sub-elements associated with the ground, like Rock, Metal and Magnet."

Crimson nodded as he listened closely. "I remember Epsilon telling me there being Elegies of Earth and Light. I won't be surprised if the Earth one is with this Gravis person, but what about the Elegy of Light?" he questioned while looking at Blanc.

The white Rider remained silent before putting a hand behind her back and pulling out two Elegies, one completely gold while the other was silver with a bronze coin.

"I have both of them. I swiped the Elegy of Earth from Gravis." Blanc replied before pausing for a moment. "The other… I received it from… the other me's papa…"

"I see…" Crimson said while nodding slowly. He understood the meaning behind the pause and decided not to press the matter about her father any further.

"Akuma-kun… you're just like me in so many ways. We both love to fight… and we witnessed someone dying in front of our own eyes as they protected someone… and their deaths changed us."

"Mayumi-san…" Crimson said softly.

Blanc shook her head in disapproval.

"I'm not Mayumi Oulette. I'm known only as Blanc… I took that name since I tend to appear while transformed." she corrected him.

The red Kamen Rider nodded before crossing his arms in front of his chest.

" My apologies, but I can't help but feel you should be called something besides 'Blanc'. I can tell you're not Mayumi-san, but what should I call you?"

The white Rider scoffed while shaking her head.

"How about Oulette Shiro?" Crimson suggested before clearing his throat. " I mean, Shiro Oulette."

The white Rider raised her hand and pressed a spot in between the lenses, causing the helmet to shatter, revealing her true face underneath.

"Shiro Oulette?" the redhead asked with an raised eyebrow. " The family name I understand, but why's the given name Shiro?"

"It's because you appear tend to appear as Kamen Rider Blanc. And since the outfit's white, I figured, why not Shiro?" the red Kamen Rider replied, starting to feel a little embarrassed.

The redhead thought for a moment before smiling.

"I like it. However, I'm only allowing you to call me that, Akuma-kun." Shiro declared before walking forward.

Crimson chuckled before following her, once again dismissing his helmet to properly converse with the redhead.


Within a dimly lit room, Rias stared at her interrogator. She was stuck in place from her arms, legs and waist being restrained into a steel chair with several bruises and cuts covering her face.

"Alright, Rias… one more time… where are those other Dualshifters?" the interrogator demanded.

He was wearing a cloak that covered his body, except for the hood, which was pulled down, revealing a condor head that looked like it was made out of bricks.

Rias however shook her head with her eyes closed. "I told you before, I lost them soon after my defection. The one known as Gravis stole them." she said calmly.

The kaijin growled before raising its stony hand up in an attempt to slap her. However a hand made of light green bricks came from the shadows and grasped it before it moved.

"Alpha-1498, that's enough. The traitor is speaking the truth." the owner of the hand spoke out to the interrogator.

Alpha clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth before pulling his hand free from the other's grasp.

"I'll take your word for it, Gamma-989." Alpha replied before looking at the bluenette. "Oh, how I wish I could do a lot more than what was done already, Rias. But orders are orders. "

Rias only glared at the kaijin in cold silence for a moment before a small smirk formed on her face.

"I'd like to see you try," she taunted.

Alpha began trembling in rage as he punched the traitor in the face without warning, knocking both her and the chair to the ground.

"ALPHA!" Gamma barked in anger.

"I always despised you, Rias of the Rain." Alpha said before he turned and walked into the shadows. "Sorry about that Gamma, but I needed to get that out of my system. Besides, the orders were for her to be brought in alive. I won't get into trouble for a simple punch."

The other Chess Beast remained silent before the sound of footsteps could be heard as he walked over towards the door and opening it, allowing light to come into it. Rias instinctively winced as she was blinded by the light but remained silent as the two chess beasts left the room.

