It had been snowing for a week straight.

Betty had almost forgotten what the world looked like when it wasn't encased in ice. Simon was the only person enjoying the cold. He woke up early to go stand in the snow, not doing anything, just wearing his crown and pacing and talking to it.

Betty thought about the first time it had snowed here. Simon and her had gone and had a snowball fight, and then Simon decided to build a fort. Betty made one as well, but it was destroyed in a matter of minutes by a sudden attack of snowballs. She laughed a bit at the memory, but it was a slightly sad laugh.

She watched Simon for a moment. The snow had stopped for a moment, but started up again, pelting Simon with white flakes. Betty shivered and went to grab a jacket. The heater had broken years ago, and even if it worked, it was coated in a thin layer of ice. She slipped on a jacket, and then decided to wear her favourite turtleneck as well.

While Betty always complained about the heat during the summer, right now she would do anything to have the world be just a bit warmer. All the snow was creepy.

At least Simon is happy, she thought.

An idea came to her the next day.

What if she wrote a note to Simon? Maybe his strange curse would allow him to see a note. She found a pencil and paper and began writing.

"Dear Simon," Betty wrote. She paused.

"Despite what you think, I am still here. Something is keeping you from seeing or hearing me. I miss you terribly. I hope you are able to read this.

Love, Betty."

It wasn't the best thing she had ever written. But it would do. She folded up the paper, put it in an envelope, and wrote "To Simon, From Betty" of the front of the envelope. She placed it on the table, close to the door. Then she waited.

Simon came home two hours later. He did not see the note. He went to put away his jacket and put on a short sleeved t-shirt. He went back out. Betty decided to give him a week to notice the letter.

It had been one week, and Simon showed no signs of having read the letter. Betty finally admitted defeat, and went off to her room to try and figure out how to fix this. No solution came.

Maybe there was no solution.

She pushed the thought away. She had to believe she could fix this. She couldn't handle anything otherwise. Simon had made another video. His hair was even whiter now, and his nose looked longer. He had a patchy beard, and his voice seemed different.

Betty was terrified.

And besides Simons changing appearance, she felt different as well. Her skin seemed almost green, and her hair seemed browner. She'd swapped her glasses for shades, to protect her eyes from the glare of the snow.

Betty watched Simon from the window. She wished she understood what was going on.

No one knew what was happening to Simon. Not his friends, not her, not even Simon himself. That was the worst part.

No one understood what was happening, not even Simon himself.