"How do I look?"

Simon Petrikov posed in front of his fiancé. He tilted the crown, grinning.

"You look like a real king." Betty replied, smiling.

"You know a king needs a princess." Simon leaned over and gave her a kiss. Betty blushed. The two joked around more.

"So, King Simon, does the princess get a crown?"

"Not until she's queen, sadly."

"Can she borrow the kings?"

Simon's voice lost the playful tone. "No!" he shouted, then stared at Betty in horror. "No! Don't leave! I'm sorry." He took off the crown. "Betty you can have-" His eyes were following an invisible person going towards the door. "Betty! Don't leave!"

"Simon, I'm not going anywhere! I'm right here." She took his hand. He didn't notice.

"Betty! Don't leave!" He reached towards an unseen figure, barely able to see from tears. He collapsed onto his knees, burying his face in his hands.

"Betty…My princess…"

"Simon?" Nothing. "Simon, are you okay?" Still there was no reply. Betty realized with horror that Simon couldn't see or hear her.


"Simon, I promise, I will always be here. Even if you don't know it." She wrapped her arms around the man who could not feel her, the man who would never speak to her again.

"I love you," Betty whispered in his ear. He did not notice.