"Now's my chance…" she muttered while opening her eyes, which were now glowing a light aqua blue. She took a deep breath before conjuring a sphere of water from the air around her. She then closed her eyes before the sphere slammed itself against her with enough force to break the chair. The bluenette then rose to her feet, with the arms and front legs of the chair still bound to her limbs. She then knelt down and shifted each of the chair legs so that they were, albeit uncomfortably, in the front of her shins.

Rias then rose up and held her right hand forward, having the sphere of water that dispersed into a large puddle reform. The half-Zangyack then pointed at the door and the sphere flew into it with the force of a wrecking ball, knocking the obstacle off its hinges and into the wall across a hallway. Several Pawnranha that arrived on the scene began running towards their escaped prisoner as she casually stepped outside.

"Showtime…" Rias said in English before she charged towards the foot soldiers with a stoic face.

Five Kilometers away.

Keitaro, now Pyro Red, did a backflip to avoid an incoming sword as Blanc flew in and punched the wielder in the face, knocking him into a broken down car before it exploded.

"Sheesh, what are you really? A Kamen Rider or a Ranger?" the rider asked.

"I have the powers of both, but I don't see myself as either. Guess I'm something in between." the Rideranger replied.

"I see… can you summon any weapons in your current state?" Blanc asked next before freezing a Pawnranha in place.

"Yeah, but only with the help of one of the others." the ranger answered before he held out his left hand as fire engulfed the glove. "Thermal Shock?"

She nodded before turning into Blanc Glace again. The rider held out her right hand and the area around the pawnranha began to freeze where they stood. Pyro Red then ignited his left hand before charging forward, his flames making contact with each kaijin within reach. Once he was behind all of them he turned around.

"Shiro, once again!" he said before holding his hands upwards.

"Understood, Akuma-kun." Blanc said before once again lowering the temperature drastically around the kaijin. Pyro Red thrusted his hands forward and did the same thing, only instead drastically increasing the temperature. Both the Rider and Ranger took turns to alter the temperature. The Pawnranha were starting to crack from the thermal based stress to their bodies. Before too long, they all exploded, starting with the ones who Pyro Red punched first.

"Surprising how easy it is to change the temperature opposed to conjuring fire… " Keitaro remarked while looking at his still flaming hands.

Blanc reverted back to her base form before walking towards him.

"Fire needs ignition and fuel, but heat can be raised through easier methods." she explained. "and unlike fire, heat can linger without the source for a short period of time.

Pyro Red nodded before walking forward.

"Let's get going. I think we need to move on." he said.

"I think you're not going anywhere, Akuma-san." a male voice said.

"I agree… You should turn around and leave." another voice, this one female, said.

Pyro Red looked around, trying to figure out where the voices came from.

"Kamen Rider Gravis…" Blanc said with slight annoyance. "And I bet those two are with you as well. I heard one of them, after all."

The pair immediately went to their knees as they felt a powerful force pushing down upon them.

Blanc crawled forward slowly, grunting in pain as the pavement began to give way underneath her body.

"I am still saddened with you refusing my generous offer to join my team." the first voice said in disappointment.

"I refuse to be the lapdog of a cowardly bully." the white Rider spat in anger as her lenses began transitioning into a dark black.

Pyro Red looked at his ally before taking a moment to think.

Gravis… that sounds a lot like that English word, "gravity"… I'm guessing that's that force I'm feeling, intensified gravity… Damn… this won't be easy if we have to fight him. But where is that Gravis guy?


"THE BOSS WANTS HER ALIVE! GET HER!" a pawnranha shouted out as a small squad of the foot soldiers charged forward.

Rias stood still as she was covered in grime and blood with her head tilted down, the bangs covering her eyes. She waited for her enemies to come close before moving. One of the Pawnranha swung down its sword, only to be blocked by the armrests that were still bound to her arms. The half-Zangyack then did a roundhouse kick, driving the metal of the chair legs into the side of her foe. The Pawnranha immediately crumpled to the ground while releasing its weapon, only for the bluenette to claim it. Before too long, the blade tasted the blood of the others as they were slain mercilessly.

The sole surviving Pawnranha backed away in fear, holding his hands out in protest as the traitor began walking towards him.

"Please… spare me!" he pleaded weakly.

The girl stopped before a ghost of a smirk formed on her face.

"You want to know why I left Omega-Shocker?" she asked.

The Chess Beast involuntarily gulped in response.

"I'll take that as a 'yes.' You see, I left not only because of my guilt towards slaying the Kamen Riders and Super Sentai, but for another reason… to learn how to control myself… "

The pawnranha gasped as Rias raised the bloodied sword to lick away some of the blood with her tongue, taking a moment to relish the taste that lingered in her mouth.

"I can't help myself for a while once I see a lot of blood on a weapon." she said blissfully before raising her head up.

A maniacal grin formed on her face as her eyes were a dark yellow with the whites of her eyes being red.

The Pawnranha never even gotten the chance to scream before the floor became red.

Outside the complex

Keitaro, once again Crimson, stood before the entranceway of the building where his friends were held captive. Blanc stood behind him as the pair stared at their newest obstacle standing in front of them.

A Chess Beast slowly walked towards them as he removed the black cloak. The being resembled a medieval knight wearing rusted armor, although he had a long snake head covered in lime green scales and a tail coming from the lower back. He brandished an large ebony sword with a serrated edge.

"Dammit Gravis… who is this?" the rider asked while looking upward to the sky.

A large gray rider with his arms crossed floated in the air with some small pebbles around him. His jumpsuit was dark gray while the ragged looking trench coat he wore was of a much lighter shade. His gloves and boots matched the jumpsuit but had rings around the hems. His helmet was smooth and dark greay with two antennae protruding from the forehead area at an angle. The ruby red lenses shone brilliantly in the sunlight. His Dualshifter was a light gray with a silver coin with the side profile of an ant's head.

"Gamma-447. A Knight class Chess Beast." Kamen Rider Gravis replied calmly as he looked at the Kaijin.

"Gravis… it's been a while." Gamma said in an equally calm manner. "Are you here to settle our score?"

"Not today… I'm here on business. To obtain a new recruit to be exact." Gravis replied.

Crimson growled before looking up to the gray rider.

"If you're talking about any of my friends, forget it. We're already a team." he said with a threatening tone.

"Oh, you mean you're part of those Riderangers I've heard about?" Gravis asked while tilting his head slightly. "I would never have such reckless fools under my command. My subordinate has already secured the newest recruit thanks to the rampage your psycho pet Rias is causing."

"Rias is not a pet!" Crimson shouted while clenching his fists.

"Aliens like her are nothing more than lowly animals next to us inhabitants of Earth." Gravis said bluntly.

"I agree with you there, Gravis." Gamma said in agreement. "Rias was nothing more than the organization's obedient pet before she fled."

The red rider barely could reign in his anger towards the pair as the lenses began glowing.

"You're both wrong… If it wasn't for Rias… I wouldn't gotten as far as I have." he said while stepping forward. "I made a vow to liberate this world from Omega-Shocker, but I can't do it alone. I feel… no… I am certain that the others wish to take down the Chess Beasts. Especially Rias."

"That is correct, Keitaro-san." Haruhi's voice spoke up.

"Haruhi?1 Are you and the others okay?!" Crimson asked immediately.

"We're all fine, though we couldn't find the dumb alien." Haruhi said. " But give me a second."

The three Kamen Riders and Chess Beast all turned their attention to the steel gate that opened, revealing a grinning Haruhi with her hand held out in front of her with the rest of the group, excluding Rias, behind her. Naka waved at Keitaro with a smile as Beta had a relieved look upon her face.

"How did you get out?!" Gamma demanded immediately while pointing his sword towards the group of girls.

"A nerd broke us out, as well as getting us our Dualshifters back. He was a gentleman, but not really my type." Haruhi explained. "Never got his name though."

Gravis groaned and shook his head in annoyance.

"That imbecile… " he muttered bitterly. "Will he ever learn?"

Crimson reached behind his back and pulled out two Elegies before throwing them at Beta and Haruhi. Both of them instinctively grabbed them and produced their respective Dualshifters and putting them on.

"Henshin!" the pair cried out before putting in their Elegies and transforming into Crocus and Gale.

Naka however frowned in disappointment as she saw the Riders.

"Aww… but I have a belt now too…" she said as her Cicada rested upon her shoulder. "Why can't I transform?"

"That's because you don't have an Elegy like the others." Rias said as she appeared from the side of the gateway. Her eyes were no longer red to represent the crazed blood lust, but a brilliant golden yellow.

"Rias-san! Are you okay?! You got bruises all over your face!" Naka cried out in shock.

"I will be fine, so do not be concerned for me." Rias reassured the petite girl in a flat tone.

"About time you showed up, you dumb alien!" Crocus said.

"I had other matters to deal with first." the half-Zangyack replied while looking at Gamma.

"Ah, Rias-san… you finally broke free." the Chess Beast said in an expectant manner.

"Now let's get this party started." Crimson said before tossing the Elegy of Water at Rias, who caught it and immediately transformed into Azul without saying a word.

Gamma chuckled before getting into a fighting stance. All of the other Riders except for Gravis summoned their respective weapons.

"I wish you the best of luck, Gamma." Gravis said before he floated away upon seeing two figures fleeing the building from the left.

Rias was the first to move, thrusting her weapon forward as she ran towards her enemy. Gamma lazily sidestepped to the left, raising the sword to parry Crocus' attack. The Chess Beast then forced the yellow rider backwards before swinging his sword in an circle, slashing both Blanc and Gale who attempted to attack him from both sides. Crimson charged from behind, thrusting his sword forward to stab his opponent. Gamma only reached behind him to grab the sword with a bare hand before twisting it, forcing the Rider to lose his grip on his weapon.

"Really? I expected better than this." the snake said in disappointment before tossing the sword away over his back, the blade's tip embedding itself nearby Naka's feet, startling the girl in the process. Crimson turned to look at the bystander before crying out in pain as Gamma's sword struck against his chest.

"Naka-san… get out of here." Crimson cried out weakly as he slumped to his knees, the fatigue from all the previous fights taking its toll on his stamina.

"Honda-kun…" Naka said before glancing at Crimson's sword.

Blanc staggered to her feet before she charged again, only to be kicked to the ground , causing the Elegy that was completely gold to fall out of the rider's possession and landing on the ground, unbeknownst to everyone.

Crocus and Azul rose up to their feet, both of them nodding at one another before they swung their weapons in a vertical scissoring motion, Azul from above while Crocus came from below. The serpentine knight threw his sword into the air before grasping both weapons with his hands before tugging on them hard, causing both the girls to fall to the ground.

Gamma turned his attention towards the petite girl and chuckled darkly.

"I am starting to get hungry… maybe I should have a little snack." he contemplated out loud while looking at the girl.

Naka took a step back instinctively in fear before stepping forward, her hand reaching out to grab Crimson's sword. She winced as the sword began to glow as it increased in temperature. Ignoring the pain, she pulled at the sword, attempting to draw it. However, she screamed as the sword began to glow red as was forced to remover her now burnt hands.

"How pathetic… the sword refuses to be wield by you." Gamma taunted before his sword began glowing violet. "Now die!"

The Chess Beast swung his sword and created a violet crescent projectile that dug into the pavement, aimed towards Naka. The petite girl only watched, frozen in fear as the projectile came towards her.

"NAKA!" Keitaro cried out as he scrambled to his feet and running in the crescent's path, screaming in pain as it struck him in the chest. However, the Kamen Rider held his ground, his hands moving to grab onto the projectile as they were cloaked in scarlet fire. The lenses began glowing brighter and brighter with each passing second. His scream turned from one of pain to one of determination as he pulled at the projectile, causing it to shatter like glass.

"Impossible… how can you do that?!" Gamma screamed incredulously. "Who the hell are you?!"

" I am the Akuma no Kamen… Kamen Rider Crimson!" the rider declared before he pulled out his sword from the ground. He looked down to see the cut that was now present on his suit, and then looked over at Naka.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly.

Naka only nodded before her attention turned to the golden card that was laying unnoticed, feeling herself drawn towards it for some reason. She then glanced over at Crimson before speaking.

"Can you distract him for a moment, Honda-kun?" she asked in a whisper.

" I'll do what I can." the Rider replied before he turned his attention towards the still stunned Chess Beast. He raised his sword as it was engulfed in scarlet flames before running towards him with new found vigor.

Naka ran towards the Elegy and picked it up as Higurashi flew off to safety. She felt a sudden sharp pain present in her hand as she lifted the elegy from the ground that compounded with the existing pain from her burned hands. Instinct screamed at her to let go, but she knew that if she wanted to help her new friends, she needed the Elegy's power.

"I don't want to stand by and see my friends getting hurt… I want to help…" she said as she tightened her grip on the Elegy.

The blank coin glowed faintly before an engraving of a swallowtail butterfly appeared as white ring materialized around the coin. The pain ceased immediately and the petite girl couldn't help but smile.

She immediately pulled out a Dualshifter and placed it at her waist, allowing the belt to materialize. She immediately opened the buckle and inserted the Elegy into the slot. She then closed her buckle and held her hands down to the side.

"Henshin." she said calmly before closing her eyes.

Her body began to radiate a brilliant white glow as it swirled around her body, turning into a chrysalis of light. Gamma saw the sight and hissed in fury while parrying Crimson's burning sword.

"You think increasing your numbers can beat me?" the Chess Beast taunted.

Crimson chuckled as he nodded.

"Yeah… Ever heard the term 'strength in numbers?'" he asked as his eyes began glowing even more. "I now realize that this power I get is more than just to liberate the world… It's also to protect my friends. Untill my dying breath, I will protect them all."

Crimson's Dualshifter began discharging red electricity throughout the Rider's body, who only gritted his teeth behind the helmet and endured it.

"That's right you piece of Junk. I'll take whatever you dish out and become stronger. NOW BRING IT ON!"

"RIDER SHINKA!" the Dualshifter cried out before Crimson's body erupted into scarlet flames as his green lenses illuminated through the flames, glaring directly at the Chess Beast.

The flames receded from where the jumpsuit was exposed first, revealing it to have become a brilliant red while the armor was gold with black trimming. The shoulder pads had elongated slightly and had large ruby orbs embedded within the center of each one as well as the chest while the tip curved upwards slightly.

The gloves became gold gauntlets each with a red orb in the back of each hand while his boots became slightly bulkier, yet also golden with a matching orb in the top of the shin guard. The Dualshifter was now a brilliant red while the exposed coin was gold. The remaining flames gathered to his shoulders and extended outwards, transforming into a crimson cape with a glistening sheen to it.

The helmet was the same color as the jumpsuit while the eyes retained its emerald green. The golden stag beetle horns were upwards with a triangular protrusion extending from the forehead with a ruby embedded in the middle of it. All three protrusions connected to a golden band, giving the helmet the appearance of it wearing a crown, giving the Rider a regal appearance .

The Rider's sword became a broadsword with a translucent ruby blade while the guard turned into a full golden stag beetle with emerald eyes that the its mandibles imbedded into the sword blade while the black handle extended from the rear of its enlarged abdomen. On the reverse side was a mirror image of it.

"Crimson Dynast." the Kamen Rider announced.

As he spoke, the cocoon of light opened up and unfolded into a pair of wings similar to that of a Swallowtail butterfly, revealing the transformed Naka underneath.

Her jumpsuit was a glistening gold with a white breastplate that contoured to her breasts slightly. She had matching gloves that went up to her elbows and boots that reached her knees with gold bangles around the edges. Her helmet was white with short golden antennae from the forehead, right above her ruby red lenses. Around her neck was a white satin scarf with the tails dangling down her back.

The Dualshifter was white with gold highlights while a white miniskirt extended from the black belt.

"So, that's why you needed some time." Crimson said as he saw the petite Rider.

"I see… She is the chosen one for the Elegy of Light." Azul said as she rose to her feet with Gale behind her.

"Not only that, to think Akuma-kun achieved Shinka Rank…" Blanc said as she got up into a crouch. "He must have proven himself to the Elegy."

Crocus got to her feet and used her weapon to maintain her balance.

"Okay, looks like things are turning our way for once." she admitted. "Should we kick this snake's scaly ass now?"

Crimson Dynast nodded before holding his sword towards the Chess Beast.

"Let the Resurgence of Justice begin!" he cried out.

Gamma hissed before raising his ebony sword above his head. The riders all turned their attention over towards the entranceway, noticing the large amount of Pawnranha present.

"KILL THEM ALL!" Gamma commanded while pointing his sword down towards his adversaries.

"I'll deal with the small fry, You go after the snake." Crocus declared before bolting towards the mass of foot soldiers as they charged forward.

"I shall assist her." Azul said before she ran after her comrade.

"Got it." Crimson said before he turned his attention towards Gamma. He pointed his sword at him before speaking.

The transformed Naka ran up to the red Rider and looked at him.

"What should I do?" she asked.

"I guess you can help me out with this guy." Crimson replied as Blanc and Gale joined them.

"Let me assist you too, Honda-kun." Gale insisted while Blanc summoned her gauntlet. "I do not understand why Blanc is assisting us, but now is not the time for questions. "

"Rest assure, I am not here with ulterior motives." the white rider reassured.

"Heh, I'll take you all on!" Gamma boasted before he ran forward with his sword raised above his head.

Blanc held her hand out and summoned a row of spikes to erupt from the ground, intending to impale the Chess Beast. However, Gamma swung his sword, cleaving through the ice with ease before leaping into the air.


Only to be struck down by Gale's Twister Driller. The Knight class Chess Beast was forced into the ground with tremendous force, causing the pavement to crack and give underneath his body.

"Nice try." Gamma said as he rose to his feet, his armor was all dented up now s with some pieces missing now, but otherwise was unscathed.

"Resilient lizard…" Crimson muttered under his breath as he joined the fray, swinging his broadsword down upon the Chess Beast.

Gamma rose his sword up to block the strike, causing scarlet flames and sparks to appear from where the two blades connected. The pair pulled their weapons back and swung once more, only to be in a stalemate. They repeated this several times, only to be locked in a stalemate as flames and sparks flew.

Crimson leaped back before holding the sword in reverse before reaching for the wing casing of the beetle. He pulled it open, revealing a hidden slot underneath it. He then produced the TaJaDol Epoch and inserted it into the slot before closing it.


The rider then held out his right hand and a fireball formed. He then grasped it, revealing a new Epoch with the right half a brilliant ruby red with the left a dull silver from within it.

Azul saw the scene unfold as she struck down her opponents with her weapon.

"Incredible… He is able to create Epochs like I can…" she mused before returning her attention to the enemies in front of her.

Crimson twisted the sword to its reverse side and repeated the same action, revealing a second compartment in which the new Epoch was inserted into.


The red Rider inhaled slowly as the blade of his sword began flashing.

"Dual Link… Prominence Branding!" he declared as the blade erupted into flames.

Gamma watched in slight amusement as he saw the sword igniting.

"Interesting. Show me what you can do, Akuma no Kamen." he said, attempting to provoke the Rider.

The Rider swung his sword, creating a crescent projectile of fire that went towards the Chess Beast. Gamma swung his own sword, creating his own crescent of black energy that collided with the fiery one, resulting in an explosion that created a large cloud of smoke.

"Pathetic." the snake said in disappointment.

However, he was caught off guard by the brilliant light that emerged from the smoke, temporarily blinding him as the gold rider connected her glowing fist with his chest. The kaijin was knocked into the air, who was then struck repeatedly by the airborne Gale and Blanc.

Gamma fell to the ground and staggered to his feet, scarlet blood oozing from the corner of his mouth as he glared at the trio who just attacked him.

"Who are you three?" he demanded.

"Kamen Rider Blanc, Monsieur Gamma."

"Kamen Rider Gale."

"Kamen Rider…. Ummm…Hikari." the petite Rider said, coming up with a name on the spot.

"They're my comrades, snake." Crimson said as he walked out of the smoke, standing next to the others before sticking his broadsword into the pavement and looking at Gamma while putting his hands on the bottom of the handle with one ontop of the another. "As long as I live, I will support them with all my strength.

"We may have different reasons for fighting, but we share one common goal. That is to rid this world of monsters like you." Blanc said while pointing at him.

"She's right, I wish to live in a peaceful world with my friends. That is why I fight!" Gale said as she nodded.

Hikari looked at the ground before looking up at the Chess Beast.

"I always wanted to make a difference, to bring hope to others… now that I have the power, I will never give up. I will fight, no matter how dire the situation." she declared while clenching her fists.

Crimson nodded before he pulled out his Elegy and flipped it over before reinserting it.


The Rider turned into Pyro Red in a gulf of flames while the sword turned to ash and crumbled to the ground.

"No matter if we are human or not, we stand together for a brighter future." Crocus said as she and Azul joined the others. The two riders did the same action and transformed into their Ranger forms.

"And it doesn't matter what we did in the past, all that matters is to face forward and keep going." Pyro Red said while looking over at Hydro Blue. "Right Rias?"

Rias paused for a moment before nodding.

"Correct." she said in agreement.

Rias's and Keitaro's Dualshifter began glowing as did the rest of the Riders' own. Hikari and Gale's glowed red while Blanc was blue.

"RANGER SHIFT!" the three Dualshifters cried out in unison.

Gale gasped as she was shrouded within a magenta cyclone while Blanc was encased in a pillar of opaque ice and Hikari was glowing brilliantly.

"What is going on?!" Gamma demanded.

"The beginning of your finale." Pyro Red said smugly.

He then did his role call pose.

"Pyro Red!"

The transformation for the three finished in unison, revealing the new forms of the girls.

Gale and Blanc were now donning suits similar to the ones that were worn by Hydro Blue and Thunder Yellow. Gale's was pink while Blanc was white.

The white Rideranger's helmet had a light blue shade visor that was modeled after the wings of a dragonfly. Two sets of silver dragonfly wing like protrusions were present on her back, angled downwards. Her right shoulder had a triangular shoulder pad that was silver.

"Cryo White." Mayumi announced as she held a hand against her chest in an elegant manner as spikes of ice grew from the ground around her feet upwards.

Beta's pink helmet had a violet shade visor with two silver protrusions that resembled the antennae of the butterfly. Like Cryo white, the pink Rideranger had a shoulder pad on her right shoulder, but was shaped like a butterfly wing.

"Cyclone Pink." Beta declared while leaning forward slightly with her hands on her knees while visible currents of pink wind blew around her.

"Hydro Blue."

"Thunder Yellow!"

The veteran pair did their motions as they called out before Naka took over.

Her jumpsuit was shaped like the rest of the girls', however her arms and legs were a very dark gray, almost black color while her torso was glistening gold with a pair of dull gold shoulder pads. The boots and gloves were gold as well as the skirt. Her helmet was similar to Cyclone Pink's but was gold with a black visor and had a perforated mouth plate that was silver. A black silken cape appeared on her back that swayed in the wind slightly.

" Dawn Gold!" she announced while holding her hands together as a beam of light illuminated her.

Pyro Red stepped forward and pointed at Gamma.

"We are the Resurgence of Justice." he called out.

"Kamen Sentai…"

The others joined in unison with Pyro Red as he finished.


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